Take time to listen.

sp_oasis_by_balance_sheet-d766ssjSteve Hamilton

December 23 2014 Saturn into Sagittarius
March 15 2015 Saturn Rx 4 degrees Sagittarius
June 15 Saturn re-enters Scorpio
August 3 Saturn Direct 28 degrees Scorpio
September 18 Saturn re-enters Sagittarius
March 26 2016 Saturn Rx 16 degrees
August 14 Saturn Direct 9 degrees
April 7 2017 Saturn Retrograde 27 degrees
August 26 Saturn Direct 21 degrees
December 29 2017 Saturn enters Capricorn

Perhaps you can recall the previous Saturn transit through Sagittarius ?
November of 1985 to March of 1988

Quick recap: Ozone hole discovered over Antarctica, Live Aid for famine relief, Voyager 2 flies by Uranus, Chernobyl nuclear disaster 133,000 evacuated, ‘Black Monday’ world stock market crash, US and USSR sign treaty banning short & medium range missiles.  More history can be found here.

Relevant themes in your life during that time may be revisited, now.  See it as circles coming back around – lessons that may not have been honed to your liking at that time are now getting another shot.  Work it ! 

Saturn is one of two social planets (Jupiter [rules Sagittarius] is the other) that link our inner subjective world (luminaries, Mercury, Venus, Mars) to the objective global consciousness and what (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) lies beyond. Saturn gives form and structure to the aetheric realm, it is spirit made manifest on the material plane.

Saturn harbors the first law of manifestation – limitation through form.  Spirit is grounded by Saturn; is both Father Time and Grim Reaper (Saturn rules Earth School) and is the necessary, temporary proving ground of spirit. conservation, limitation, restriction – tests leading to strength of spirit.  Taking responsibility for personal flaws, faults and working diligently to change them into gifts will redeem the spirit from tough karmic lessons that Saturn delivers.

Saturn (earth) in Sagittarius (fire) may initially smother passion, inspiration and courage until it instead learns to focus them like a laser beam.  SEEING learns structure and efficiency.  Long range vision, distant travel of all kinds (including astral), exploring personal versus global truths, student/teaching, higher learning coupled with expansive philosophies are experienced in tandem with manifestation.



I will speak to the above, but only a tiny bit.  I could reveal much, much more than I actually will be.  Years ago, a friend handed me a tangible physical thing.  I felt its weight, its softness, I turned it over in my hands, saw the color and I could smell it as I did so.  I could see the time it took to make it, feel the spirit with which it was given.
One magnificent catch – it was 4 years before I actually crafted it. 
Yes, you read me correctly.  That’s the sort of thing that’ll twist your noodle, believe you me…and it did, for quite some time.  I was very sick for years (stomach) making sense of it until I just accepted it as It Is What It Is.  Oddly enough it happened during a whammy Cancer stellium (rules stomach, feelings, safety) every personal planet was in my 7th house. (solar 11th, telling !)  If anyone else had shared this moment with me, I likely would not have taken it so well.  You know who you are.

I thought long and hard about revealing this, knowing it is now, forever out there.  I am of course aware Saturn is square Neptune as well.  Reality versus Illusion.  Saturn in Sagittarius delivers the possibility of harsh judgement.  Life is not worth much without honesty and few risks, Sagittarius style.  You don’t have to understand, I don’t fully myself.  I have learned to live with it, and work with it to the best of my ability.  My story illustrates how my truth might not be your truth, but both truths are not necessarily negated if they do not coincide.  Truth is often stranger than fiction.  That’s a fact.

Saturn in Sagittarius defines and delineates the shot, the target is seen, achievement is obtainable, no matter how far, how high.  Patience and persistence that is not usually the forte of fun-loving Sagittarius is pervasive.  Saturn pilots freewheeling Sagittarius into a practical pro of all trades.  Saturn accepts nothing less than excellence of the highest quality, while in Sagittarius – unequivocal comprehension is cultivated.

Saturn in Sagittarius will find us trying a bit of everything (see 9th house) until finding something that WORKSThe nature of Jupiter also offers your work a measure of protection and grace.  Saturn in Sagittarius is the vision quest, the totem messenger, the wise monk on the mountain in communication with the mystical realms.  Note that Saturn in Sagittarius will be messages finding ground on the material plane.  
Take time to listen.

Gneiss Moon

Doctor, Doctor

Brilliant !” My favorite Doctor, perfect 10, David.

“Bodies are boring, I’ve had loads of them.”  11th, Matt

Imagine that – Doctor Who has a 6th house Sagittarius Stellium  !

This does not surprise me in the least. King of Wands all over. Did you see my recent Aces High Draw in twitfeed ?  haha Kismet !  All 4 Aces culminating in King of Wands – groovy !  This stellium configuration tickles me to regeneration, because I have a Virgo stellium on the 9th of Sag; Doc has a Sag stellium on the 6th of Virgo.
heeheeYaY !
Geronimo !

Fresh as a daisy 0 degree Sagittarius Sun with Sag Mercury, Mars, Venus up for going on tour at the drop of a fez, Aquarius Moon for a bit of eccentric zip.  Gemini Rising for gift of gab, versatility, thinking on your feet – also being a cheeky flirty birdy !

Saturn (TIME, and the loner) smack on eccentric Aquarius (genius) MC aka Midheaven (peak of achievements, bulbs flashing), in the 9th house of boho travel.  Moon-ruled North Node in Cancer on 11 degrees – same as Mercury in Sag.  Remember how Martha spread the word, defeated The Master – how apt !

Sag Mars squares TARDIS <~(click for biggie asteroid TARDIS post) in 11th house Pisces exact at 21 degrees, a stolen time space machine with a mind of her own – spins The Doctor sideways to what she AIMS him to SEE, hands him plenty of surprises and off track destinations !  Sun and Mercury trine Aries Jupiter (Doctor Jupes is smack on my natal Saturn ::GRIN:: )  Means two benefics spreading courageous goodwill and good vibes of 6th house healing (plus, Chiron in Pisces 10) to all beings of the time multiverses.

Doctor Who’s rambling conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Mars squares Virgo Uranus/Pluto in the 4th, though he doesn’t live on Earth, he feels a responsibility to protect her and will become enraged if she or her life is threatened.  This is also true for other worlds – he is The Coming Storm.  He is a fierce and mighty protector of those who are underlings (Virgo, 6th house) without power.

Tenth house Aquarius Moon quintile Sag Mercury is most definitely getting out of tight spots by your wits and USING what you KNOW, have LEARNED over time and eons of experience.  Scorp Neptune square Aquarius Moon and Saturn – haha the phrase timey whimey comes to mind !  In this case among other things, a penetrating mind keen for research, travel, the unusual, built for shake-ups in career aka: being his own boss, rather than a long-term partnership in a rut in one spot.

Pisces Chiron trines North Node and Neptune forming a Grand Water Trine of healing, feeling and reeling the companions in (co-workers are 6th house) for the same common goals of delving deep into the mysterious cosmos, helping others.

Now for some fun transits and progs: 

Chiron return ! 
Learning the meaning of the wounded healer by review of past accomplishments/work, seeing/feeling the deep wound of the life/work – tweaking the sitch and heading back out into the fray to go another round of healing/leaning/philosophizing getting it better and brighter.  Chiron also trines North Node, leading the way with the public (Moon) showing how we can move into OUR FUTURE with tolerance and understanding, peace with all life forms.  Brilliant !

Transit Cancer Jupiter Rx trine natal TARDIS in Pisces 10; opposite transit Venus and TARDIS in Cap 8 – the traveler looks back (Rx) into Time and Relative Dimension in Space – feels the impact made with the people, the public, the collective cosmos, how is the balance – is the transformation good for you too !?.

Cap on the 8th, ruler Saturn on MC lovin’ that !
The Doctor doesn’t die, he regenerates. 
hee getting all tingly just thinkin’ ’bout it !

Also, Venus transit Cap is the passage of time, great hurdles overcome and the bonds of love across time and of course, space.  Progressed Mercury, Sun and Mars all in Cap on 6th – spotlight on the work over TIME, the change in perspectives are lovingly crisp, intense, and talked about as Venus, TARDIS and Pluto transit this house.

Oh come on, what’s your fave (Venus) episode, your fave Doctor ?
I have so MANY it is hard to choose !  Silence in the Library

Progressed TARDIS lands on the Zero degrees Aries Point, indicating a huge rush of outward energies – YES !  Progressed MC lands in Aries which is such an I AM, identity, how I pioneer the world in my fashion gig – with Leo rising in progressed the spotlight is on the craft of self  – the spirit of the Doctor in all his incarnations, all episodes, all are distinct and memorable – in their own way they each own the role. 

Last one – progressed Venus is on natal Moon a charge and kick it up a notch love attraction from both women and yes, the public at large – doubly so since natal Moon lands in the 10th at MC.  Love the TIME LORDS, yes we do !

Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor
Many, many more regenerations . . .


Cat Vulture

Meet rowdy kitty. 

Voted staff favorite at the shelter, often found escaping the kitty cat common area via the rafters, dubbed miss great personality.  Independent, yet buttery – and who couldn’t love that face ..?.. bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 24/7.

First few days she was Cat Vulture staring me awake at 3am. Jolting awake to hairy eyeball first thing at silly o’clock is a bit eep.
My astro : Venus conjunct Jupiter in catty Leo 8* square sleepy Neptuner in 11.

Venus just popped into Saturn-ruled Capricorn yesterday, Saturn rules time and Father**.  Jupiter stations Rx tomorrow (see * above) and the current square between Uranus Rx and Pluto*** (both of which are conjunct Sun in my natal) finds Uranus Rx parked on my natal Saturn Rx (see ** above) in Mars-ruled Aries.

Mars is accidents and Leo rules hair/fur, and stations are tricky, a bit like juggling the energy, Sagittarians (Jupiter rules) can be clumsy on a good day.  My natal Mars is in Sagittarius (trine natal Saturn), so yah, I am familiar.

Sun is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio – spotlight on Father Time ?!

Tonight while cooking I heard a BIG CRASH from the other room.  I found my (late) Dad’s Seth Thomas clock keeled over onto a pile of cds (some of which are my former Sagittarius husbands – Jupiter, Sag; Venus, partner) with tufts of rowdy grey cat fur hanging off the top spindles.  yipe !

Obviously a narrow escape.
Jupiter is a fabulous fun planet, often bestowing blessings and/or luck.

The only thing displaced in the crash was the pendulum, (which Uranus rules, see** &***) otherwise, the clock was unharmed.  I think I can fix it.

Now how cool is that ?!?!
More..?  haha 

Vultures are ruled by Mars, Uranus and Pluto, which was not on my mind at the outset.
Seriously folks, can not make this stuff up – astrology is amazeballs.

Peace Love & Purrs

ps.  Pendulum dowsing here.

when are we ?

Understanding the workings of the heavens gave the ancient navigators an anchor in time from which one could calculate an estimated location on a map.

Many scientists originally thought the Antikythera Mechanism, which is believed to be 2000 years old, was a piece of navigational equipment.

Little did they know it would be one of the most important scientific measuring devices ever discovered.
This video describes its shipwreck origins.




The Antikythera Mechanism is the
earliest preserved portable astronomical calculator, calculating the Sun, Moon and likely the positions of the inner planets which were known in antiquity.
The mechanism was used to predict solar and lunar eclipses.

This video shows how the gear assembly works – fantastic !
Saturn = time
Uranus = machines




peace & patience
with love



How do you know a
Merc at MC

Since no planet acts alone,
nor do most people,
I deeply bow to you, my readers, in thanks.

Many lives before this I have remained silent
while my teachers spoke and I listened.
They never knew.
Or do they ?
Time is fluid.
 It is, in my experience, simultaneous.
Past, present, future.
Yet, points in the stream of flux

(see six hands above)
are subject to Uranian bolts that
nebulous Neptunian moments
into Saturnian Earth

We, the people, are awakening to compromise.
North Node of Destiny conjunct Venus.
Soul contracts are in flux.
Uranus square Pluto
Pluto :: mutual reception :: Saturn
Does that seem strange
It is true.
 Every day, choices are made, paths taken.
Bridges built, or burnt.
Soon, Mercury will leave Scorpio depths
for Sagittarius skies
Monday 10th
7:40pm CST, USA

New Moon in Sagittarius
Thursday 13th
 Uranus station direct

Aim well, archers.


John Jude Palencar

When my (former) husband and I were house hunting, I knew  we would buy this house the second my foot hit the driveway.   Of course, when I said so, he gave me an incredulous look like I had just taken a sharp turn around the far bend, turned into a toad or something.

Him: We haven’t even looked at it yet.
Me:  Don’t have to.  I already know.  I got the *twinge*.
Him: The what .?
Me: The *twinge*.  I get it when really, really important things happen.  And I just got it.
Him: Yeah right.  We’re gonna look at it anyway, and don’t go makin’ any weird offers.

ha ha Guess what ?
We loved it, bought it – years later when we divorced, I bought it and I live here to this day.
For the record, twinge  is dialect for pluck or tweak.

Considering I have Neptuner (strings, guitars, psychometry) in the 11th (natural home of electric Aquarius) it makes sense.
Relevant home astro:

Moon (home) exalted in Toro 4 (Moon naturally rules the 4th) opposite biggie Neptuner (rules feet) in Scorp 11.

Moon also trines my Virgo Sun/Uranus 9/Pluto 8 stellium.

Strange thing is, I got the twinge  once before about this house.  We were driving on the interstate – that was a weird one – I got it in the middle of cornfields no & where – with absolutely no reference point to go on.

So I tagged a mental note of the next town we passed.
It was my town, where I now live – 5 years before we even moved to this area.
I felt it once when a galpal was standing right next to me.  I said something to her about it. I figured it was the someone nearby who was looking into me – he wanted something I could not give at that time.  Found out what he wanted later.  Glad you like the Funhouse, btw.  I am not surprised you do.  Happy trails, truly. Happy trails.
Another time I vividly remember getting the twinge, I was in a power place surrounded by 3 friends who would – much to my surprise – figure greatly in my life in the coming years.  One in particular has been the fulcrum of powerfully personal  transcendent transformations, though I did not know it then.

The sunny afternoon it zapped me, I tried to shake it off (it feels weird – every time) by shaking my head, rubbing my temples and grabbing hold of something tethered to the ground.  The man next to me asked me what was wrong.  I told him.  Then he asked me what I meant by twinge.   He wanted me to describe it.

So here goes . . . I will describe my experience of Preception  for you.

First my head starts buzzing.  My senses, my perceptions of the world around me dramatically shift to include  other planes of existence ::: warp speed expansion ::: it is literally like having each foot present in separate worlds.

One foot is on the physical plane – breathing, talking, looking at you and answering your questions about what is wrong with me – and the other foot is holding my place in the world that is Everything and Everywhen and Everywhere Else.

It feels somewhat similar to the inner ear / head phases in an airplane when the physical body adjusts to higher altitudes.
(Mercury at Libra MC 9 : the inner ear affects balance) 

My ‘feelers’ twitch – the hair on my arms and head is raised – tingling like tiny divining rods readying to receive cosmic data. My sense of hearing is somewhat muted, things happening right next to me in the physical world sound as if they are miles away – distant, muffled.

The atmo / air / aura around me – particularly around my head – feels like a live wire.
My head begins to HUM and drone tone.
(HUM is Neptune :: Sun conjunct Uranus, electrics :: my ruler Saturn is in Aries, the head, and it trines Mars which rules Aries)

I get the distinct impression I AM bigger than my body (yes song lyrics) and the universe is tweaking my brain dial – Neptuning me into some cosmic electro-magnetic time stream. 

It feels as if the air around me is a bubble – a bit thicker, heavier in density.  Not liquid as in water or gelatinous – more like membrane or bubble.

Plasma.  That’s it !

WoW.  Glad I wrote this – I am learning too . . .

Think of what the air feels like immediately prior to a thunderstorm – filled with positive ions and heavy.  Positively electric.

That’s what’s going on, in and around my head.  I KNOW something important is – or is about to – happen, but I don’t always know exactly what IT is.

IT may not seem important in the right now moment WHILE I am getting it – but it WILL BE VITAL somewhere, somewhen, someplace.  This I DO know.

I told you it was weird.

That said, I can’t talk to your dead uncle, I can’t talk to my dead uncle either.  These weird shifts happen like a lightning strike – out of the blue – inexplicable and I cannot control them.  Uranian free will baby – they do their own thang.

So on to the relevant astro, then, of course the science.
You saw that comin’ right ?  I loves me some science, lol.

Cap ASC: Saturn ruler in Aries 3 trine Mars in Sagittarius 11.
Mars quintile Uranus ::  Virgo Sun/ Uranus 9 / Pluto 8 stellium.
Mercury at MC in Libra 9.


YaY Science !

Ions can be produced by high-energy events. 

Hmmm . . . fascinating, yes ?
Usually these events are akin to open flames, lightning and sparks, but imagine these events are HIGH OCTANE, game changing, LIFE events.

What happens when positive ions are converted to negative during thunderstorms ?
::: BALANCE :::
 That’s akin to my Libra MC, along with Venus conjunct Jupiter squaring Neptuner. I am always always striving for normality. {spoken in improbability drive voice}

Attract / repel, polarities is all Uranus, baby
 Balance is Mercury (dual, tricksy, neutral) in Libra (scales of balance) at MC

As far as tuning into the cosmic electro-magnetic time stream, it is the ionosphere that reflects radio waves back to earth, allowing humans to broadcast over long distances.  The ionosphere is electrically charged and affected by magnetics.

(my Zinger magnet Uranus conj Sun in the 9th – natural house of expansion, quint Mars in Sag, traveling long distances)

Tesla discovered that he could cause both positive and negative ionization of the atmosphere by manipulating radio frequencies.  (radio wave transmissions in the low frequency range of 10 to 80 hertz)  FYI: Earth resonates at approximately 7.8 hertz

I am tuning into – manipulating the cosmic atmosphere is tuning into – manipulating  me.

Metamorph baby !
I love it !

peace out peeps
cya in the TARDIS

? – click – ? dunno.  interesting though.

Old Girl

haha Did you wish REALLY hard ?!?

TARDIS : Time And Relative Dimension In Space : asteroid 3325
Positively Giddy !
Absolutely Positively Giddy !
I have TARDIS conjunct Scorp Neptuner in 11th, naturally.
Meaning it squares Venus + Jupiter in Leo.
Bonus Round : TARDIS Sextiles my Uranus, Trines my Chiron
TARDIS has relevance, believe me – in my chart and those of loved ones.
First, about asteroids: some use only the aspect of conjunctions for reasons of strength – I use them all.

An example – I was at a friend’s party – I met my future husband’s eyes from across the room.  Across the hallway first in high school, then later after I graduated from college.  *Instant sparks*  the vibe was coursing across the room – our energy was building until we had a heh. transit later that evening … then – BOOM !
You see, the first vibe paved the way for the transit later, so this is why I count all the aspects – close and far.
Second, about time: I experience space and time between me, you and everything in the known and unknown universe then, now, whenever and wherever as in flux, alive and breathing, energetically in flow and exchanging.

Time is fluid – past, present and future are occurring simultaneously, in unison.  What is happening now will change the past and future.

Historically, humans thought the earth was flat.
Historically humans thought time only flowed in one direction.
Time is, for lack of better words, timey- whimey.
Astrologers study the wheel of life, the cycles of life – or the breathing of time – if you will.  The cycles and macro planetary influences as they circle into, and out of, our personal micro spheres, our physical realm, our universe comprised of flesh, bone, brain, cells and vessels.  Time breathes with us.  Time is cyclic. 
For most of traditional humanity, linear history is profane, and sacredness lies in cyclic
The Sacred cannot be found in the mythical age; it exists outside all ages. Thus, human fulfilment does not lie in returning to a sacred time, but in escaping from time altogether, in “a transcendence of the cosmos.” {snip} The philosophical concept of eternal return {is born as} an endless cosmic cycle, with no beginning and, thus, no inherently sacred time.  source
Now for how to read TARDIS in your chart…

TARDIS was conjunct Saturn ( rules time, of course ! )  in Scorpio when it was discovered – in a sky full of retrogrades – 7 retrogrades !  That is rare.
Venus was direct, everything else was retrograde. (Sun and Moon do not retrograde.)
May 3, 1984 Flagstaff, AZ, USA if you want to look it up.

Read TARDIS a bit like a retrograde…it is a place where you and time  slow.
It is where you study and research the energies – learn how to work the mysteries and direct them in innovative ways.

TARDIS is where there is more to the energies than it first appears  – like a retrograde, the energy is turned inward  (think Plutonic regeneration) until it is honed, sharpened into a unique talent.

TARDIS is where you are cunning and clever, where you manifest BRILLIANT escape routes from difficult situations.

TARDIS is where you defend and protect the universal welfare of others.

TARDIS is where slow, steady, study and inventive thinking will metamorphose into your greatest genius talent  – your escape hatch – and your eventual rebirth.

Capricorn Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor, besides having an Aqua stellium (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and North Node), a Grand Cross (with Aries Uranus square Cancer Pluto) has Capricorn TARDIS trine his Virgo Neptune.

Aquarian Christopher Eccleston, the 9th Doctor, has Aries TARDIS conjunct Venus and sextile Mercury.

Aries David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, has Cancer TARDIS square Uranus, square Chiron, Quintile Sun<~ !

Scorpio Matt Smith, the 11th (current) Doctor, has Leo TARDIS trine Mars, sextile Saturn, square Uranus, trine Neptune, sextile Pluto and square Chiron.
TARDIS is currently at 14 degrees Libra – go check her out !
She is a beautiful Old Girl !


Tardis Tarot

Reading Theresa Reed’s recent post kickstarted me into doing this reading. She did a reading for herself asking : ‘what advice will I need and appreciate in the future ?’.

Some of you regulars may already know: I see and often experience time as fluid, meaning the past/future/past occur simultaneously.  It’s a bit complex to be sure, but strangely enough, it also makes perfect sense, it feels right – time is woven, it warps and wefts – similar to prismatic colors of changing light, a bit of tweaking can change the time vibrations.  …far out huh..?  chew on it awhile while I tell you about the reading..

So with that time tinkering in mind…‘I asked our collective future selves what we collectively, globally would need to know to make it through the coming 7 exact Uranus Pluto squares season ?‘  Of course, the intent of this reading is clarity and the highest global good of all Earthkind.

This is the Robin Wood deck, by the way – my preferred for readings, my ‘go to deck’.
9 Swords:  (yang- outgoing, expressive)
Obviously, collectively we will be tense, worried and there is stress.  I am a Dune freak, so this is my * Fear is the Mind-killer card. *see below  Don’t allow the fear needle to to get stuck in a worn out groove.  Swords are thoughts, but think also knives to prune and keep thoughts to a necessary functioning level.  Adaptation, improvisation is word UP !
Fall down, problem-solve, keep your eye on the prize, get right back up.
Think Morpheus, we are awakening from a collective illusionary dream of unlimited resources only to realize our world is in dire straits from greed and tyranny run rampant.  The age of global communication has arrived in force & it is the catalyst here.  Now we KNOW.  This woman thinks about balance and knows what is necessary.

Q Wands: (yang- outgoing, expressive)
 Feminine fire energy is waxing ~ the confident gung-ho to go – getters, pro-active, engaged in all forms of life, creative and playful with an enthusiasm to lead.  These energies will be found in the coming years. This queen is sparking off new ideas every which way – she is versatile, vivacious and independent, inspiring others to take the reins in their lives and be creative as well.  Hers is an energy to emulate: be social, creative, friendly, generous and champion your supporters.  She is the queen of hearth and home, she has the energy, the will and sees the directions to employ for success.

Page Pents: (yin- passive, introspective)
Messenger of Manifestation pulling up to the station ~  this guy is earth of earth, the learner, the student the bookworm and the builder – he is the need for hard work with the promise of reward for labors forthcoming.  This is a message of persistence and having the practical skills in your chosen field.  The groundwork, the grunt work, the legwork that builds success through experience, ethics and ambition.  These series of Uranus Pluto transits will try us and change us, but we must employ patience and take care of our physical selves and the Earth we are standing on.   He has analyzation skills to use – work them to your favor.

This card, most importantly is where ideas and passion hit the ground. 
This is crucial – have the first two cards operating in top form, so when manifestation of the intellect and passions become reality on the physical plane the creations are healthy for all of us.
Spirit card, the crux of the question: 5 Pents: (yin, passive, introspective)
Obviously we enter into this time with a loss of faith and hope in the powers that lead the world financially.  We are worried that our lives and the lives of those around us will be filled with loss, troubles, financial strain, poor health and sorrow.  Globally wildlife is threatened, our waters are choked with oil and plastics, and a change needs to come.
We are a soul-searching world, dissatisfied with the corruption passing for leadership.
Capricorn is fearful of change – Pluto delivers metamorphosis.  Count on it.
Coach yourself to conquer the fear of change, think, speak and walk your best talk.

What to remember is 5 is a number of change, and the only constant in life is change.
There are two people here, if they huddled together, they would be warmer and feel less alone in their dire straits. They each have a friend, there is life, there is hope. The only way we will succeed personally and globally is all for one, one for all.  Light a candle rather than curse the darkness.

We are a teeming mass of people with an opportunity to be a teaming mass of people. 

Ya dig ?
Bene Gesserit Litany against fear:

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

peace out peeps~