fusion in the belly

(Fat) Tuesday February 21

New Moon in Pisces 4:35pm: CST, USA

This New Moon conjunct Sun and Neptune in Pisces is soOopergroOovy
ALL are trine Saturn, quintile Mid-heaven and sextile Jupiter.
Chiron the herbalist, healer, teacher and philosopher is trine Saturn.

That’s a heads UP from the cosmos !
Conscious, subconscious, intuition, spiritual gifts and luck
are all up to bat ON the SAME TEAM ~> get your new moon mojo moving.
This is an opportunity to DREAM BIG !

Trust your instincts for they are super – powered now.
Meditate, cleanse, rest and renew.
As the moon grows to full, the goals set on the new moon will manifest –
Choose wisely.
New Moon in Pisces is a time of healing & transition, we are moving towards a full moon in Virgo on March 8 which is in a massive earth trine.
Define your goals exactly – be precise – on paper and aloud ~

On the 14th in particular – the aspect is exact.
Pluto in Cap, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Toro, Mars in Virgo
The MATERIAL plane.

Take action at this time for the greatest financial growth.

Moon rules the belly, Neptune rules dance and fusion.


10 thoughts on “fusion in the belly

  1. oh, this is so cool – though i am a bit cowed with all of the advice out there about staying flexible since everyone’s plans will go through major shifts and changes during this time.
    its neat because i am working on my 5th and its transits. yesterday, i was wondering how i should interpret chiron rx and sat rx in leo-owned 5th, ruled by pisces in my wheel. a wishywashy lion?!
    leo says, ‘look at me’ and pisces came out with ‘how can i serve/support you?’ and i havent checked to make sure that is right but in the end, it was clear that the lion was done creating service for zero gain for ‘the group’. that is clearly ‘right’ for me!

    damn the torpedoes. full speed ahead! for better or worse, thats my fusion in the belly.

    i think that chiron will have sub-issues for me to work through and that will be a study in itself.

    i dont feel confident about making clearly defined goals at this time – but i AM sensing intuitive strength. we have discussed my need to find a way to ASSERT MYSELF, havent we? lol
    the big problem for this libra ascendent is that i dont like either/or propositions yet clearly i must put myself in exactly that place. i am putting it out to the universe: can i just let it decide?! 😛

    there is a LOT of air out there now and i look forward to Earth. the air is intoxicating but it makes me a bit nervous.

  2. Bon Jovi is Sun + Venus in Pisces on the 5th ( he is on here under musicians ).
    Saturn Rx brings self- doubt, yet – goals reached after a period of internal forging. At some point you will bust out and express the gifts of Saturn Rx to others. “I don’t feel confident” in your comment is exactly that. Chiron Rx adds to it, the need to heal your Self (Sun).

    The Saturn wants to rein in all that water – and that’s like herding cats. Saturn wants a fence, definition, planning and Pisces can’t be that. You have so much in the 11th in opposition, others are pushing you towards finding that balance you seek. You Will (Leo) have to Know (Aquarius) when to speak up for yourself. Think of what squares these planets and houses, they will lead you to what you need to work out inside yourself.

    I think you meant water, Saturn and Moon are the only planets in air at the mo. Fusion in the belly … love that too ! I really want to step into that room and linger ~ soOo Scorpy ! As far as making any plans, only you know what is good for you, I just offer up the aspects. xo

    • thought you might find this neat. http://rubyslipper.ca/2012/02/herding-cats-transiting-mars-in-virgos-impossible-challenge/
      synchronicity 🙂

      have to say, the stuff going on with me i cant put down to mars in virgo. it has never seemed to be the source of any particularly stronger energy. there was a couple weeks of rx that had me experiencing all of those ‘symptoms’.
      of course, it must be playing into everything. for the last 3 years nearly, i have been on the homestretch of this section of my journey and there have been many ‘oh!’ moments. they just havent been specifically attributable (to me) to mars in virgo.

    • The 23 rd certainly brought some intense emotional purging – that is I spoke my mind after a long period of silent waiting.

      Thanks for linking,… I am getting practiced here at kitty corral is funny we are all 3 so0o independent we get each other meet in passing in our explorations – cats seem uranian + Sag to me …. meow !

      Mary Beth, have you looked at your progressions ?

      They are very revealing and must be considerd for accurate predictions in tandem with the natal & transits.

      I always look there for the underlying vibe that is in play, the classes I am enrolled in This Year, so to speak.

      You are learning very fast – all that Virgo of course ! 😀

  3. many many thanks for your reply. its very helpful. wierd and nice feeling to have: i was knowing everything you were saying but unable to articulate so well. and yes, i did mean water…thought about that several times today while out and about! was considering correcting it lol

    i think i find this all very airey rather than watery because the connotations of ‘floaty’, which i was using to describe the sensation comes from me having merc in the 12th and i ‘think’ more comfy than i ‘feel’. when i have inspiration, intuition and ‘lightbulb messages’ i automatically assume them as merc. and while i was medityping (mb word lol), i was aware the moon was in aquarious where my venus is. i told myself to come back to my notes another time when it had moved so that i could check i hadnt been too cold and aloof.
    but you know what else?? i think it is also a head’s up to get more comfy with WATER.

    i pulled the 2 of swords followed by the moon card today whilst holding the deck up against my fusion-filled belly. aiyaiyai

    off to check my wheel. thanks again for your guidance.

    • I have pulled those same two cards more than once in the last couple of days.
      A symptom of dark moon I suspect – truce, wait, balance.
      So you are Venus Aqua ? So is my Mom. No wonder the science here appeals to you… you’ re welcome xo

  4. wow! just had to come back and share this funny with you. my cap 3rd house energy is SO stubborn! i had started my study with pluto transiting cap before moving on to my 5th house. i was just now rereading my notes – clearly, i just got all lost there in the 5th and completely dissed a message i was specifically given about AIR:

    ‘The unverifiable lightbulbs flashing in my mind on feb 15th didn’t come from my 3rd house. Move on to 5th house transits for more enlightenment on big picture. Keep staring at your water trine.’

    how cool is that??! no conscious idea what it all means, but thats really alright. some part of me knows exactly what it means. 🙂

    • insights come on my chart all the time, being objective isn’t always easy.
      Water trine, hmmm…? Very nice – all this Pisces will bring you more insights with Sun on the move ~ but they may wash over you in waves like you mentioned

  5. I have been giving this trine and the retrogrades a LOT of thought lately, as I am working towards my future – just like everyone else… When I have a time frame to work with, I do the best with what I’ve got – and I have to move, I can not wait. So I work with the energies.

    On the date I mentioned above, Mercury, Mars and Saturn will be retrograde. I view retrogrades as a challenge to transform, transmute and transcend. They push us internally to get the energy right.
    I felt this needed to be addressed because ‘why would an astrologer recommend taking action during this time’ is sure to come up. Now you will know.

    So while Mercury will be retrograde in Aries, cardinal fire, the ego will be in check, the communications thought over, unlike typical Aries shoot from the hip/lip style. The Cardinal energy will be thought out and directed.

    Saturn will also be in Cardinal Air, so love, money social matters will take on intellectual depth, and thoughtful purpose. Again, communications will be steady and precise.

    Mars will be retrograde in mutable Earth, there is some breathing room here for adapting and changing as the circumstances change. Mars retrograde in Virgo has obviously been a real eye – opener. I have found it really separates the chaff from the wheat work-wise.

    Primarily – I checked the chart of that day – in comparison with my own natal, and dropped in the planets, progressions and tinkered with the ascendants – until I felt I had found the right fit for my needs. What I actually Want to accomplish may not be what others Think I want to accomplish.

    Thanks for reading, O & O xo

    Ps. Replying to All who read here.

    Wanted it out there – before the messages started coming in…

    Thank you

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