Celestial Symbols

Sun animatedThe Sun glyph harbors the eternal circle – life without beginning or end.  The dot inside the circle represents the divine spark within all life forms.  Sun is the center, the heart, the will, the being, the personal expression.  House and sign of natal Sun shows where significant contributions are made during life on Earth.

Moon animatedMoon glyphMoon
Circumference at Equator: 10,917.0 km
Diameter: 3,475 km
Mass: 73,476,730,924,573,500 million kg (0.0123 x Earth)
Average Distance from Earth: 384,400 km
Length of Orbit: 27.3 Earth days
Surface Temperature: -233 to 123 °C
Age: formed 4.6 billion years ago
Rotation: synchronous; same side is always facing the Earth.
First unmanned mission:1959 Soviet Lunar Program
First manned landing: Apollo 11 in 1969.

The glyph for Earth’s only satellite, Moon, is a half-circle, symbol of the personality.  Moon reflects light of the Sun, as personality reflects the true spirit – this reflection is where emotional tides arise and fall.  House and sign of natal moon indicate our manner of experiencing and expressing feelings.

MercuryMercury’s glyph features a cross, the symbol of manifestation on the Earth plane.  The circle of spirit rises above the earth, and the crescent of personality is uplifted to the heavens.  Mercury is neither male or female, but rather a neutral mirror reflecting surroundings – moving ever inward and outward to connect and communicate.
Mercury is the link – between heaven and Earth; soul and personality.  House and sign of natal Mercury shows where attention is keen, awareness focused – here we learn.

VenusThe glyph for Venus features the circle of spirit over the cross of manifestation.  This represents spirit overcoming matter through love.  Venus attracts and gives love, the house and sign of natal Venus shows where love, partnership, synthesis and cohesion reign supreme.

EarthEarth’s glyph harbors the circle of spirit crossed by manifestation on the Earth plane.
This symbolizes Earth School – eternal spirit made flesh and bone, on deadline, so we may learn and grow through personal experience.  Earth or Gaia can be found in the center of the natal chart, the geocentric viewpoint of our experience in the cosmos.

MarsThe glyph for Mars shows the arrow of the instinctive animal self – rising from and being redeemed by – the circle of spirit.  The sign and house of natal Mars indicates where enthusiastic energy and personal power drives self-expression – it is how and where we make our mark on the world.

JupiterJupiter’s glyph represents the crescent of personality rising above the cross, free from confinement.  In the house and sign of natal Jupiter is the superconscious higher self that communes with the divine.  Here, expansion of the mind, exploration of global philosophies are seen and experienced though the optimistic lens of faith.

SaturnThe glyph for Saturn shows the cross of manifestation above the crescent of personality (the dark self).  Saturn harbors the first law of manifestation – limitation through form.  Spirit is grounded by Saturn; is both Father Time and Grim Reaper (Saturn rules Earth School) and is the necessary, temporary proving ground of spirit.  The house and sign of natal Saturn reveals conservation, limitation, restriction – tests leading to strength of spirit.  Taking responsibility for personal flaws and faults and working diligently to change them into gifts will redeem the spirit from tough karmic lessons that Saturn delivers.

UranusUranus glyphThe glyphs of Uranus differ as you can see.  The above is more often found in modern science (see my sigil) and represents the spark of life inside each spirit that is pure wild animal instinct, the arrow of energy and power is uplifted to the heavens, symbolizing the connection to divine knowing, cosmic consciousness.
The symbol of Uranus pictured below is the more traditional symbol, usually found in astrology.  It is comprised of two pillars; (polarities) one human, one divine – joined by the cross of matter.  The circle of spirit found below pushes them into higher octaves of being.   The natal house and sign of Uranus is where we find the wildcard of destiny.  Here is the inventive rebel, the curious eccentric, the oddball genius whose actions can be neither predicted nor tamed.

Neptune’s glyph features the cross of matter piercing the cup of personality so that it may be free to manifest on a selfless level.  Neptune is the mystical medium, the tuning fork that wants Heaven as keenly as it feels Earth.  The natal house and sign of Neptune shows where we hook our feelers into the emotional supercosmos, where we are sensitive, psychic dreamers in service to others.

pluto animated onePluto glyphPluto
Circumference at Equator: 4,493.7 miles
(1.305±0.007)×1022 kg
Known Satellites: Charon, Styx, Kerberos, Nix, Hydra 
Average Distance from Sun: 
3.7 billion miles 
Length of Orbit:
248 Earth years

Orbital Tilt: tilted to solar system plane by 17.1 degrees
Orbital Shape: eccentric, Pluto is sometimes closer to the Sun than Neptune
Day: 6.4 Earth day
Surface Temperature:
−229 °C
: February 18, 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh

The glyph of Pluto shows the cross of matter with the crescent of personality uplifted to the heavens.  The circle of spirit is free from matter, which symbolizes journeying into the unknown so that deep spiritual understanding and transcendence may take place.   Pluto is the great leveler – through life and death all must pass.  The natal house and sign of Pluto indicates our most profound enlightenment born of total and complete transformation.  It indicates new life found after metaphorical (and physical) death.