the beholder

Aquarius Moon opposes Mercury so I am thinking (science/ Aquarius) sight (Mercury) and instincts (Moon) – specifically, perceptions.

I have Mercury in Libra (Air, strong, social, intellectual) at MC sextile Jupiter in Leo 8.
 Mercury is already dual in nature, and it is tipping the scales of balance in my chart.
The trickster on the teeter totter ::::  wheeeEee  !

I like to play around (Leo plays) with perceptions, eye tricks.  I’m a huge fan of eye candy, lenticulars, 3D, holograms, optical illusions, stereograms. . . you get the drift.

Ever think how your Mercury is set up for perceptions and / or play ?

Mercury with ( or planet below in Virgo or Gemini )
Sun : love of communication, creativity
Moon : love of stories, imaginations
Venus : love of beauty, balance
Mars : love of problem solving, mechanical
Jupiter : love of philosophy, study
Saturn : love of reasoning, plans
Uranus : love of ideas, futuristic concepts
Neptune : love of mysticism, inspirations
Pluto : love of research, psychoanalysis


Do animals see in color ?

Very poor color vision: dogs, cats, mice, rats and rabbits
They see greys, some blues and yellows.

Good color vision: monkeys, ground squirrels, birds, insects, and many fish
 They see a fairly good range of color.

High color vision : Dig this !  Bees and butterflies can see colors that we can’t see. Their range of color vision extends into the ultraviolet. (source)

Humans only see a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum – which is enormous.

Small visible spectrum above, see ?

Bees and butterflies (both Mercury ruled) need to see more color, for the leaves of the flowers they pollinate have special ultraviolet patterns which guide the insects deep into the flower.   GroOovy, yeah ?

Moon is coming to conjunct Neptune (film & music) so am including both.
Fab Dead tune in comments, anyone knows me saw that coming at first pic. lol.

peace, love & eye candy

kissing the stone

This evening, around 4:15 CST USA Mercury leaves Virgo, joining Sun, Venus, and Saturn in Libra.  Party time !
Libra is the house of parties and friends…but also lawsuits and enemies.
It is opposite the me Me ME of Aries and is the house of Balance and Us. 

Venus is at home in the house she rules and is warming up to old cuss Saturn on the couch at about 5 degrees…and she’s moving in closer…Saturn is looking good ~ he is exalted in Libra.

A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.
Ben Franklin

There is a sense of peace coupled with change in the air, with the grand earth trine involving Moon (feelings), Jupiter (poise), and Pluto (inner energy). 
Saturn is steady, diplomatic, fair and kind in Libra, especially with Venus at his side.  Pluto, with 6 aspects in the sky is manifesting change in Air (thoughts, communication) and Earth (physical world), and Fire (actions).  The Water element (Moon) is involved  via the steady Earth trine.

Mercury (Hermes) is the messenger, the traveller, the root of the name (herma) means ‘marker of stones’. 
Mercury (polarities) into Libra (scales of balance) can mean an over abundance of thinking/communicating followed by periods of quiet and relaxation (Venus).

It occurs to me I have vacation coming (yes !) and should make a calendar of chores so I can be more productive, haha Saturn, no rest for Saturn.   I will plan a day of reading (how weird to schedule relaxation) since Mercury rules reading, libraries, Saturn rules time, Venus, love.  The brick pictured above is on a path leading to a library, if you were wondering.
I will leave you with a gorgeous photo (Venus, art) of a mysterious moving (Mercury) rock (Saturn) to celebrate Mercury into Libra.


sharpening the blade

I AM a Capricorn rising.
I call it being karmically hobbled from birth.  In my case, I truly was hobbled at birth (Saturn Rx) with hip dysplasia (Sagittarius rules hips).  I had to wear a contraption between my legs so I would to be able to walk as I grew older.  Luckily, (Sagittarius) I had a good doctor (12th house, healing) who fixed me, and set my bones properly (Saturn trine Mars).

My Saturn Rx (bones) is trine Mars in Sagittarius (can be a bit klutzy) from the 3rd (siblings) and I was trying to follow my older brother upstairs, when I crashed and broke my collar-bone.

I don’t remember either accident (Mars hidden in the 12th sign).
Even though I had a rocky start, I walk just fine now, thank you.


Saturn rising means it will be a hard long climb up the mountain, with nothing coming easy and nothing free.  I not only have Saturn in its fall (Aries) but it is retrograde as well.
Having a chart ruler that is a backwards ass taskmaster, is not a lot of fun, I’ll tell ya straight UP.

Now that I am older my retrograde Saturn is beginning to work for me.   I am writing (Saturn in 3rd) about spiritual 12th house matters from a visionary, philosophical, Sagittarian viewpoint.  I like to explore theories and pitch wild ideas out there…

Saturn by transit is in my 9th (Sagittarian) house, so I am learning, writing, and doing charts.  My natal Libra Mercury is busy and trying very hard to find balance.   Saturn transit coming up to natal Mercury with Venus close behind means I am perfecting what I love, my craft.

Saturn-ruled Capricorn doesn’t lower the drawbridge for every caller.

Mars in Sagittarius Quintile Uranus doesn’t give a damn what you believe.
I KNOW what I have SEEN.

Saturn is the sharpening of the blade in my chart, it is the worm-hole of time.

Gravity control + transcendent thinking = crystal clear focus.

Mars in Sagittarius on the 12th is aiming towards evolution of the spiritual self.
It is stealth in the 12th.
It is Jedi.