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I have been reading a book The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain: Limitless You by Lee Gerdes.  I have not finished it, as I am queen of the multi-task: I am working, writing, listening to astrology metaphysical shows while I clean, and reading several books all at once.  Usually every book is worth at least one gem, if you’re lucky you get a Fleetwood Mac Rumors.

This book reminded me of one of my therapy sessions.  Jane, (wonderful lady !) my therapist, encouraged me to journal my experiences.  I would have none of that – I lived it once, why on Earth would I want to document  the ugly hell ?  Now some of you may find journaling helpful to process it, whatever works for you to help you feel better.

This is how I see it… ( and what the book above reinforced )
Imagine the trail of your thoughts – do you always go the same route – are you depressed or angry or disappointed in yourself ?
How many times a day do you think (or worse, yet – say aloud) you are stupid, worthless or a failure ?

fyi: My chart ruler is Saturn (restriction) going backwards (Rx) and in it’s fall (in Aries), so I am very familiar with this scenario.
 I have Sun (ego, spirit) conjunct Uranus/ Pluto (mistakes, constant ego hits) right up near the midheaven in Virgo where everyone, and I do mean everyone can see it.  In Virgo no less, the sign that craves perfection, sigh.  Mistakes horrify me, I am familiar with the feeling of failure, but I do not give up.  Ever.   I RISE UP.   Folks, meet the curse/blessing of Plutonian power.

Basically, when these negative thoughts are roads travelled over and over and over again, they are like ley lines in your brain, places you give your attention to – they gain power  through repeated reinforcement.  Choose carefully what you think and say to yourself in your mind’s eye.  To what end will you direct your infinite power, your life force, your chi ?  Be Mindful.

Here is your immediate help.  ~> Train your thoughts.

When a negative thought pops up – recognize it – and replace it with a good one.  If you feel your mind twirling in the quiet moments, start with the letter A and go through the entire alphabet choosing a positive word to describe yourself for each letter.

Then do it AGAIN.
It works, trust me.

Calm the monkey mind – pick birds, or artists or songs, star clusters, whatever ! – for each letter – just stay positive, okay…?!
The Four Noble Truths lead to the Eight-fold Path.

Santa Paula Peak Los Padres mountains, Ventura county, CA

Do you have fixed squares in your natal chart ?  Squares represent inner conflict.  The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius – fixed is just what it sounds like – immovable, stuck, rooted.  Any squares in these signs indicate deeply ingrained patterns that have become fixed over several lifetimes.

Fixed squares are self-will given free rein.

Co-operation and the ability to work harmoniously with others must be cultivated or the body will be the end terminal for difficulties.  The inner conflict on the mental plane will manifest outwardly and cause illness in the physical body.
I speak from personal experience, I was mentally and physically sick for a very long time until I finally got a clue.  I have fixed squares from Leo on the 8th to Scorpio on the 11th, both are fixed signs rooted in fixed houses.

When you vibrate to the highest level of energy mentally, you will manifest and attract magnetically the highest vibrations physically as well.  You will attract people and situations that are in synchronization with what you are vibrating personally.

What follows is a quickie planetary energy guide :
High <-> Low

Sun:  generosity, hope——————-pride, conceit
Moon:  sensitivity, caring—————fickle, weakness
Mercury:  ideas, learning—————-gossipy, worry
Venus:  love, art, beauty——————vanity, laziness, vulgarity
Mars:  energetic, enthusiasm————aggravate, lust, anger
Jupiter:  faith, optimism—————-overconfidence, extravagance
Saturn:  self-discipline, faithfulness—-pessimism, severity
Uranus:  individuality, curious———-unreliable, desertion
Neptune:  inspiration, spirituality——–deception, illusion, delusion
Pluto:  inner power, rebirth—————-obsession, helplessness

From every power that holds the world in chains, man frees himself when self-control he gains.

Venus (love) is coming to conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) and it took me what seemed like forever to heal myself, but I did.  Now, hopefully, I can help heal you as well.  If you want your natal chart, follow the link on the right – astrodienst – and enter your birth information, if you get lost or have questions, comments are welcome.


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  1. Your strength and determination come out in the energy of your struggle. From negative to positive you journey. This is beautiful, the work we all need to do. I hope the Law of Attraction works positively for you.

    • Thank you, Mary Beth.
      I am up late listening to music and it occured to me I left out Cardinal & Mutable squares, so I will add here, if you don’t mind, for those who will stumble along later…

      Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
      – change squares through a change in actions

      Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces
      -easiest to redeem, they are just beginning to manifest through wrong thinking, change in attitude / altitude.

      Thanks Mary Beth, good to see you

  2. i have just been to check my chart (placidus style) and i have natal squares! yikes. would love your thought on the following:
    mars in the 10th solidly ruled by leo squares neptune in scorpio in the first, first ruled by libra and mars also squares north node in taurus in the 7th, 7th ruled by aries.

    enjoy your night. the squares are decades old so no rush! 😀

  3. Neptune in the first can be pretty eyes for one, (my ex had that placement)also an ability to fit in with many different types of people because your personality is so mysterious and elusive. You may feel people misunderstand you (Neptune square Mars) or your actions. Mars in 10 is solar power to use in building your career and creativity, you like to be queen, but a fair one (Sun Virgo). Mars in square to North Node in Taurus and you will find your worth and attitudes are best met by being your own judge of self-worth regardless of what income from career. Fnding the balance between work, partner, self-worth and earnings/spendings is your path.
    Fixed squares means giving up self-will, so co-operation and teamwork is key for your squares and North Node.

    Hope that helps you, is the best I can do without the whole chart.
    I will be migrating this page to another better organized site soon, and will be offering phone readings (with MP3) when I get things shaped up.
    Stay tuned…I’ll post all the relevant info, if you are interested. You know my Virgo stellium needs it neat and efficient, so it will be worth the wait…
    Have a good day Mary Beth ~ did the rain ever let up ..?

    • All the Neptune notes are spot on, though its not I ‘feel’ people misunderstand me; I KNOW people misunderstand me. It seems my physical appearance is nothing like my mind lol As for being queen, I am far too shy! I am the virgo cleaning the bathrooms in prep for the event, never the one on the stage or centre of the social scene (but maybe its time I grew out of that or I will never tap into that solar energy). Have to say, I am not a dominant leader kind of person so I am not sure how to take in the idea of ‘co operation and teamwork’ as I rarely have an opinion strong enough to decide to mention it. I am always ok with whatever. Will have to think on that…the aries placement has always seemed really odd to me on the 7th. But perhaps I am aries in that I am really particular about who I allow to even get close to me. That doesnt sound quite right…I dont know.

      Really appreciate the experienced insight. Here you can end up in court for doing tarot/astrology if the wrong people find out about it. Its overwhelming sometimes trying to figure this stuff out with no one at all to discuss it with.
      Yes, the rain just stopped late yesterday. It went on for WEEKS and I struggle without sunshine. Now its very cold but bright. 🙂
      I know very well how important it is to create the best space for doing your work. Good luck – I am positive its going to be worth it. Bravo you!
      Thanks a lot again

  4. Hi Mary Beth,
    Sorry, I mis-understood what you wrote as having as Scorpio rising, if you have Libra on your ascendant, Venus as chart ruler, you are surely charming and love peaceful surroundings. North Node in Taurus suggests the same, although a need for assertion on your own behalf. Flexing your Mars muscles may be uncomfortable (node square mars) for you as Libra likes to keep the peace. Aries on the 7th you are probably drawn to relationships with spur of the moment extroverted types, they pull you out of your shell a bit. Sun in 12 explains your reticence to be on display. Same is true of Mars square Neptune, you like to remain hidden. If I remember correctly you have Moon in Sagittarius which can make communication flow a bit spotty. Sag can be a bit flighty or scattered, and Moon adds distraction. Spending time alone with your thoughts most likely comforts you a great deal.
    Thanks for waiting for my reply – very busy this evening. Cold and bright here as well after an unseasonably warm week. Snow this week , maybe tonight !
    Enjoy your day ~

  5. hi there! yes, i have seen that the western US is in for some big snow. sending you WARM wishes 🙂

    all of the above makes good sense though i am happy to say that my sun is in the 11th – if it were in the 12th, i think my fog would be even worse than it is and i would find it difficult to ‘keep the faith’. as you said, its not as though you have my chart there.

    i keep thinking that the key for me is to find out how to channel that mars but absolutely i dont know how to do that Comfortably. and of course, we are ‘the whole chart’. i (try to) live in the belief that we are exactly where we are supposed to be in order to learn what we need to learn so that means i am not ‘late’…the lightbulb will go on exactly when it should. very hard in daily practice!

    (and the state of the world is certainly not helpful)

    i also wanted to let you know how special i think your site is. i am all over the internet within this subject group and your site consistently brings unusual and delightful news and info on a broadranging scale that i have not seen anywhere else.

    thanks much for the pointers and take care with those 4 aces 😉 xx

    • Hi Mary Beth,
      You made my day 😀 what a lovely compliment, thank you !
      I like all sorts of different subjects, and often find I will sit to write about one thing, and during research, a link will set me on another path entirely…! I am pretty Uranian, and get bored doing one one thing over and over, I like to switch it up a bit ~ So I’m glad you like to follow the paths with me, thank you !

      I agree, we are exactly where we are meant to be, having the transits when and where we need to have them in order to learn and grow.
      I will find a ‘wheel’ I love to post below.

      Makes me think of transits and ideas in my head, too. Enjoy~
      Thanks for your friendship, and look forward to hearing more soon…
      good night ~

      HQ Red Rocks Colorado !

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