the SPACE between

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Quickie read re:
Leo Full Moon opp Aqua Sun both square Saturn
Uranus square Pluto, Merc Rx in Aquarius

Crazy busy at work, straight to the pt !

Intent: surprise insight/clarity that delivers path to highest good for all

Tepi-Aui-Un : Family of the 8 Primordials.  The original androgynes, duality perfected, continuous creation.  They are the ancient “what is above” formation of matter rather than the dissolution of matter found in “so below”.  The first Alchemical family rising from the primordial ooze.

Kekiu : Obscurity
From fire in the darkness, light is created – one cannot exist with out the other.
Obscurity immediately transformed, RISE UP, the time immediately before dawn breaks.
The scarab and frog represent metamorphosis, transformation.  The cup, or grail holds tantric soma, the elixir of life – it is the color blue for Venus.
Kekiu is light; Kekiut is dark – they are the space between day and night.
Air and akin to the suit of swords.

Their number is 5.

Immediate transformation of your situation, light shed on a perplexing problem.
The End of Obscurity.


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    • Me too … I really dig toads, frogs and metamorphs.
      Please forgive my lateness, 8th house Full Moon bite/sting requires recovery. I have been quiet, working from the backdoor, studying, more drop-down menu biz, improved links on the 5 post.
      Reg posts soon…
      Did you see the wind divination link on the sidebar here..?
      Worth a look, since you mentioned.
      Book of Doors deck, very sideways insights this oracle delivers.

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