circular flux

Cardinal Cross 003

Breath of the Night Oracle

Quick read asking cards for central theme to focus towards re: Cardinal Cross
Sky square with a big red X from corner to corner – dealing with the inner & outer.

Cardinal energies drive us to take our lead, enthusiastically express ourselves, seek exploration into all corners.  Express, take the temps, re-apply force.

The central card is the hub of the wheel aka: Earth – where we meet the cross. 

Not surprisingly, mountain was pulled – indicating a need to go around. 
Cardinal energy is jangling elbows unless we are able to work the energy properly.

Keeping each point of stress in motion, in circular flux & being fluid is key.

Healing the inner child is indicated.  Leaving behind that which does not support beneficial growth.  Venus Rx in Capricorn (heart, tower) is calling us to examine Mother, nurturing, family (Cancer – womb and the tomb; child, tower).  We also examine our money, values and self-worth our status (heart, tower).

We reconsider how we have built our foundations since childhood, change tactics if need be (stork, tower).  Shedding unwanted situations, transformation upward is the hallmark of Saturn mutual reception Pluto in stodgy Capricorn. (Stork, tower)

Stork moves UP, leaves behind cold hurts of the past, as loves and young innocence are lost, growth and maturity is established and we move onwards and upwards …


curves & angles

curves & angles 005

Soulcards 2, Tarot of the Origins

Quickie read, intent: New Moon Prep for all.

First card you interpret, though I will pitch in that New Moons are always conjunct Sun.
Introverted, passive, reactive yin Moon meets expressive, outgoing yang Sun; traditionally seen as feminine and masculine, respectively.

Second card is Sacrifice.  A rite of passage which frees spirit from the material prison of the body in order to attain divine insight – a vision quest. 

The sacrifice card made me think of the Lakota Sun Dance (traditionally held in the summer on a full moon).  It is a rite symbolizing life and rebirth (Pluto, New Moon is conjunct) held around the sacred cottonwood tree
(found inside the cross-section is a perfect five pointed star which represents the Great Spirit).   The (skin) piercing that takes place is the most sacred part of the sundance ceremony. It represents individual sacrifice for the good of the tribe, honoring Mother Earth and women who give life through childbirth.  source

Earlier this morning a 3 card draw of my own so perfectly spoke to my need for an abundance of angles rather than a cacophony of curves.
curves & angles 003I found it a pleasingly intense insight.


Count Double Dooku Gem


My morning astro coffeechat & double Gemini Sir Christopher Lee.
YaY !  A double Gem (Sun + Moon), Christopher has a very powerful chart with 2 T-squares.

Focal planets : Saturn, Uranus
SoOo not exactly surprising to find him voicing an astrology vid.
Saturn is trad ruler of Aquarius; Uranus the modern – Aquarius rules astrology.

Libra Saturn Rx focal (on the strengthening critical 0 degree, also exalted – BAM !) bang on the ASC (conj N Node and Jupiter Rx in 1st) square : Mars Rx in 3rd; Mercury in 9(ruling Gemini at MC – BOOM !); chart ruler Venus (Cancer 10).  Mercury and Venus are straddling MC. 
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That’s right . . .

Tsaheylu is a Na’vi word meaning a bond (neural connection).  This bond takes place when two creatures of Pandora connect their queues. On the Na’vi, it looks like hair, but is in fact an extension of the nervous system.
Instances where this bond occurs are those between a Na’vi and their direhorse, their mountain banshee or ikran (which will fly with only one hunter in their whole life), and during mating Na’vi connect their queues to create a strong, emotional, and lifelong bond.

Make the Bond !

Neytiri: Now you choose your ikran. This you must feel inside. If he also chooses you, move quick, like I showed. You will have one chance, Jake.
Jake Sully: How will I know if he chooses me ?
Neytiri: He will try to kill you.
Jake Sully: Outstanding.

Scorpio (Pluto rules) is soul-bonding through struggle.
Struggles of power and control, helplessness and surrender, obsessions, secrets and desires.

Soul bonds are not only sunshine and lilies – they are blood and guts as well.

Scorpio and Pluto signal transmutation through death or near-death, living through the deep nuclear fission of personal psychoanalysis, the little death of sexual orgasm, qi turned inward to grow into powerful supernova wizard magick.  Nova is new in Latin.

Plutonians defiantly RISE UP – they phoenix – miraculously remaining steadfast and loyal to the quest though the very fires of hell scorch them to cinders and ash.

Scorpions have fixed desires.
They will not let go.
Strong Plutonics will forcibly create metamorphosis when none is available, they cannot live without it.  Divine will dictates.

Scorpio / Pluto energies manifest healing through deep core soul-mining.
Moon transiting Saturn and North Node in Scorpio was richly. . .
surprising, and powerfully rewarding as I felt compelled to strengthen a bond.

Memories and emotional moon (growing to full) keenly felt the pull to heal across time. The desire to form a bridge from the past into the future was satisfyingly intense in execution – a rolling thunder of metamorphosis growing to volcanic eruption.

Emotional shifts of perception were off the scale here at Casa Luna.
Symptom of North Node trine Mercury in Leo + water trine with Jupiter intensifying Moon-ruled matters from her home base, Cancer, while in opposition to Pluto.
It is my hope you felt healing in your home as well.

These are tiny items on my desk, along with Yoda (not pictured).
Ganesha, time turner (one buck goodwill), crystal ball.
My mind is always turned towards metamorphosis, changes and divination regarding both in order to retain balance. My meditation zen zones are divination, music, cleaning and mowing the lawn. Yah, I know, mowing…weird – symptom of Sag Mars (walking blades) quintile Virgo (neat freak) Uranus from the backdoor.

Scorpio territory can be rife with land mines – with Saturn in house in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn – we have more options because we get the warnings, can feel the earth shifts rumbling in from the distance.

Better the devil you know
This is why I divinate…to locate the land mines.
I also divinate in order to find clarity and for confirmation of private matters I do not wish to speak of.  Example:  3 years ago I drew almost all wands in a ten card reading prior to what was very nearly a panic attack.
I saw it coming and managed the mischief.

During this aspect of mutual reception + water trine we can FEEL our way out of precarious situations.
Even if you do not divinate daily, you will be more in tune, going with the flow, you will be IN THE ZONE under this sky.

Tap your power, find your sweet spot, USE it to your advantage.

Breath of the Night Mystical Oracle

These two cards landed on the first house position in this morning’s Grand Tableau.
For those of you who do not study Lenormand, the first house is:

The Rider: messages, news
Time: Time means something very special to me, and to that I hold.
Tree: As above/So below (roots/branches), health, a loOong time, karma.

This one’s for you.
You know who you are.
amin mela lle

Talisman & Totem

Breath of the Night Mystical Oracle Cards

This is a quickie read from the Breath of the Night. 
Lenormand with a kick !  
I have long pondered creating a deck, envisioned certain themes, cards, etc…  THIS is THE DECK, right here.  Everything I have wanted and more !
The card on the second from right, for example, blew. me. away. when I opened the deck.  Here is why.

Now to the read…
The two cards to the left represent the New Leo Moon, what we are shedding
Central card is the fulcrum on which the past swings into the future.
The last two (3rd added for clarity) represent the energies of the Full Aquarius Moon.
Intent: Highest insights; best most benevolent outcome for all.


Book, Snake  :: Scythe ::  Owl, Talisman, Unicorn

Creative / romantic complications are revealed, (through writing) likely involving a savvy dark-haired older woman.  Vesta conjunct Sun and Moon in Leo is lighting a beacon, revealing the fire in our belly / our home.  To know what makes us happy, we must know what makes us miserable.  Be rid of it !
Cutting through TWO complications, the unnecessary drama / detours quickly will harvest communications of the highest and deepest caliber.

Uranus (rules Aquarius) is polarities; owls indicates two, doubling the lucky harvest.  Two pleasing revelations are forthcoming; a woman of trouble fades, protection from darkness and high qi spiritual powers are your talisman & totem.


Back to Basics

Hi all
Sharing a new deck which upon opening was instantly my new fave.  
I made a comment on a study group board that it looked like it walked right off the set of Van Helsing – and that was before I even saw all the cards.  I was spot on !
It is the Breath of the Night Mystical Oracle.
Thirty – six Lenormands + a whopping 67 more mystical cards to inject into your reading.

This read I asked what should people who are having difficulty dealing with the Uranus Pluto square focus on for enlightenment ?
Raises hand.  (Sun/Ura/Plu girl)

First my impressions, then the keywords as translated to me.
I did say I just got this deck, yesterday in fact.
It is my I am freaking out my cat is still missing purchase.

Uranus is in Aries, the fresh as a daisy, rambunctious, cheerleading, highly enthusiastic fire sign of Let’s GO !  Perhaps the card speaks to retaining innocence, remaining fresh in perspective and ready to try new ideas, new ways of doing things.

::: While… :::

We simmer and stew (in square – internal combustion, metamorphosis) over a slow boil, constantly changing, growing softer (think taters… lol, accidental Gollum ref.) thicker, and more blended over a slow long-term heat.  Pluto in Capricorn changes everything hard, stodgy and set in its ways into a new, streamlined, more powerful fusion.
Re-birth born of struggle – akin to being born while you are still alive.


Lamb keywords: simplicity and sacrifice
Cauldron keywords: (missing, gleaned from text) abundance, resurrection

In which case my interp is…

Getting back to basics, by sacrificing the unnecessary.


heartfelt investments

Lenormand Revolution

Leo Venus square Scorp Moon energies
Just a quickie read over lunch highlighting
How to best deal with this aspect.
In my head I was thinking
 trads hand in hand with mods
many cat fights lately
kitties and peeps
(yes, broke up another last night between Johnny grey and black)

Venus rules Libra – friends & open enemies – she is in Showy Leo
 Moon in Scorp – emo submarine depth charges – MY Power
squares force inner transformation

 deep struggles of what & how to USE
 coupled with DESIRES to be either first, or right
seems the epitome of
eccentric Uranus in gung-ho Aries
metamorphic Pluto in stodgy Capricorn
Now the read:
Heart at the center – puurrfect 
Leo rules the creative heart; Venus gifts (bouquet)

Natural talent meets stubborn confusion.
All hinges on emotional investment, repetitive action
long-term heartfelt commitment towards goal.

Astro take:
Clouds (Neptune, divination -or parting the fog) over long term (Saturn obstacles aka climbing, learning) will lead to creative pinnacle after much work.
Moon is emotional investments (work Lenormand).


Herstory + instinct + hard work = gifts only experience can deliver.

Hope still remains while the company is true.


let’s go swimming

Hello all
I am forgetting everything right and left – Jupes rules my 12th, my Sag Mars, just stationed direct – and transit Mars is coming up to last degrees of Aquarius to conjunct (out of sign) Neptuner.

For me, this equals  brain out to lunch.

Divination urges stronger than usual.  whoa.

Quickie read for Pisces Neptuner energies on left – Mars in Aqua on right.

Spirit card: Sun: is happiness, self spirit, underlying positivity of entire sitch.

Neptune:  friends from all over the world coming home to roost (internet), this combo can also indicate longing for friends from far away

Mars: emotional influxes at home (also website)  deep thoughts / feelings moving forward

::::: this is point in fact also relating to MEGA Jupiter direct :::
(traditional ruler of Pisces)

Lunch over !
good day all