Peter’s prowess

Tyrion-Lannister-tyrion-lannister-35417095-3333-5000Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
Game of Thrones

How fun is it watching Peter chew lines and spit ’em out with sardonic wit week after week ?  Easily one of my favorites on GoT, he steals scene after scene, year after year.  Peter won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2011 for the role of Tyrion.  I have loved his work since I saw The Station Agent, co-starring Patricia Clarkson, I highly recommend it.

Peter is a very earthy Gemini Sun (and Mercury – rules Gem), with 3 planets in Toro, including Moon (exalted here) and a late Virgo stellium.

Early Sagittarius Mars, Chiron in Aries are his lone fire planets – but with Jupiter nestled between Pluto and Uranus – Peter has plenty of wisdom, enthusiasm and power to attain adventurous goals.  Chiron in Aries is a powerful drive to heal wounds through understanding/seeing the big picture, while focusing on taking the single-minded  independent lead.  Mars in Sag loves to explore, learn, experience and play.

Sag Mars quintiles (genius expression) Virgo Pluto and if that doesn’t make a randy, lusty, silver-tongued devil I’ll eat your hat.  Perfect casting !  It also indicates a drive to expand philosophies/perceptions surrounding perfection on a mass scale (Mars quint Pluto trine Moon).

Virgo Jupiter neck and neck with the innovator (Uranus) and the metamorph (Pluto) craft a clever, witty and practical punch.  Pluto trines exalted Moon in Venus – ruled Toro leading to favor, attraction via steady, humble groundwork – laid patiently, skillfully, and sensually, I might add. 

Tyrion LannisterKudos to leathersmith, & artisans all – fantastic work !

Peter has Gemini Sun square late Virgo Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus leading to a tremendous inner tension forcing intellectual/communicative self-improvement.  The key is versatility inherent to mutable signs – mental dexterity, witty repartee, being calm, cool, collected in a battle of wits.

That knock-out Virgo stellium sees Jupiter in exact sextile to Neptune in Scorpio – now that is the ability to powerfully flesh out any scenes on film (Neptune).  The minutiae of  expressions Peter is capable of turning out in scene after scene is stunning. Did you catch his eye twitching when Tywin (new hand in the office) was lecturing him ?  Go back and look – amazing.  He is all kinds of fun to watch onscreen !

Venus bang on Saturn in Toro has much to do with that artistic control.  Venus rules Taurus and the arts; Saturn, discipline and control – both are well-placed in earth.  Peter’s perceptual prowess coupled with powers of mimicry – Mercurial energy is working its charm !

I’ll pop some fun vids in the comments – fair warning – plenty of swearing and skin.
If it turns you off – don’t turn it on.


Pump UP the Jam

Hajime Sorayama

Monday 20

Moon into Libra
12:07pm CST, USA

Sun into Gemini
4:09pm CST, USA

Uranus square Pluto

May 25
Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Gemini house is soon to be packed with all kinds of goodies ! 
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter  
Wowza !

Mercury rules Gemini – endowing anybody and everybody with the gift of gab, witty banter, versatility, insatiable curiosity – and hello – flirting off the charts !  Sun, Venus and Jupiter are traditionally thought of as benefics – sprinkling good mojo, so look for a bit of a voosh up in positive mental altitude in your Gemini house.  Gemini is my 6th, and I swear all I want to do is read, but alas, am instead the Queen of Multi-task.  Gem’s and Virgos excel in this being Mercurial.

Moon into Libra will trine everything Gem like a bell through the airwaves (Mercury rules bells) and I have to say – hallelujah amen – with heavy ass Uranus square Pluto pressing down – what a relief – a bit of lighthearted fun and frolic in the mutable house !

Sun into Gem brings a square to Neptune in time for Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse, so be on alert for low qi illusory brain mis-fires, and full on space case daydreaming.

Worked high qi this tense aspect can deliver compassion, artistic brilliance – and as Mercury comes to square Chiron – healing via communication – just be sure to think before you speak.

Likelihood of crisis divination – off. the. scale.

Uranus square Pluto hits up 11 degrees in all the cardinals – forcing change NOW !
Square dance of metamorphosis keenly felt for Aries, Cancers, Libras and Caps.

Keep in mind Saturn Rx in Scorp and Pluto Rx in Cap are in mutual reception while Saturn Rx trines Neptune in Pisces.  Prize winning aspect for believing in your power to manifest your reality via following your spiritual heart.  Scorpio is power, plain and simple – Saturn Rx is digging deep in the mineshaft, purging the buried toxic swamp goo so we can heal.  Powerful Gem placements brings thinking into higher realms – so we can visualize our best path forward.

Uranus square Pluto struggles to change us through how we take action.
 Conflicts over desire and usefulness butt heads to determine our futures.
Make the change before the change makes you.

May 25 Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is surely a test of faith, expansion in love, money and philosophical communications with a bent toward healing via fellowship. Ego and work will be hardcore shifts on this one – strange alliances will be your emotional redemption.
(more eclipse info later)


key to chill


Strings are wound pretty tight out there, yeah..?
 I am getting that from my circle, and I am feeling it myself.  Where I am (central US) the heat is rising along with the humidity as the astro square of Uranus and Pluto grows tighter.  Cranky and bitchy is a common commodity these days.
Patience is a little harder to come by, exquisite and golden.

Keep this in mind: as the date grows nearer to exact, the aspect is stronger.
June 23 – Uranus square Pluto exact 10:19pm, CST, USA.

So in the interest of keeping the astro distilled to the finest essence …
let’s acknowledge what we can  do to relieve the pressure.  I have got a simple solution, free ( we love free, yes ? ) and easy, can be done anywhere.

Here it is : breathe.

That’s it.
I told you it was simple.

Think of it this way – and Gemini house loves to think – and will from every angle.
Gem house is soon to be packed – as I write this Moon is at 29 degrees Toro nearly into Gemini to join Jupiter, Venus Rx, and Sun.

Sun, Venus and Jupiter are the benefics, the fortunate planets.
They are ALL in Gemini.

Gemini rules the lungs.  
and the nervous system :: our key to chill is breathing.

They (Moon, Jup, Ven) however; are in square to Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx in the healing sign of Pisces. (Sun trines Nept and Chiron.)  Squares are an obstacle, needs to be solved – we yearn to know how to heal the macro and micro. 
Retrogrades indicate a searching within for knowledge and revising the energy output it signals a chance to re-invent the way we express that energy in our lives.
Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, it is divine love for all life big and small.
It is where the macro and micro meet as ONE.
Chiron is the wounded centaur who explores remedies and ultimately gifts his knowledge to heal self and others via natural methods.
Yes, heal self – for the healer is also healed – it is an energy exchange.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi

Start small.
Inner world, then outer world.
In the airplane you put the oxygen mask on yourself first, right ?!

The micro universe of cells within our bodies needs fresh oxygen that only comes with deep breathing.  Most people take 13-20 breaths per minute. Try to take 8 or fewer. Relax the pace of your respiration.

….slow down….relax…breathe deeply…..bless your body as you do so….
Diaphragmatic breathing helps control the nervous system. Breathing slowly and deeply brings a sense of peace, relaxation and focus.  note: Jupiter in Gemini scatters, lacks focus – diaphragmatic breathing will help !  Deep breathing stimulates the lymph system, it helps relieve hypertension and migraines. As oxygen goes into our blood stream, our cells excrete toxins, deep breathing helps our lymphatic system expel these toxins.

Pranayama is : Prāna, which means life force, or vital energy (for the breath) and “āyāma,” to suspend or restrain. Often translated as control of the life force, when used as a technical term in yoga, it is interpreted, more specifically, as “breath control.”

I’m going to visit the universal breathing room, maybe you will see my little breathing bubble pop up, it’s cool !   The link is on the sidebar (or click above) – you can see who is also coming from around the world to breathe together…..

om mani padme hum

lights, camera, action figs

oh what the heck
Moon is in Aries
Aries are the perpetual teenagers of the zodiac
my old cuss Saturn is a fiery Ram 

Gemini Sun is fun and it trines Saturn Rx soOo love the work ! 
waning Moon is moving to dark
still of the night & the stars are bright

Chiron stations Rx after midnight tonight
 while sextile Pluto and trine Mercury
 ?.. are we prepared to meet our opportunities ..?
this is a chance to seek learning where we feel lack
revision, revamp, then re-connect
 your self image, self esteem
to heal thyself
one must
know thyself

temet nosce

Venus Rx closes in on a sextile to Uranus in Aries
thoughtful creativity meets radical action
use this fun and light astro
amuse yourself
radical ideas come in unexpected moments

coming soon to a sky near you

New Moon in Gemini
10:02am Tues. 19th CST, USA
set your dials right at or just after

? …what do you want to grow… ?
prepare to
– plant your seeds –
New Moon Gemini hotel

is packed
full of possibilities

New Moon
fresh starts

Venus Rx
yes in re-boot phase,
let loves simmer on the back burner

ALL the benefics
will be in Gem at New Moon
jus’ sayin’

thoughts lead to deeds
*make it work *

your reading this is
blessed be

Good Knight

May I introduce Sir Ian McKellen. 

Sir Ian Murray McKellen, CH, CBE *  is an English actor. He has won multiple Laurence Olivier Awards, a Tony Award, two Academy Award nominations, and five Emmy Award nominations. His work has spanned genres from Shakespearean and modern theatre to popular fantasy and science fiction. He is known for film roles such as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings  film trilogy, Magneto in the X-Men  films, and as Sir Leigh Teabing in The Da Vinci Code.

McKellen was made a * Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1979, was knighted in 1991 for services to the performing arts,and was made a * Companion of Honour for services to drama and to equality, in the 2008 New Year Honours. (wiki)
I will start by saying Sir Ian is so sweet and kind, with a Gemini twinkle in his eye, quite a lovely flirt, really.  He’s fabulous — so fabulous I named my singing toad after him.  Yes, I knighted my toad !  Sir Toadie was recorded in one of the most acoustically perfect halls in the country. true story.  I knew when eclipse toad showed up good things were coming … Sir Ian is a May 25th Gemini, so I am writing & posting tonight – he is in the future in New Zealand and I want this up for his solar return YaY !

Gandalf and  Magneto and a Knight
Seriously !
How cool is That ?!

* Happy Birthday Sir Ian ! * 


Look how cool !
A moth showed up, right on time.
Precisely when he meant to..!

When times grew desperate, Gandalf contacted Gwaihir, Lord of the Eagles, by means of a small moth. It was Radagast the Brown who told the eagles that Gandalf had visited with Saruman in the books; in the movie, Gandalf is seen speaking with the moth.  (LotR wiki)
Moth totem: sensitivity to vibrations, awareness, transition and metamorphosis.  Lunar light and instinctual adjusting of the course, allure in love, camouflage.

Ian is a Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon, Sagittarius rising, making Jupiter his chart ruler.
  Aries Jupiter (is Mars powered) is in the 3rd (communication) house trine 29 degree (culmination degree) Pluto in Cancer, 8th house. Pluto (inner energy, transformative experiences) rules the 8th, is strong, yet fluctuating (Moon ruled house, opposite Mars).

Gemini Sun trines Mars in Aquarius, making Ian a revolutionary (Aquarius) communicator through art and film (Mars trine Neptune at mid-heaven).

Pluto and Mars (Mars is most highly aspected, strong) both square Venus in Taurus, and are opposite each other, which forms a T-Square with Venus as the focal planet.  Venus, the planet of art, love and money is strong in Taurus, the sign it rules.  Venus as focal planet, means it will be forced to metamorph the very powerful energies of Mars and Pluto into artwork, beauty and works of love.

Pluto points to a strong desire nature with opposition to Mars (outward bound energies) in Aquarius, as well as the square (inner tension) to Venus in possessive Taurus.  Pluto in the last degree of Moon-ruled Cancer is a nod to the metamorphic effect Ian has on the public (Moon rules public), through his natural ability to teach and lead by example (Virgo 9th house) through the arts (Neptune [rules film, inspired art] at mid-heaven) and film.

I find it interesting that outward bound Mars is in a sign of polarities (Aquarius), Plutonian inner power is fluctuating in Cancer, and Ian has Mercury (dual perceptions) conjunct Uranus (polarities, magnetics) in artistic Taurus.  Ian is very adept at seeing both sides of any given situation.  He uses this instinctual observation, this intuitive sense (Taurus rules the senses) of dualities to in turn enrich his portrayal of character.

He feels and senses the depth and rich undertones (Pluto Cancer 8 / Venus, Uranus, Mercury in creative 5th house) in humanity and conveys them through artistic means.
(Stellium in creative 5th house/ Mercury conj Uranus trine Neptune at mid-heaven.)

Moon is conjunct Part of Fortune in duty bound Virgo; both trine Saturn in Aries and Venus in Taurus.  Long term (Saturn rules time and work) artistic career (Venus) in the public eye (Moon).

Ian has Mercury quintile (special talents) Pluto, making him a powerfully magnetic ( ! ) communicator, capable of captivating the public (Pluto in moon-ruled Cancer).

He also has Saturn and Neptune quintile Chiron, meaning his work is a powerful healing force to help others.

Ian has one planet retrograde, Neptune – which indicates his work and career in the arts will continue to flourish as he ages.  Retrogrades signify planetary energies that are expressed inwardly while young, until an outside event forces them to be expressed outwardly when older.  At which time, the energy is focused, channeled, and better directed in life.

Melin ceni hin lîn síla i ‘eladhach
Garo arad-o-onnad ‘elir !
Namárië Mellonea
Saesa omentien lle, Diola lle
Ná Elbereth veria le, ná elenath dín síla erin rád o chuil lín.

handy ma’am

South Node activate !

Who else is processing like mad ?

This Gemini Eclipse falls in my 6th, so I finally took some time for Virgo self-care, ditched work for one dark moon night on the swank Toro couch with seasons 6 & 7 of Star Trek Voyager.
I quit thinking  for a bit and watched pictures. I needed it, ‘cause I am back at it Virgo processing, Mercury at it full steam again today.

Things in my life have been rapid fire change-ups lately, just this morning I changed my mind about something I had been fairly sure of for the last few weeks.  Multi-tasking out the yin yang, and juggling day job, night job – I am also the handy ma’am, the cook, the gardener and the cleaning lady.  I write this post, trim my 7ft hedge, turn my garden, then write some more.  Head and Hands full of Gemini and then some.  You ?

Friends of mine I care very much for are waiting (you know who you are) please know I am very aware you are waiting and am doing my best, okay ? xo  You are very much on my mind, and in my heart, as always.

Which brings me to South Node.
Are you all wrapping up something from the past, or thinking about it ?   Changing your mind about where you envision yourself in your future ?  Are you seeing both sides, getting great ideas..? 

This eclipse is like figuring out what to pack for your journey to the next Sagittarius eclipse in early June. The North Node of Destiny awaits us ~>
Keep the South Node lessons and enter Sag with a broader vision, a more positive outlook, enthusiastic vigor for exploration of infinite possibilities and adventure !

Where is your North Node, and what rules that house ? 
Find that planet and work that energy and its contacts for success !


My North Node ruler is Mars. I have Saturn the restrictor retrograde (it is slower than slow, trust me.) in the house of what and who I AM.  (ego squashing) Saturn is my chart ruler in the house where it falls, or operates poorly (opposite house of exaltation).  The energies are not matched at. all.  Saturn wants to brake and Mars – ruled Aries wants to get the freakin’ lead out already and get moOoving !

My retrograde Saturn trines Mars;  which turn quintiles Uranus.  This means it may take me forever, but once I am on it – it gets done – I will tackle it entirely with unmatched focus and determination.  I will not give up.  Ever.


Where is your South Node, and what planet rules that house ?
Pack up the lessons of that house and carry it into the new moon eclipse !


This lifetime for me is about squashing the ego of the past.
Blazing my trail, my way, the independent spirit set free.
More Marsy action & go get it – less Venus attraction and wait for it to come.

My South Node is in Libra 10th, so last life I had the recognition, the accolades.  This life I have to get over the fact that those I crave approval from the most often deny it.
  I have to drop all thought of chasing the shiny object, for if I seek it, I suffer.  (Sun opp Chiron)  My Sun is also Void of course at 29 degrees Virgo: semi-square Moon, square ASC, opposite chiron.  It is my final dispositor, and conjunct knock down game-changers Uranus and Pluto.  I get waylaid a LOT, but have to keep going, have faith in myself. (Sun in 9, Aries North Node)

What will you pack up to carry into your North Node future…?
What do you think is your destiny ?

I’ll be keeping the love & balance, please and thank you, and I’ll be ditching the rest !
For the Gemini 0 degree eclipse, I would like to thank those who have given me a hand up when I needed it.  (Gemini rules hands)

:::Those waiting, (you know who you are) bonds with you time only strengthens.
I remain humbly grateful for the generosity of your gift.  Thank you.
:::My friend, Sagittarian Moon, who comments here regularly – you are the best ! xo
:::Juile Hansen, a remarkable intuitive who consistently says *just the right thing* to

nudge me in the right direction, thank you !
:::My fellow Toro Moon gal pal astrologer, Perianne – check out her astro blog !
:::Astrologer, intuitive, and Human Design consultant, Hal Bahr, whose kindness introduced me to many new readers, Thank you !
:::My new friend Mary Pat who has welcomed me so warmly, thank you !

Happy eclipse, everyone ~
…now I trim hedge !

Double edged sword

May I introduce Mr. Karl Urban.

I am always amazed at how astrology is so layered….complex, and yet equally stunningly simple.  Karl is a Gemini Sun, Mercury combust (within 2 degrees of Sun means solar rays overpower Mercury, ego can rule thinking) and Sun conjunct Saturn (which gives a little balance, reality check to the combust Mercury) all in Gemini.  Mercury rules Gemini, so it is well-placed despite being combust.

Here’s the stunningly simple bit: trekkies (me !) can tell you if you don’t know yourself – Karl dead on NAILED the role of Dr. McCoy ‘Bones’  in Star Trek.  I read it brought Leonard Nimoy to tearsKarl was that good.  I can tell you my jaw dropped…whoa. !
For the record, Karl ~ you were awesome !   Trek sequel is in post-production yippie !

Gemini’s are fabulous mimics and Karl has Sun (honors, recognition) smack between Mercury (rules names, communication) and Saturn (rules bones).  See how easy ?!

Astrology has a myriad of layers like a prism diverts rays of light, humans are complex, we have depth ~ stages of learning and growth unfold as the planets move with us throughout our lives…fascinating, yes ?
Click here for similar film astro story surrounding James Earl Jones of Vader fame.

Karl has this Gemini conjunction trine Uranus in Libra.  (Now I know why he reminds me of my brother.  My brother was an 3rd house [Gemini rules] Aquarius [Uranus rules]stellium.)  Gemini Mercury trine Libra Uranus is savvy and bright, uncannily perceptive on relationship matters, and those involving art, love and money.  Uranus is unpredictable and is aptly named ‘the awakener’ for it is the ginormous game changer that strikes in an instant.  It is polarities – one minute you are here – next minute you are there.  Standing in the same spot but with a 180 shift in perspective. BAM !

Gemini’s see both sides, they are idea people – Sun, Mercury and Saturn trine Uranus in Libra is super observant, weighs and balances thinking, communications.  Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Libra – it is the intuitive wrecking ball of the status quo, delivering stunning insights in a lightning flash ~>  a whole new world, way of thinking follows.
Also, Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and I know it rules body language (non-verbal) as it is an intuitive art, telepathic.  Karl channelled that innate talent into the role of McCoy – the body language was spot on.  Even if viewers didn’t consciously  know the exacts of why Karl was so dead on, they instinctively  knew.  Animals communicate in this way, it is honed and precise.  Some humans also have a genius ability in this area, Karl is one of these people.

Saturn in Gemini is an alert, clever focused  mind.  It acts as a funnel or anchor for the innate flip-flop dual nature of Mercury ruled Gemini.  Saturn builds a foundation in thinking and communicating – it does the hard work, conjunct Sun, Karl is a hard worker and proud (Sun) of the work he does.

This Gemini stellium is also sextile Moon in Aries, that’s communication meets action on the playing field.  Moon (feelings) in Aries likes to go gung ho – it is impulsive and independent – a leading Moon, not a following passive Moon, for it is powered by Mars and wants what it wants when it wants it, and make it snappy !  Moon is conjunct Chiron (loosely perhaps, don’t have his exact time of birth here) leading to self-revelations regarding the wounding and subsequent healing via women and/or the public in his life.  Moon is opposite Libra Uranus so love relationships and/or relationships with the public will result in breakthroughs in how he feels, what he knows (Uranus) intuitively, and how he acts (Mars).  This conjunction and subsequent awakening completely overhauls his way of nurturing himself and others.

Karl has Mars in Cancer at 16 degrees, conjunct John Rhys-Davies Mars at 20 degrees Cancer.  (Sean Bean’s Mars is at 4 degrees Cancer.)  This means they feel (Moon rules Cancer) and actively respond to situations in a similar fashion. Karl is a big fan of Indiana Jones and likely really enjoyed working with John. (Karl named one of his sons Indy, short for Indiana..!..and ok, I have to interject Mercury loves to name things and his other son’s name is Hunter, great names, imo !)   [note: Thanks Universe for giving me a whole new mindset on Mars in Cancer peeps. Message received. O&O]

Karl has 3 T-Squares, focal planets are as follows:
Focal planets are under the most stress to transform the squares, which are inner tension and friction, they represent obstacles to be overcome. 

Invoke the highest vibration of Mars (enthusiasm rather than anger; Pluto transformation of self rather than power over others; Jupiter exploration of philosophies rather than extravagance and lack of foresight)

Mars in Cancer (square-inner tension) Moon in Aries & Uranus in Libra
[Moon opposite Uranus]

Pluto in Virgo (square) Venus in Cancer & Jupiter in Capricorn
[Venus opposite Jupiter]

Jupiter in Capricorn (square) Uranus in Libra & Moon in Aries
[Moon opposite Uranus]

First off, Karl’s Pluto is exact conjunct my 29 degree Virgo Sun. He transforms, while I enlighten,… seems appropriate.  The 29th degree is a culmination degree (each sign has 30 degrees, 0-29) meaning he will transform (Pluto) by service to others, self-improvement and problem solving. He will likely constantly seek perfection (Virgo) through transformative experiences.  This will involve a strain between love, his art (Venus) home and family (Cancer) and possibly overwork.  Most likely, distance (Jupiter) from family while working is very difficult for him.  The high side of this is honing the higher vision (Jupiter in Capricorn) into a piece of material work is intensely gratifying, undoubtedly he wants and needs public approval.  (Venus and Mars in sensitive Cancer.)  * for the record, I own Pathfinder, Riddick & love them, I have yet to watch Comanche Moon, my Mother owns it…soon.

Karl has 5 retrograde planets: Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto.  Retrograde planetary energies manifest or ‘incubate’ as internal energy until they are ready to manifest outwardly.  Retrograde energies are usually forced by an outside circumstance to manifest outwardly – as they begin to manifest outwardly you will WoW people with your seemingly new  talents and traits.

North Node of Destiny is in Capricorn, Saturn (rules Cap) is conjunct Sun in Gemini trine Uranus in Libra sextile Moon (public) and opposite Neptune (film).
Unusual communication via the conduit of work in film in the public spotlight.
North Node trine Virgo Pluto indicates transformation though visionary analyzation of artwork, communication and duty.

Since Karl is loaded with polarities (that is a compliment, btw., I am too.) I want to mention Hephaistos (asteroid of blacksmiths; forgiveness, craft, cunning and skill ), since Karl was part of a Weta project regarding the Weta weaponry – speaking in a doco – which of course I cannot locate at the moment, will return to edit, check back.

Éomer carried Gúthwinë (Old English  for battle-friend). It was borne by him at the battle of Hornburg, and presumably at the battle of the Pelennor Fields and the battle before Morannon.  Karl’s Hephaistos is trine Jupiter and biquintile (special talents) Pluto giving him an added boost of artistic (Venus rules Taurus) transformation.
Ok, um Karl has Sun at 16 degrees Gemini conjunct MY Hephaistos, my Sun is conjunct HIS Pluto…fascinating. I did mention polarities, did I not ? lol.

So Karl will experience the Occultation of Venus conjunct his 16 degree Gemini Sun on the 5th of June. (Occultation is 15 ’45 Gemini)  This will likely trigger a long-term slow acting shift in his way of thinking about art, love and relationships.  It may induce a more inclusive, cosmic or intuitive (Sun trines natal Libra Uranus) way of thinking (opposite natal Neptune in Sagittarius) and seeing the cosmos and dealing with others.  It will also tune up his higher ideals surrounding beliefs, healing through film work and the public, as well as on the family front (Moon).  Revelations regarding the creative self and future directions will come into focus with the occultation of Venus.

Saesa omentien lle, lle ume quel, quel marth, mellon.

spitfire wordsmith

Nikki Giovanni

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to hear one of my favorite poets, Nikki Giovanni speak recently ~ she was dazzling, vivacious, insightful, bawdy and very direct !

I knew she was a Gemini, but I couldn’t wait to get home and look up more details about her chart and the life she described so vividly.
Nikki is a life path 3.  This indicates a life of creation, expansion, exploration, reconciliation and communication.  Nikki is a Gemini Sun, Leo Moon with Cancer rising which makes Moon her chart ruler.

First thing I notice is the majority of her planets fall into the Eastern hemisphere – she is in a sowing incarnation and is in control of her life circumstances.

Second thing I notice is the lack of difficult (square, opposition) aspects between the planetary bodies.  (Scroll down to the key to see her squares to Chiron, ASC and MC)  Her one opposition is between the planet of poetry, Neptune, and Mars (power) elevated, in Aries the sign Mars rules.  Mars in 10th is a powerful placement, it indicates a strong, self-assured go-getter in life and career. (10th is the natural house of Capricorn where Mars is exalted.)

Nikki has some whopping powerful conjunctions as well. (…possibly why the universe cut her some slack on squares and oppositions..?..)  Sun conjunct Saturn makes Nikki serious and purposeful in speech (Gemini) and, in fact, all forms of communication.

Moon (chart ruler) conjunct Pluto, brings a powerhouse of intense emotional experiences, which in Leo, WILL (Leo motto) be channeled into creative endeavors.

Oddly, the universe pitches me another Venus conjunct Jupiter person this week, YaY !
Not only is the fabulous aspect in the sky above us (in the Grand Earth $$ Trine I talk about here) (and here), I have it (Leo), Smokey Robinson has it (Aries), and so does Nikki (Cancer) – odd that, everyone pops UP all at once …!

Cancer rising with Venus conjunct Jupiter (Jupiter is exalted in Cancer), shows tremendous sensitivity and compassion for others, great depth of generosity and kindness.

Nikki also has Mercury conjunct (out of sign) Uranus, its higher octave, which gives her keen perceptive abilities.

Leo is packed, so Nikki is firey and dramatic, she easily captivates her audiences, rousing emotions and stirring minds with her expressive words and ideas.  She is a Gemini and, yes- she talks with her hands (Gemini rules the hands) as well, so I included this small pic.

I left Lilith for last, because Nikki made such an impression on me when she spoke of courageous women in her life, those women she admired and proudly praised for being leaders in the civil rights movement.  She spoke of heroines that not only inspired her generation, but all generations following.  The women she spoke of included Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and Coretta Scott King to name a few.

Nikki has Lilith conjunct Venus (females) and it is placed in a very powerful rolling conjunction ~ Lilith in her case is a firey reactive goddess that springs from the creative depths to shine a light on social injustice.