Take time to listen.

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December 23 2014 Saturn into Sagittarius
March 15 2015 Saturn Rx 4 degrees Sagittarius
June 15 Saturn re-enters Scorpio
August 3 Saturn Direct 28 degrees Scorpio
September 18 Saturn re-enters Sagittarius
March 26 2016 Saturn Rx 16 degrees
August 14 Saturn Direct 9 degrees
April 7 2017 Saturn Retrograde 27 degrees
August 26 Saturn Direct 21 degrees
December 29 2017 Saturn enters Capricorn

Perhaps you can recall the previous Saturn transit through Sagittarius ?
November of 1985 to March of 1988

Quick recap: Ozone hole discovered over Antarctica, Live Aid for famine relief, Voyager 2 flies by Uranus, Chernobyl nuclear disaster 133,000 evacuated, ‘Black Monday’ world stock market crash, US and USSR sign treaty banning short & medium range missiles.  More history can be found here.

Relevant themes in your life during that time may be revisited, now.  See it as circles coming back around – lessons that may not have been honed to your liking at that time are now getting another shot.  Work it ! 

Saturn is one of two social planets (Jupiter [rules Sagittarius] is the other) that link our inner subjective world (luminaries, Mercury, Venus, Mars) to the objective global consciousness and what (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) lies beyond. Saturn gives form and structure to the aetheric realm, it is spirit made manifest on the material plane.

Saturn harbors the first law of manifestation – limitation through form.  Spirit is grounded by Saturn; is both Father Time and Grim Reaper (Saturn rules Earth School) and is the necessary, temporary proving ground of spirit. conservation, limitation, restriction – tests leading to strength of spirit.  Taking responsibility for personal flaws, faults and working diligently to change them into gifts will redeem the spirit from tough karmic lessons that Saturn delivers.

Saturn (earth) in Sagittarius (fire) may initially smother passion, inspiration and courage until it instead learns to focus them like a laser beam.  SEEING learns structure and efficiency.  Long range vision, distant travel of all kinds (including astral), exploring personal versus global truths, student/teaching, higher learning coupled with expansive philosophies are experienced in tandem with manifestation.



I will speak to the above, but only a tiny bit.  I could reveal much, much more than I actually will be.  Years ago, a friend handed me a tangible physical thing.  I felt its weight, its softness, I turned it over in my hands, saw the color and I could smell it as I did so.  I could see the time it took to make it, feel the spirit with which it was given.
One magnificent catch – it was 4 years before I actually crafted it. 
Yes, you read me correctly.  That’s the sort of thing that’ll twist your noodle, believe you me…and it did, for quite some time.  I was very sick for years (stomach) making sense of it until I just accepted it as It Is What It Is.  Oddly enough it happened during a whammy Cancer stellium (rules stomach, feelings, safety) every personal planet was in my 7th house. (solar 11th, telling !)  If anyone else had shared this moment with me, I likely would not have taken it so well.  You know who you are.

I thought long and hard about revealing this, knowing it is now, forever out there.  I am of course aware Saturn is square Neptune as well.  Reality versus Illusion.  Saturn in Sagittarius delivers the possibility of harsh judgement.  Life is not worth much without honesty and few risks, Sagittarius style.  You don’t have to understand, I don’t fully myself.  I have learned to live with it, and work with it to the best of my ability.  My story illustrates how my truth might not be your truth, but both truths are not necessarily negated if they do not coincide.  Truth is often stranger than fiction.  That’s a fact.

Saturn in Sagittarius defines and delineates the shot, the target is seen, achievement is obtainable, no matter how far, how high.  Patience and persistence that is not usually the forte of fun-loving Sagittarius is pervasive.  Saturn pilots freewheeling Sagittarius into a practical pro of all trades.  Saturn accepts nothing less than excellence of the highest quality, while in Sagittarius – unequivocal comprehension is cultivated.

Saturn in Sagittarius will find us trying a bit of everything (see 9th house) until finding something that WORKSThe nature of Jupiter also offers your work a measure of protection and grace.  Saturn in Sagittarius is the vision quest, the totem messenger, the wise monk on the mountain in communication with the mystical realms.  Note that Saturn in Sagittarius will be messages finding ground on the material plane.  
Take time to listen.

Gneiss Moon

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