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Atlantis – Kay Dean

Neptune rules Atlantis hidden under the sea.

Neptune rules ambushes, sneaking, bribes, bars, your shower.
(I have a vision board shower – laminated Machu Picchu and Rapa Nui are hanging there.  My Neptunian transporter room, ya dig ?)

Neptune rules aliens, ambushes, bliss, cameras, chakras, comas, dance, dew, bubbles.  Tip: ALWAYS blow bubbles in the dew or mist, trust me. try it !

Neptune rules diseases that are hard to diagnose, (<~can testify to that) drowning, string instruments, film, fortune telling and divination, geysers, harems, hashish, holy water, hypnotism, jellyfish, kundalini, liars, LSD, migration, nets, oil, osmosis, paradise and the penitentiary as well as pseudonyms.
Can be high holy or low locked.  Hollyweird.

Neptune rules the pineal gland, romance, sea, seances, sirens singing you a shipwreck, swamps, telepathy, toupees (!), utopia, vapors, visions and voodoo, waterfalls, yeast and yogis.
 My ex made the best bread- the yeasties loved him Neptune in the 1st opp moon

For those curious …Yes… Neptune has rings.

This Voyager image shows the three main arcs in Neptune’s Adams Ring.
The Liberty arc is near the lower edge of the image, followed by Equality and Fraternity above it.  A fourth, fainter arc, called Courage, would be just ahead of Liberty.

For More info, head over to
Trivia: The symbol for Neptune (trident) in both the French and the British system of hobo signs means here they give you food if you work

One spin around the Sun here.

cya stargazers
keep looking UP !

8 thoughts on “jellyfish kundalini

    • Thanks much Ancient Librarian ~
      Love your moniker ! I love the pic too was thinking it would be great large scale on a wall, to feel immersed in the scene….I may work on that ~ another shower pic. Still have 1 wall free haha glad you enjoyed it !

      • Thank you! I also love the pic. She is walking on the ocean — works for me! She is the Goddess Yemaya, who walks on water.

        I have Venus in Cancer (12th) trine Neptune (5th), so living in dreamy Atlantis would work for me. Dashing from wave to wave with Poseidon, and his legion of aqua green sea horses!

        I’m new in the World of Blogs, and setting up has been a lot of learning to walk. But, I’m a Gemini, so at the same time, it’s another opportunity to create new brain cells.


      • I should do a totem of the little lizard that runs on water, just thought of him…
        Cool the walk on water goddess, will have to look up, she sounds groovy. Any asteroids relate to her ? I have been and am learning more re: techie guru shizzle everyday, the organization is not going as quickly as hoped, but then Saturn Rx in Aries always takes for – evah . It’s all grass roots here…lol.
        Looking forward to direct Mars…you ?

      • The goddess Yemaya is a West African creation goddess. She is associated with the Moon, Ocean, and the source of all waters, as well as female mysteries.

        It sounds as though she is related to the High Priestess of the tarot.

        I’m so looking forward to Mars going forward! Mars is transiting my 3rd house in Virgo — probably responsible for my “chitty chat” today. But, I have Mars in Cancer in the 1st house of my natal chart. So, although Cancer rules the Moon, it represents the Chariot of the Major Arcana in the tarot.

        I need Mars — the energy is combustible, and I’m using it to set up my Blog, so he and I can take off as the Charioteer.


    • Right on ! Love the tarot correspondences too…I had the Chariot today a couple of times as well, my slow a** Aries Saturn Rx is trine Sag (12th sign) Mars, so yeah. Been dead in the water so to speak. Uranus is coming to conjunct Saturn so dynamite is on the way.
      I said Shiva right..haha..well here we go ! Blessings and speedy true progress to both our Chariots ! *~>

      • I am both of these, as of years ago…
        Only when Shiva is united with Shakti does he have the power to create – Saundaryalahari

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