Doctor, Doctor

Brilliant !” My favorite Doctor, perfect 10, David.

“Bodies are boring, I’ve had loads of them.”  11th, Matt

Imagine that – Doctor Who has a 6th house Sagittarius Stellium  !

This does not surprise me in the least. King of Wands all over. Did you see my recent Aces High Draw in twitfeed ?  haha Kismet !  All 4 Aces culminating in King of Wands – groovy !  This stellium configuration tickles me to regeneration, because I have a Virgo stellium on the 9th of Sag; Doc has a Sag stellium on the 6th of Virgo.
heeheeYaY !
Geronimo !

Fresh as a daisy 0 degree Sagittarius Sun with Sag Mercury, Mars, Venus up for going on tour at the drop of a fez, Aquarius Moon for a bit of eccentric zip.  Gemini Rising for gift of gab, versatility, thinking on your feet – also being a cheeky flirty birdy !

Saturn (TIME, and the loner) smack on eccentric Aquarius (genius) MC aka Midheaven (peak of achievements, bulbs flashing), in the 9th house of boho travel.  Moon-ruled North Node in Cancer on 11 degrees – same as Mercury in Sag.  Remember how Martha spread the word, defeated The Master – how apt !

Sag Mars squares TARDIS <~(click for biggie asteroid TARDIS post) in 11th house Pisces exact at 21 degrees, a stolen time space machine with a mind of her own – spins The Doctor sideways to what she AIMS him to SEE, hands him plenty of surprises and off track destinations !  Sun and Mercury trine Aries Jupiter (Doctor Jupes is smack on my natal Saturn ::GRIN:: )  Means two benefics spreading courageous goodwill and good vibes of 6th house healing (plus, Chiron in Pisces 10) to all beings of the time multiverses.

Doctor Who’s rambling conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Mars squares Virgo Uranus/Pluto in the 4th, though he doesn’t live on Earth, he feels a responsibility to protect her and will become enraged if she or her life is threatened.  This is also true for other worlds – he is The Coming Storm.  He is a fierce and mighty protector of those who are underlings (Virgo, 6th house) without power.

Tenth house Aquarius Moon quintile Sag Mercury is most definitely getting out of tight spots by your wits and USING what you KNOW, have LEARNED over time and eons of experience.  Scorp Neptune square Aquarius Moon and Saturn – haha the phrase timey whimey comes to mind !  In this case among other things, a penetrating mind keen for research, travel, the unusual, built for shake-ups in career aka: being his own boss, rather than a long-term partnership in a rut in one spot.

Pisces Chiron trines North Node and Neptune forming a Grand Water Trine of healing, feeling and reeling the companions in (co-workers are 6th house) for the same common goals of delving deep into the mysterious cosmos, helping others.

Now for some fun transits and progs: 

Chiron return ! 
Learning the meaning of the wounded healer by review of past accomplishments/work, seeing/feeling the deep wound of the life/work – tweaking the sitch and heading back out into the fray to go another round of healing/leaning/philosophizing getting it better and brighter.  Chiron also trines North Node, leading the way with the public (Moon) showing how we can move into OUR FUTURE with tolerance and understanding, peace with all life forms.  Brilliant !

Transit Cancer Jupiter Rx trine natal TARDIS in Pisces 10; opposite transit Venus and TARDIS in Cap 8 – the traveler looks back (Rx) into Time and Relative Dimension in Space – feels the impact made with the people, the public, the collective cosmos, how is the balance – is the transformation good for you too !?.

Cap on the 8th, ruler Saturn on MC lovin’ that !
The Doctor doesn’t die, he regenerates. 
hee getting all tingly just thinkin’ ’bout it !

Also, Venus transit Cap is the passage of time, great hurdles overcome and the bonds of love across time and of course, space.  Progressed Mercury, Sun and Mars all in Cap on 6th – spotlight on the work over TIME, the change in perspectives are lovingly crisp, intense, and talked about as Venus, TARDIS and Pluto transit this house.

Oh come on, what’s your fave (Venus) episode, your fave Doctor ?
I have so MANY it is hard to choose !  Silence in the Library

Progressed TARDIS lands on the Zero degrees Aries Point, indicating a huge rush of outward energies – YES !  Progressed MC lands in Aries which is such an I AM, identity, how I pioneer the world in my fashion gig – with Leo rising in progressed the spotlight is on the craft of self  – the spirit of the Doctor in all his incarnations, all episodes, all are distinct and memorable – in their own way they each own the role. 

Last one – progressed Venus is on natal Moon a charge and kick it up a notch love attraction from both women and yes, the public at large – doubly so since natal Moon lands in the 10th at MC.  Love the TIME LORDS, yes we do !

Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor
Many, many more regenerations . . .


Rock solid

Tree 27

Check out the sexy flash of universe under the Doc’s coat –  Love it.
A tease of randy mystical seagoat underlying serious Time Lord biz.

Of course I chose the Doctor for Venus in Capricorn !

Capricorn is Time, Earth, Authority, Work, Restriction.
Venus is Love, Balance, Diplomacy, Togetherness.

Love is the ancient glue that holds the universe together – Venus attracts and balances.  She is a peace monger looking for friendship and love.  

Saturn indicates ties that bind.  Saturn contacts in synastry are work – plain and simple – you are bound to each other through those energies until the lesson is learned.

eg.  My ex had Jupiter smack on my Aries Saturn Rx.  I thought I partied before I met him, then realized he was running PhD level (Neptune rising, Pisces 5th / Leo MC).  When it comes to parties, our crew is professional, no doubt of that.  My Saturn got a biggie dose of ‘let’s follow ALL our impulses’, which was of course both good & bad.

I have Venus-ruled Libra at MC, (house of Capricorn) so among other things, I am here to work cooperatively, see and experience both sides of everything, and balance love and finances.

Capricorn Venus energy in and of itself is strict, fair and honest – they will give and get in kind.  Capricorn Venus can be melancholy, it is inherent to the energy of Capricorn/ Saturn. Caps are serious, no-nonsense, what you see is what you get kind of people.

Venus is money, and Caps can be frugal, thrifty – they know how to stretch a dollar by using old things that work and wear well.  When they do spend, the consumer reports guide is browsed, reviews considered carefully, then, and only then the top-of-the-line purchase comes.

In love, Venus Caps are also thrifty and frugal – if you are looking for an abundance of demonstrative love, you may wanna try a fire sign Venus.  Saturn restricts by nature.  The object of the Cap Venus’ affection will be loved steadfastly, quietly and steadily over the course of time…this is the gift of Capricorn Venus.
Look what I found 1/2 price !  My hand was on it in a nanosecond.
It was red – THAT didn’t last long.  It became Tardis blue in a jiffy !  Still needs a couple of modifications, then blinking lights – and I have myself a Tardis for command central.  (Doctor Action figure not included.)

Capricorn Venus peeps are patient and – let’s face it – about as fast as a herd of turtles, but the work is quality, long-lasting… as is the love.  Some of you may be wondering why I am only just now writing about Venus in Capricorn … I have my reasons (besides making a funny point).
Time strengthens the bonds for Venus in Capricorn folks.  They understand work is love / love is work.  Age and / or wisdom is desirable as is status and reliability. They want you to know you can count on them, and they need to be able to count on you too.   In times of trouble, Capricorn Venus folks will stick by those they love – come thick or thin, they are rock solid.
Venus moves into Aquarius
January 3
ok, this is just funny Time Lord stuff.

fyi: Saturn rules dunces and dads



Moon in Aquarius

Venus into Sagittarius
10:38pm CST, USA

The Doctor.

I loOove the Doctor.  
A quirky humanitarian (Aquarius) time traveler, saving life forms, indeed – entire worlds across time and space. (Sun rules not only heroes, but also the heart – and the Doc has two; Sagittarius rules long distance travel)

He is a brilliant combo of clever geek and cheeky party crasher – game for fun, yet deadly serious when any life form is threatened.  The Doctor is packing a wealth of experience and knowledge garnered across time and space over many lifetimes, many  regenerations.

His wits are his weapon.  He refuses all firearms – only using his sonic screwdriver, ‘which does not kill, wound or maim’, and the help of loyal friends travelling with him.

Interesting bit written into the plotlines over and over again – he sometimes goes a bit Gung Ho, suffers from a God Complex and needs a stiff shot of Saturn reality check from his mates to set him straight.  The brilliant, clever Doctor also needs the help of friends.

Good friends are ruled by Venus and Aquarius.
 Moon is in eccentric Aquarius, and soon, Venus will enter Sagittarius where she will meet up with Mercury, trine Uranus in Aries while she also squares Neptune and Chiron In Pisces.  So heads UP, I’m gonna talk about LoOove baby !

Venus needs friends.
The Doctor needs his mates to pull him back from over zealous, self-righteous anger and the edge of wrath.  He needs his friends to help him SEE, to help him widen his circle of perspective.

Yesterday in comments I mentioned the planetary heart grid.  I actually think there are multiples of grids connecting us through ALL our energetic points, ie: Vishudda (throat) chakras via speech/ mass comms, the Muladhara (root) chakras via collective instincts, etc… you get the idea.

The electromagnetics of the heart are connected into the electromagnetics of the earth, the electromagnetics of all life forms on the planet.  We feel the electromagnetic connection between all life, everywhere, through the beat of our hearts.
FYI: by everywhere, I mean across time, off planet and beyond . . .

When I asked ‘how wide is your circle ?’, I was aiming to get you (and me) – thinking.

Who or what do you let into your circle ?
Into your heart ?
This is the glyph for Sun.  Sun rules the heart, the number
What I am saying is we are ALL IN THE SAME CIRCLE.

I am in yours, you are in mine.  We are in a soul contract, all earthkind HERE and NOW are working together to LEARN and GROW.  In fact, everything everywhere is in one big ginormous contract, to be honest.  We need each other – each and every one – we are in a global symbiotic relationship.  I almost wrote symbionic, which oddly enough, is a true mistake. Working together, we are better, stronger, faster.


Venus needs friends.

Venus needs friends to pull her back from the edge, to lift her up and give her love and compassion in order for her to gain equilibrium and peace of mind.  All life on this planet is both capable of loving and in need of love – those that are seemingly devoid of love need it the most, for how else will they heal if not through love ?
Hate does not heal – love heals.
We are all in the same circle.

Fire signs are the courageous leaders of the zodiac, people often turn to them for answers in troubled times.  Those with strong Jupiter or Sagittarius energy are also sought for answers, for they SEE farther, they are the sign of higher mind.

I got news for you, we don’t have all the answers either.  I asked the whole world for an answer one sunny afternoon a coon’s age ago . . .and got a plethora of answers, all from different eyes, but the Same Heart Place.

Ultimately there is only ONE answer.

Venus is personal love while Neptune is her higher octave, spiritual compassion.
High qi Neptune is the light bearer for the spiritual Sun, she will raise human perceptions to the divine.
She teaches the art of letting go . . . the art of going with the flow of each moment as it unfolds.  Birth, life, death and re-birth, it is the way.  Love transcends all these stages of energy, all times, all places . . . love transcends all boundaries.

::: Let us have love and more love; a love that melts all opposition, a love that conquers all foes, a love that sweeps away all barriers, a love that aboundeth in charity, a large-heartedness, tolerance, forgiveness, and noble striving, a love that triumphs over all obstacles :::
Abdul Baha

peace be with you
amin mela lle

crux of the sitch

Let’s make living breathing sprawling adventures filled with mind-blowing images of things unseen on earth.

Grant Morrison


SoOo surprising is the INCOMING new new new new new new new new ME growing with Uranus transit in my 3rd, the house of thinking.

This one’s been a slippery slope of surprises – with Uranus going retro (trine my natal Mars) back in July I made some changes (Feng Shui) in my studio, including taking down some images so I could put up a large calendar (natal Mars trines Saturn Rx) I made to enhance efficiency.

Not long after I removed two things in particular, I felt a rather shocking shift in perception.  Truthfully, new Mars energy stepped into my frame of reference…mine usually hangs by my backdoor in trine to Saturn, in quintile to Uranus – mostly out of sight – churning my mental gears 24/8.  Now a Martian whose Uranus contacts me and my research has lit a fuse under me and my metaphysical brains.  I find the whole thing endlessly fascinating.  Him, his friends, the whole deal is changing how I SEE everything, including myself.  hmmm.  Pluto, much ?

Uranus going backwards turned my way of thinking upside down – the wizard of weird struck a paradigm shift – instantaneous Hangman status. 
My head hemispheres are in two worlds – two polarities – two solutions: each an integral part of the ONE.

The ME of Aries and the US of LIBRA is coming into crystal clear focus – the relationship and flux between them is paramount.  In my chart they fall across the early 3rd and 9th that’s communication and learning -Gemini and Sagittarius- they are seeing and thinking farther than ever before. 

Inspiration and aspiration fueled by fascination.

We are ALL feeling Uranus Rx, where YOU feel it the most depends on where Aries and Libra (opposite, the other) live in YOUR natal chart.

Uranus and Pluto are square, so WE ARE mainlining FRICTION and GROWTH in these areas, so go HERE to read the angular Plutonic report, compare and contrast.

Aries Uranus vs. Capricorn Pluto
cardinals lock horns

WoOoHoOo yeah baby !
strategize. apply force – CHANGE

Note: See below for the time and date when Uranus shifts gears.  Energy shifts are felt for weeks around stations since the outers are so slow moving.  If you have Uranus strong in your natal – take heed !


Thursday December 13, 2012

New Moon in Sagittarius
2:42am CST, USA

Uranus Stations Direct
6:02am CST, USA


If you have Uranus transit Aries 1 : Angle strong : creative actions – restless; major changes in self image, competition strong, need to be free to roam and test new ground; relationships and partnerships of all kinds will deliver surprises to your doorstep

Uranus transit Aries 2 : creative financing; flexibility is needed re: money and values surrounding money, self-worth and material goods are shifting; your core values concerning desires vs. needs will be changing via relationships

Uranus transit Aries 3 : creative thinking and communications; change-ups in your immediate neighborhood and one to one dialogues; revolving door of new ideas and friendships via group think

Uranus transit Aries 4 : Angle strong : creative instincts at home; likely renovations in family matters, home life, revolving door of new friends come home to roost; family and work matters shifting balance via partnerships with public

Uranus transit Aries 5 : creative expression; all birthing of self – artwork, children and romantic involvements are in flux and demand flexibility; new ventures and opportunities for higher purpose arise within your core group affiliations

Uranus transit Aries 6 : creative analyzation of service; everybody gotta serve somebody – maximum efficiency in daily routines, renovation of work, health and personal responsibilities; personal needs shifting balance with karmic responsibilities via the collective consciousness

Uranus transit Aries 7 : Angle strong : creative co-operation; partnerships demand flexibility,  teamwork / adversary power shifts, lessons in fairness and competition via relationship between self and others

Uranus transit Aries 8 : creative transformation;  joint power and desires demand flexibility, gain / loss and sharing of power and assets are in flux, metaphysical insights incoming; power struggles / changes and inheritance of power delivered via intimate relationships

Uranus transit Aries 9 :  creative viewpoints; radical philosophies and teachers enter to shift ethical, moral or intellectual beliefs; informational input from all sectors forces  change in intellectual viewpoints / communications to all sectors

Uranus transit Aries 10 : Angle strong :  creative achievements; career powerhouse shifts, feelings regarding goals and status undergo profound changes, structures underlying home and career shift in importance; fresh outlook via public persona and immediate family

Uranus transit Aries 11 : creative clairvoyance; altered formations of aspirations via radical shifts in self perception, personal vs. society’s perception of humanity; know thyself delivered via relationship with self and partners

Uranus transit Aries 12 : creative beliefs; radical shifts in subconscious drives, cutting to the core of the cosmic karmic calling card to date, revolution / mastery of the mystical and mysterious; innovation re: freeform spontaneity vs. analytical evaluation delivered by partnerships

Here is my 5 card draw of this am, heart is the crux of the sitch.
No, I am not telling you the question.

This is the fortune I found on the floor this am – it must have fallen out during an earlier Aleuromancy session, but I only found it today.
 I have Sagittarius on the 12th; Mars in Sag (trine Saturn); quintile Uranus in 9th –
 my cosmic possibilities are  i n f i n i t e . . .

peace, love & brainstorms through the changes

eternal eight


Tibetan endless (eternity) knot symbolizing Samsāra, or continuous flow.
Birth, life, death and rebirth. 
All existence, is bound by time and change, yet ultimately rests serenely within the Divine and the Eternal.

Eight corresponds with
– Eight Limbs of Yoga
– Eight Vasus
– Eight petal lotus

– Eight Auspicious Symbols
– Eight-fold path 
– I Ching (64= 8×8 configurations) 
Ogdoad, the eightfold primeval forces of chaos in Egyptian mythology
– Eight beatitudes
– The ages of man: baby teeth at 8 years, puberty at 16, loss of sexual virility at 64.

The square of any odd number, less one, is always a multiple of 8.

Eight is ruled by Mars, it is a number representing power, strength, effort, success and regeneration.  Eight is a number of leadership, management and accumulating wealth

Those born with eight life path are inspired visionaries who tend to focus on structures and long-term goals.  They naturally seek positions of influence, being good team leaders and a good judge of character.

Financial success is often the reward of hard-working eights, yet reversals of fortune are also common – they are the survivors, they are very resilient, they regenerate.
 Many athletes are eight life paths, they are driven to achieve power and influence and are determined to win.

Status conscious eights need to guard against arrogance, intolerance and impatience.  Low vibration eights tend to be reckless and domineering, which leads to conflict and isolation from family and friends.  The strength of will of the eight life path is best applied towards philanthropic gains as well as personal gains.  Eights need to balance work with spiritual pursuits and family matters, creating a solid foundation to rely upon if career setbacks occur, or financial gains are lean.

When eights use their gift of leadership for the good of earthkind, they are a powerful force of progress; when their innate power is diverted towards solely personal gain, power corrupts.

allons-y !

Old Girl

haha Did you wish REALLY hard ?!?

TARDIS : Time And Relative Dimension In Space : asteroid 3325
Positively Giddy !
Absolutely Positively Giddy !
I have TARDIS conjunct Scorp Neptuner in 11th, naturally.
Meaning it squares Venus + Jupiter in Leo.
Bonus Round : TARDIS Sextiles my Uranus, Trines my Chiron
TARDIS has relevance, believe me – in my chart and those of loved ones.
First, about asteroids: some use only the aspect of conjunctions for reasons of strength – I use them all.

An example – I was at a friend’s party – I met my future husband’s eyes from across the room.  Across the hallway first in high school, then later after I graduated from college.  *Instant sparks*  the vibe was coursing across the room – our energy was building until we had a heh. transit later that evening … then – BOOM !
You see, the first vibe paved the way for the transit later, so this is why I count all the aspects – close and far.
Second, about time: I experience space and time between me, you and everything in the known and unknown universe then, now, whenever and wherever as in flux, alive and breathing, energetically in flow and exchanging.

Time is fluid – past, present and future are occurring simultaneously, in unison.  What is happening now will change the past and future.

Historically, humans thought the earth was flat.
Historically humans thought time only flowed in one direction.
Time is, for lack of better words, timey- whimey.
Astrologers study the wheel of life, the cycles of life – or the breathing of time – if you will.  The cycles and macro planetary influences as they circle into, and out of, our personal micro spheres, our physical realm, our universe comprised of flesh, bone, brain, cells and vessels.  Time breathes with us.  Time is cyclic. 
For most of traditional humanity, linear history is profane, and sacredness lies in cyclic
The Sacred cannot be found in the mythical age; it exists outside all ages. Thus, human fulfilment does not lie in returning to a sacred time, but in escaping from time altogether, in “a transcendence of the cosmos.” {snip} The philosophical concept of eternal return {is born as} an endless cosmic cycle, with no beginning and, thus, no inherently sacred time.  source
Now for how to read TARDIS in your chart…

TARDIS was conjunct Saturn ( rules time, of course ! )  in Scorpio when it was discovered – in a sky full of retrogrades – 7 retrogrades !  That is rare.
Venus was direct, everything else was retrograde. (Sun and Moon do not retrograde.)
May 3, 1984 Flagstaff, AZ, USA if you want to look it up.

Read TARDIS a bit like a retrograde…it is a place where you and time  slow.
It is where you study and research the energies – learn how to work the mysteries and direct them in innovative ways.

TARDIS is where there is more to the energies than it first appears  – like a retrograde, the energy is turned inward  (think Plutonic regeneration) until it is honed, sharpened into a unique talent.

TARDIS is where you are cunning and clever, where you manifest BRILLIANT escape routes from difficult situations.

TARDIS is where you defend and protect the universal welfare of others.

TARDIS is where slow, steady, study and inventive thinking will metamorphose into your greatest genius talent  – your escape hatch – and your eventual rebirth.

Capricorn Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor, besides having an Aqua stellium (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and North Node), a Grand Cross (with Aries Uranus square Cancer Pluto) has Capricorn TARDIS trine his Virgo Neptune.

Aquarian Christopher Eccleston, the 9th Doctor, has Aries TARDIS conjunct Venus and sextile Mercury.

Aries David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, has Cancer TARDIS square Uranus, square Chiron, Quintile Sun<~ !

Scorpio Matt Smith, the 11th (current) Doctor, has Leo TARDIS trine Mars, sextile Saturn, square Uranus, trine Neptune, sextile Pluto and square Chiron.
TARDIS is currently at 14 degrees Libra – go check her out !
She is a beautiful Old Girl !