Thunder birth


Let the muse make whatever needs to be made,
let the muse tend the fire. Your whole body
is curled like an ear I wanted to talk
into all evening. Your hand, a ring
of articulated keys. I want that moment
when we climb down the bright ladder
of ecstasy, when our breath comes back,
when everything is alive, present
in the moment with nothing to wait for,
nothing to worry over, only the need to rise
into the beauty that is.

Carl Adamshick


Happy New Moon in Leo
Huge rain thunder, lightning storm 
prior to New Moon
more up soon

image: Thunder Birth by offermoord
peace GMA


cub THe rainforest siteThe Rainforest Site

New Moon 3 degrees Leo conjunct Jupiter in Leo !
Saturday 26
5:42pm Chicago
New Moon in Leo in the decan of Sun signals fresh starts in that house for you (my 8th) with a kick of WoW factor on the side as they all square Mars freshly into Scorpio in the decan of Pluto. Mars is the Ancient/traditional ruler of Scorpio, the blade is sharp and swift here, unlike diplomatic Libra.

First decans of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are feeling new emotional harmony, while the first decans of Leo and Scorpio work the obstacle course, they make inner changes.   Early Gemini and Libra experience opportunities for creative self-expression.

With New Moon in Leo – Sun/Moon, Mars/ Pluto are involved: emotional energy and power are growing.

Spellwork that involves creativity, attracting romance (read: make yourself more desirable, not force others) vooshing UP personal charisma and shining brighter, as well as attracting good luck in fresh new ventures is primo.  Leo is fixed and spellwork lasts when done under this sign of the moon.

In tandem with Jupiter, we get the quality of expansion alongside – think more education, growth of personal philosophies through cultural study or going on tour, traveling long-distance, and also HOPE.  The one thing left in Pandora’s box.

General New Moon energy work & clearing are under Energy SNAP.
Using the energies of Sun & Pluto are under Bending WILLpower.


Talisman & Totem

Breath of the Night Mystical Oracle Cards

This is a quickie read from the Breath of the Night. 
Lenormand with a kick !  
I have long pondered creating a deck, envisioned certain themes, cards, etc…  THIS is THE DECK, right here.  Everything I have wanted and more !
The card on the second from right, for example, blew. me. away. when I opened the deck.  Here is why.

Now to the read…
The two cards to the left represent the New Leo Moon, what we are shedding
Central card is the fulcrum on which the past swings into the future.
The last two (3rd added for clarity) represent the energies of the Full Aquarius Moon.
Intent: Highest insights; best most benevolent outcome for all.


Book, Snake  :: Scythe ::  Owl, Talisman, Unicorn

Creative / romantic complications are revealed, (through writing) likely involving a savvy dark-haired older woman.  Vesta conjunct Sun and Moon in Leo is lighting a beacon, revealing the fire in our belly / our home.  To know what makes us happy, we must know what makes us miserable.  Be rid of it !
Cutting through TWO complications, the unnecessary drama / detours quickly will harvest communications of the highest and deepest caliber.

Uranus (rules Aquarius) is polarities; owls indicates two, doubling the lucky harvest.  Two pleasing revelations are forthcoming; a woman of trouble fades, protection from darkness and high qi spiritual powers are your talisman & totem.


I will be


I would like to paint the way a bird sings.
::: Claude Monet :::

Leo Moon even dark Leo Moon loves to be creatively active. 
Devising what will I be and do lists, and I want to make schemes.

I have New Leo Moon plans, goals, the will to be happy with whatever comes my way.
I know that New Moon is in my 8th, next Full Aquarius Moon is in my 2nd.

You ?
Read about Leo New Moon here.
Read here or in drop-down for where Full Aquarius Moon will illuminate your life.



Edwin Blashfield

The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of.
::: Blaise Pascal :::

Well that was a hurricane of Moon/Mercury/Mars/Jupiter – Uranus/Pluto surfs UP of EMO ENERGIES boppin’  and poppin’ – yeah ? 
Y’all ride the waves okay ?

I had to check out awhile … part of our family is moving across country and swung through my neck of the woods,  losing their dog  ! !  somewhere along the way, which is heartbreaking, I know.  So I put up more Wanted: Pet: Reward pics to help them while thy are on the road.  Mercury rules pets, so while in this T-square dance, I lost my cat close to home, while Mercury moves through Cancer house; my niece lost her dog  while moving across country, long-distances are ruled by Jupiter – also transiting Cancer house.  Good vibes appreciated for us and our furry families, thank you.

Good news I met my niece’s husband and son who is the spittin’ image of his Grandad, my late brother !  I hugged and smooched girl cooties all over him – little stinker wiped ’em right off.  HA saw that comin’.
 Big family get together with a bunch of screaming boys.  I asked one his age, deadly serious he answered: I’m five and three-quarters. heheh. Cute.  That last quarter takes for-evah don’t it ?  My 2 yr old nephew was younger than any of them, but with Jupiter in Aries, expanding all that Mars, no matter. 
::: ! Body SLAM ! :::

I love kids: I have Venus/Jupiter in Leo
Leo rules children, fun, games, creativity from the heart.
Soon we are all under a fresh New Leo Moon.

Tuesday 6
New Moon in Leo at 14 degrees

4:51pm CST, USA

Wednesday 7
Lammas cross quarter day

Sun reaches 15 degrees Leo

Thursday 8
Mercury into Leo

Friday 16
Venus into Libra

Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius
8:45pm at 28 degrees

New Moon meets Sun in Leo at 14 degrees forming a trine to Uranus in Aries.
Genius Moon for harmonious sub/conscious work and creative expression. 

Take this time prior to access, catalogue and purge that which is no longer necessary.
Focus on the direction you seek to meet, on the goal and how you will reach it.
Plan, list it, but allow for changes mid-stream.

Be flexible.

Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.

As moon reaches just past new, set forth your growth intent into the universe and your works will increase with the light of the moon.  Until new moon, rest, drink eat and sleep well – RECHARGE your body battery.


 Now I nap.  exhausted.