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imageVampire Tarot

Question girl has a question.
I know, I know – Leo full moon me Me ME and all that…but what sort of 8th house Leo spy researcher would I be if I didn’t have an oddball query for Aquarius Sun in opposition ?

In astrology, Sun rules the conscious; Moon the subconscious.
Rupert Sheldrake goes one step further to ask, “What if the sun has consciousness ?”

Everything has a time and season…our Sun was once born and one day will die – it is alive and giving off energy – just like us.  I look at life, also death – I am Plutonic, hence the Vampire Tarot.

It is with this spirit that I ask, “What does our star, our Sun want us to know ?”
Us being those drawing breath on Gaia now. 

Fascinating response.

Earth is erotic and seductive, mysterious and romantic…water, emotion and lust.  It is a hypnotic dream state, influential – but not all it appears to be.  Living is holy baptism in the water of life, the metamorphosis delivered by the struggle for knowledge. We are, our the earth is –  primarily water – emotional and intuitive with a desire to delve deep into experience.

Here we discover our identity, we ‘test’ the waters, so we may find balance.

The message from spirit or crux:
Grounded in the physical world is Earth school, the material limitations that must be overcome in order to fulfill the spiritual quest.  Material form is primal animal nature: blood, teeth – life and death and the lessons learned in between.  It is survival of the fittest – physical stamina coupled with cunning and craft and companionship.

Here we face karma; authority, limitations and boundaries. 

On this full moon with Jupiter we walk between worlds.
Gneiss Moon

You Know . . .

rose-leslie-game-of-thrones-6Rose Leslie as Ygritte, Game of Thrones

A bit of mini interp prior to Full Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter stuff…

Rose is an Aquarius with Jupiter (traditional ruler) in Pisces in exact square to Uranus in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius (the archer) is ruled by Jupiter; Pisces rules film as well as what lies beyond.  Rose is either a late Gemini or early Cancer Moon – making Jupiter focal planet of a(n out of sign possibly) T-square with Moon opposing either Uranus/Saturn in Sag or Venus/Neptune in Capricorn.

Pisces Jupiter is sensitive, enthusiastic – while square Sagittarius Uranus, wildly unpredictable – gypsy spirit emotional consciousness, seeing/knowing keen: scout. 
If Moon is in Gemini: think/hear it coming; Moon in Cancer: gut/feel it coming. Pisces Mercury tends towards transcendent thinking, daydreams – senses of thinking and feeling are tightly woven.

In tandem with Aquarius Sun, boho individualism is strong, rebellious, while Venus and Neptune in Capricorn shore up love/work structure, goalsets and practicality.  Values earth, time, place, emotional roots, the past.  Mars in Aries (ruling) is gutsy, brave and independent; adventurous and hard-working when trine Uranus/Saturn in Sagittarius.

I see now why her performance moved me to tears at the end of last season.  Actions screamed, yet volumes remained silently unspoken.  Exquisite, truly.  Astrologically, Rose’s late Sag trines my Leo Venus Jupiter & her Venus is on my ASC.  Ygritte is a tough girl on the outside, but sensitive on the inside.  I get that – more than I’d like to admit.  How perfect the line and the fact Rose is an Aquarius, yes ?  Brilliant.

ygritte-bow-and-arrow-game-of-thrones-1February 3
Full Moon 14 Leo
5:09pm Chicago

Full Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Sun delivers news via culmination in house Leo.  In conjunction with Jupiter Rx we have more feelings, more drama, more flair, a dash of luck and lots of learning – retrogrades explore interior landscapes – with Full Moon, lush emotional landscapes.  While Jupiter travels Rx in Leo: we learn about ourselves, our creativity, our heart space and the s/hero within.  What leads you to Rise out of bed in the morning with a song in your heart ?  This Moon points you right to it !  This moon clears the space + opens the door of the heart so you can more easily see/know.

1 Internal (Mercury/Jupiter Retrograde)
2 External – as Mercury goes direct mid-February, the last Uranus/Pluto square perfects mid-March, Jupiter goes direct mid-April

While feelings are in opposition to Sun we see/feel the peace talks and likely a rebalancing of emotions and an emotional detachment/ release from what no longer serves us.  Leo is all about me Me ME and how the individual spirit needs to be expressed.  To feel joy, we must feel we have PURPOSE.

Sun in Aquarius thinks globally – yet we are individuals within the global energetic etheric field.  We must first suss out personal issues before we can offer the world our highest vibration.  So it is.

Uranus is square Pluto with last exact on the way mid-March.
03 17 2015 Aries Uranus & Capricorn Pluto both Direct – 15 degrees
This full moon at 14 Leo trine Uranus activates our entrance into positive (forward) growth via:
1 internal visualization.
2 Elbow grease.
Hallelujah !

Many have been releasing, purging, surrendering and letting go … all the while, new structures have been slowly taking form.  Sagittarius Saturn square Neptune at full Moon accentuates the place of emotional friction between what we feel we are capable of and what we are actually seeing unfold at. this. point.  Both are flexible, mutable and working – building the dream straight from emotional visualization.
Have faith in yourself and in others.

Be positive, light of heart – focused and specific.
Seek wisdom inside yourself, your path is yours and your alone.
Make it know.
Gneiss Moon

the SPACE between

photo 22


Quickie read re:
Leo Full Moon opp Aqua Sun both square Saturn
Uranus square Pluto, Merc Rx in Aquarius

Crazy busy at work, straight to the pt !

Intent: surprise insight/clarity that delivers path to highest good for all

Tepi-Aui-Un : Family of the 8 Primordials.  The original androgynes, duality perfected, continuous creation.  They are the ancient “what is above” formation of matter rather than the dissolution of matter found in “so below”.  The first Alchemical family rising from the primordial ooze.

Kekiu : Obscurity
From fire in the darkness, light is created – one cannot exist with out the other.
Obscurity immediately transformed, RISE UP, the time immediately before dawn breaks.
The scarab and frog represent metamorphosis, transformation.  The cup, or grail holds tantric soma, the elixir of life – it is the color blue for Venus.
Kekiu is light; Kekiut is dark – they are the space between day and night.
Air and akin to the suit of swords.

Their number is 5.

Immediate transformation of your situation, light shed on a perplexing problem.
The End of Obscurity.


cats & birds

abby diamondAbby Diamond

Moon into Leo 1:15pm
Mercury Rx into Aquarius
9:30pm CST, USA

Blue Jay as totem indicates reassessing natural gifts, boldly using creativity to further yourself via personal power.  Jay is derived from the latin word for gaia/gaea or Mother Earth.  A member of the crow family, jay is bold, fearless and tricky.  Jay also warns of imbalance, teaches adaptation to changing circumstances.

Mercury Rx moves into Aquarius to meet Sun prior to Full Leo Moon Friday. Saturn is focal point of a T-Square with Sun (soon, Merc Rx) and Moon which in turn oppose each other.  (Full Moons are always opposite Sun.)

Saturn is: Past, work, authority, fathers, body, bones, knees – while in Scorpio, restructuring, regeneration, renewal, inner energy – in tandem with all the above.
Leo Aquarius axis: heart/ electrical or nerves, pride/detachment, romance/breakups,  creative play/think tank. 

I have already heard from a man from my past who had an altercation at work, needed to cool down.  As for myself, it is my body that is causing issues.  I still have two purple bruises from when my chair exploded, my right foot is sprained (? still swollen.) and I am getting over a bug.  Earlier this weekend, iTunes uninstalled itself, the app that tapes calls did not work properly, a post I had up here completely vanished (after several mishaps & errors) so I abandoned that to cook lunch, only to find – for the completely random – my coffee pot will now inexplicably only brew 4 tiny cups at a go. 

Saturn is also patience
, probably ought to mention that. heh. 
Patience with yourself, your body, the poltergeists in the machinery, any and all situations, really. 
If Merc Rx is not going smoothly in one sitch, leave it and do something else.  Getting irritated just sends Aquarius (and Mars in late Libra, a fit start placement) more funky wadded up energies.  Deep breathing and busy hands will untie the knots/nots.

Find what house Leo lands on in your chart to see where your illumination is incoming.
Find your house of Scorpio for where you are mainlining internal growth. 
Short list house info here – otherwise, see dropdown menu.


Wondering what is in store for Cats and Birds with FM & Merc Rx ?
Cats are Leo; Aquarius are birds.
I asked The Wild Unknown deck, since my ? involves critters.

bird&kc FM
Impatience, skittishness, less surefooted, magnetics and honing/homing tweaked,
traveling farther seeking changes, new experiences while light shines above.

Interesting a horn aka: Saturn card shows up !

Old injuries, aching bones, shedding past issues.
Surprises, freedom.  Cycles or groups of five/six.


Glamour in Us

Alexander KhokhlovAlexander Khokhlov

February 6 
Mercury Rx 3 Pisces
February 12
Mercury into Aquarius
February 28
Mercury Direct 18 Aquarius

Mercury stations Rx conjunct Neptune in Pisces, trine North Node in Scorpio.
Plucky planet of tricks of perceptions sheds glamour and illusion for a return trip to the house of the global heart, the collective kindred, earthkind. Thoughts are electrified, innovative, yet introspective as we move to a 26 degree Full Moon in Leo on the 14th.
Previous Merc Rx post

Full Leo Moon opposes Mercury Rx/Aquarius Sun (Neptune, out of sign) – all square 23 degree Saturn in Scorpio.  Uranus at 10 Aries is also focal planet of heavyweight T-Square Jupiter Rx opposite Venus/Pluto in Capricorn.  Planets near 26 degrees will be out onstage + working this lunation.

News incoming from house Leo in your chart – unexpected and delivered by someone else.  Expect some tension with authority figures, with older men, or at work – take it slow – think 2x, speak once.  Merc Rx, take it out back if you need to let ‘er rip.  Howl it UP all you like, but away from those who sign the paycheck, ya know .?

Mars in Libra is the golden nugget of goodness with a sextile to Moon and a trine to Sun. Balance fought for previously is noticeably achieved on this lunation.  Love and money scenarios stroke the ego/intellect, though they are electric undercurrents by and large.

This lunation propels regeneration energy forward – awareness of where we are in the collective becomes crystal clear, we KNOW our talents and gifts – our rarities ROAR.
We Tune UP the Glamour in Us.
All ONE.



Lovely Leo FULL Moon
Old, Cold,January Moon After Yule
Wolf Moon

Wild FULL Lunation here !
Fell in my 8th where Jupiter lives hand in hand with Venus.
Metamorphstation Revelations uhhuh
Jupiter is flexing, stretching like a rubber band about to snap & fly

Jupiter direct
6 degrees Gemini
January 30

5:37am CST, USA
Where is :
Your Gemini House ?
Your Jupes house ?

Each is getting a forward thrust very soon
::: shakalakaBOOMbabee ::::

Whatever stalled in October gets kickstarted in 4,3,2, ONE
Check your Gem / Jupes houses below
for where & how
you get your optimistic
Everything is moving it out direct motion

February 18 (USA)
Saturn retrograde

February 23
Mercury Retrograde

1, 5, 9 are the personal houses
1 – physical body, style of competition
5 – love and expression
9 – spirit in human experience

2, 6, 10 are the material houses
2 – worldly possessions, earned $, peace of mind
6 – health, daily routine
10 – social status, prestige, career

3, 7, 11 are the social houses
3 – siblings, thinking
7 – partner of the heart, enemies
11 – friends, global collective

4, 8, 12 are the houses of emotions & endings
4 – womb and the tomb, family
8 – sex, death & rebirth, other people’s $
12 – cosmic connections, All One
:: Jupes stationing ::
Pisces & Virgos snap the internal work :
Aries & Leo get a lucky chance :
Gems, Aquarius and Libras cut loose, break free :
Sagittarians face the music

peace love and get the lead OUT !

Worship & Praise

Time to Worship and Praise the LEOS

We love your flair for the dramatic,
  the regal, royal manner you so effortless carry
and in fact, flaunt.

We want to hug you and squeeze you and call you George !

We love your generosity of spirit.

 We are enchanted by your delightful underbelly of fun and games.

You are sunshine incarnate.

We’re not worthy !

HA HA ! 
Rrrrelax, fellow zodiac suns…
I’m just kidding.

Well, sort of.
I do have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, ya know. lol
Happy Leo Full Moon
(scroll to bottom)

Gem Gems

Isn’t she lovely ?!

Jupiter Rx in Gem squares Chiron in Pisces.
Retrograde indicates internal overhauls.

Gemini and Jupes are thinkers, teachers.
Scattering thought seeds near and far, respectively.
This square indicates bigtime growth is at hand, literally.
Gemini rules hands; Jupiter, biggie sizes.

Chiron is how we work to heal our own wounds.
Through pain, study and accessing the sitch,
getting philosophical – seeing the dualities
we heal others / self through service to the whole.

Aquarius Sun & Mercury trine Jupiter Rx in Gemini.

* AIR in the spotlight *
Socializing, thinking, speaking.

What we SEE
is going backwards in the house of
what we THINK.
Juggling energies, changing viewpoints.

What we KNOW is fixed in Aquarius.
Mercury leads Sun – thinking before ego.
Mercury is the trickster
as is Gemini.

Keep in mind – Uranus is
higher octave thought – intuition
in the house of I AM competition
and it is square
metamorphosis on the earth plane.

Where Mercury tricks may be predictable
Uranus – no way
that one’s coming at the blind side

Be aware Mercury and Sun
are heading into a square
with Saturnian restriction.
Thought funnel.
I was

Saturn Rx in 3rd here.
It just means focus, getting practical, self-discipline.

Heads UP
we are nearing
FULL MOON 7 degrees LEO
Saturday January 26 10:38pm CST, USA

Saturn will be focal point of a T-square
Sun / Mercury and Full Moon opposite
re-read focus, funnel etc.. above

Leo likes a fair bit of Fun & Games
ego stroking too
Fixity fixed. Immovable.
As in thud.   MOUNTAIN.   Go around.

:: note ::
Venus is best put to use on
Work Innovations & Creativity
during this Full Moon.

:: ditto Neptune ::

Late Aquarius Mars will conjunct (out of sign) Neptune
this could equal high-end creativity
low-end delusional dial a dork
choices !

Neptune closes the square with Jupiter Rx.
Thinking, seeing can be skewed.
Subconscious has the home court advantage.
Full Moon word vomits likely.
Just sayin’…
Fair warning.

creativity with art – journeying in the journal
Social scene ?
May wanna rein it in a bit.
Think Twice.
Speak Once.