oddities & revelations

Roger Dean

February 3, 2012
Neptune enters Pisces, 1:04 pm CST, USA.

February 7, 2012
Saturn retrograde at 29 degrees Libra : 8:04 am CST, USA
Full Moon at 18 degrees Leo : 3:54 pm CST, USA

Synchronicities between new friends are popping up quite a bit the last few days, the last gasp of Neptune in Aquarius !  Synchronicity and friends are Aquarian ruled.  Pisces / Neptune are the cosmic connections, the net, the web of life.

As Neptune shifts signs, little oddities and revelations will be zinging around, particularly relevant as Saturn (traditional ruler of Aquarius) is stationing retrograde with a Full Moon on the 7th, four days later.
Saturn is in Air (communications) and Neptune will be in Water (emotions), Full Moon will be in Fire (actions regarding your passion).  Full Moon will bring clarity to your Leo House, a culmination in creative action followed by a spreading of seeds (disseminating moon) of knowledge  gained in the last moon cycle as the moon wanes to dark.

Neptune eases closer to home plate and already I can feel my body getting pickier about the food I ingest.  I had just a taste of meat a couple of days ago – forget it.  Couch time, sick.
So thanks micro organisms inside, message received Loud & Clear !

Neptune girl will be good, green leaves, lotsa H20, meditation and quiet.  It’s better for my ethric body, I work and think better when not working on all cylinders to digest.  Moon and Cancer rule indigestion and I have Moon on 4th (natural Cancer house) opposite Neptune in the natal.  Stomach issues due to sensitivity.  Also, I am a multiple conjunct Virgo which is opposite Pisces – so compromise with the digestive process (Virgo).  Heads UP, Neptune cometh

An increase of sensitivity will be felt  in your house of Pisces in the natal.  You will be in compromise with the Virgo house, and experience tension with Gemini and Sagittarius.  Growth in these areas is imminent in the next 14/15 years.  Your opportunities lie in Taurus and Capricorn, but you will have to get up and fetch it.

Where does Pisces fall in your natal ? Check the house by house guide below for where you will be feeling Neptune.
Be aware Neptune high vibration is mystical, compassionate and inspirational.
Plus, fabulous music,and  films are headed our way- YES !!
Neptune low vibration is deception, delusion, addiction and feeling* trapped.
note: I wrote feeling, NOT being.  It’s all about the mindset, folks.

1st- your identity, personality 2nd- your values, possessions, 3rd-communication, how you think, 4th- home and family, 5th-romance and creativity, 6th- work and service, health, 7th- partnerships, 8th- sex, reasearch, metaphysics, 9th- higher education, travel, 10th- career, status, 11th- friends and society at large, 12th- mysticism, spiritual healing (natural home of Neptune)

Saturn will station direct June 25, 2012 at 22 degrees Libra at 3:01 am CST,USA

Planets between 29 and 22 degrees Libra will get a dash of Saturn retrograde in the communication sign of Libra.  Work and self- discipline turns the focus inward in matters regarding relationships, partnerships and equality.  Inner balance will be actively sought in these matters.  Find the house where Libra falls in your natal chart and apply the house by house chart above to see where you will be feeling Saturn retrograde.



Glassy (detail) by American Artist, Fred Tomaselli.

Click on Fred above, watch the video and tell me he’s not a Virgo !
(educated guess – no info)
Whoa – the sorting – it boggles !
He laminates !
I get that !
I laminate !

I am a Virgo Sun/Uranus /Pluto in 9th and I laminate all my hand drawn study guides. hilarious.  (You don’t have to tell me, I already know. haha)

What brings me to this post is New Years Eve. (USA)
Are we supposed to review?
I am Virgo.  I LIVE  to review.
Also, I just completed a reading for a client who has 6 planets Rx (retrograde).

Retrograde = revision.

Currently all planets are direct ~> do you feel the forward motion ?
The next planet to go retrograde is Mars.

Mars is our drive, so during Mars Rx we will be nit-picking our brains, going inside our little Virgo headspace to analyze our actions while Mars was direct.  Mars retrograde in Virgo or Earth will bring big time Virgo analysis of material earth matters.
Have we been sorting ?  labelling ?  list-making ?  organizing ?
Well, I have.
I have been super-powered Virgo the last few weeks and during Mars retrograde we all get to re-vise our re-visions !
YaY !
Perfection awaits.  heh heh.  SoOo Virgo.

Mars Rx (retrograde) January 23, 2012 at 6:54 pm CST, USA at 23 Virgo
Mars direct April 14, 2012 at 10:53 PM CST, USA at 03 Virgo

Click here for Mars Rx in Virgo house by house info (bottom).

I have one retrograde planet, my chart ruler Saturn, which is already in its fall (uncomfortable) in Aries.
Saturn Rx is in my 3rd house of writing, and here I am – where I wouldn’t have guessed I would be a year ago – writing this blog.  (Yes, I have written before, but it was only viewed by friends, not publicly, that was a big step for Neptune girl.)
So please don’t let retrogrades throw you off your goal, even if you have 6 of them.

Planets obviously don’t turn in their orbits and go backwards, it only appears so from the vantage point of the Earth.  Earth moves between the planet and the sun, passes the planet, and from a geocentric (Earth centered) viewpoint, the planet appears to slow, stop, and reverse it’s motion in the zodiac.

Click here for a visual of retrograde motion.

View retrogrades as a challenge to transform, transmute and transcend.

Retrograde planets cause frustration in expressing energy.

It requires constant vigilance – exercising the planetary energy over time brings strength.
It will take work, patience and practice to own the energy.
Lasso and herd the energy, before you can ride and steer the energy.

Those with a natal chart free of retrogrades often find a life circumstance pushes them to become introspective.
Those born with many retrograde planets, often find the opposite is true.

Retrogrades are flavored by the Sun – how we express the retrograde planet via the ego (Sun) is reigned in, subjective, an internal struggle.
The energy of the planet feels overshadowed, needs patience and cultivation.

It is a natal point where we drive the same roads over and over until we feel confident enough to express the energy outwardly.

What element holds your retrograde ?
This is where you will focus !

Fire = ego, creativity, self-expression
Earth = material plane, work, recognition of labor and achievements
Air = communication, thinking, social skills
Water = emotions, intuition, psyche

From the study of John McCormick: The Book of Retrogrades

Born with 0 retrograde planets:  7.7 percent
Born with 1 retrograde planet:  18.7 percent
Born with 2 retrograde planets: 29.2 percent
Born with 3 retrograde planets: 26.7 percent
Born with 4 retrograde planets: 12.7 percent
Born with 5 retrograde planets: 4.15 percent
Born with 6 retrograde planets: 0.66 percent
Born with 7 retrograde planets: 0.005 percent

0 Rx planets = perseverance, determination to reach goals, needs company to be happy (Common in US Presidents, successful athletes and dancers.)
1 Rx planet =  independent, a loner that can work, achieve alone.
2 Rx planets =  people are drawn to you, they feel comfortable around you
3 Rx planets = operate more behind the scenes, need to excel
4 Rx planets =  writers, solitary expressions, and professions
5 Rx planets = solitary occupations, avoids people pleasing professions, less likely people feel comfortable around you
6 Rx planets = so rare (only 51 days out of the whole 100 years), no conclusions. (Angela Davis, Muhammad Ali are the only famous examples he found)
7 Rx planets = even smaller, no conclusions

Enough revision !!
Enough minutiae !!

 Happy New Year !!
WooOoo HoOoo !!

   om mani padme hum


Some of the energies are a bit edgy lately, with squares and oppositions above us, so I’m going to concentrate on the good energies.  These are some tips on how people react to stress and how best to handle it.
When dealing with fire element people (Aries, Leo, Sag) it is helpful to remember they can be quick to defend their position.  They are action-oriented and will fight if pressed.  Listen, and show them you are on the same team.

Earth people (Toro, Virgo, Cap) are ‘hands on’ and like to keep some measure of control.  So listen, and give them the tools they need to work it out for themselves.

Air people (Gems, Libras, Aquas) need to be heard, so listen, ask them to explain, reassure them you heard, understand their point, and will continue to listen if they need to talk.

Water people (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) need to know you care, that their feelings are safe with you.  They are good readers, so don’t try to hide anything, speak gently and be compassionate.


I know.

Hey baby, what’s your vibration ?
(heh. ok. maybe I won’t use that one.)

We are a recipe of energies when we are born, that’s our blueprint brew – our default setting.  What happens via transits and progressions are layers of growth due to new blends of energies being tossed into our default gumbo.  Over the years we stew and simmer through the richness of our life lessons until we become a wise sage.

To understand the elements, one must understand their vibrations, energy and octaves.

Pentacles = Earth      Cups = Water         Swords = Air      Wands = Fire
Earth signs are patient, practical, tied to the solid earth, the manifestors.
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Water signs are the emotional, intuitive, secretive signs, the feelers.
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Air signs are the communicators, thinkers, the intellectuals, the speakers.
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Fire signs are the energetic, passionate, courageous leaders, the inspiring.
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Now here comes the fun bit: 
Mercury is the planet of communication, thinking learning and sight.
The higher octave of Mercury is Uranus.  Knowing, intuition and clairvoyance.

Venus is the planet of personal love, touch and the cultured artist.
The higher octave of Venus is Neptune.  Divine love, inspired artist, psychometry.

Mars is the planet of personal will, destruction, outward energy.
The higher octave of Mars is Pluto. Divine will, rebirth after death, transformational inner energy.

All the signs and planets can express a high, or low vibration.

For instance, Low Neptune can be impractical, addictive, and escapist.
High Neptune, transcendent, compassionate and healing.

As energy rises in octaves it becomes faster, less dense… more free.

As sound and spoken word carry magical energy, so do thoughts for they are vibrations on a higher octave.
Bells clear energy in a room; thoughts of love, kindness and peace clear the mind.