sharpening the blade

I AM a Capricorn rising.
I call it being karmically hobbled from birth.  In my case, I truly was hobbled at birth (Saturn Rx) with hip dysplasia (Sagittarius rules hips).  I had to wear a contraption between my legs so I would to be able to walk as I grew older.  Luckily, (Sagittarius) I had a good doctor (12th house, healing) who fixed me, and set my bones properly (Saturn trine Mars).

My Saturn Rx (bones) is trine Mars in Sagittarius (can be a bit klutzy) from the 3rd (siblings) and I was trying to follow my older brother upstairs, when I crashed and broke my collar-bone.

I don’t remember either accident (Mars hidden in the 12th sign).
Even though I had a rocky start, I walk just fine now, thank you.


Saturn rising means it will be a hard long climb up the mountain, with nothing coming easy and nothing free.  I not only have Saturn in its fall (Aries) but it is retrograde as well.
Having a chart ruler that is a backwards ass taskmaster, is not a lot of fun, I’ll tell ya straight UP.

Now that I am older my retrograde Saturn is beginning to work for me.   I am writing (Saturn in 3rd) about spiritual 12th house matters from a visionary, philosophical, Sagittarian viewpoint.  I like to explore theories and pitch wild ideas out there…

Saturn by transit is in my 9th (Sagittarian) house, so I am learning, writing, and doing charts.  My natal Libra Mercury is busy and trying very hard to find balance.   Saturn transit coming up to natal Mercury with Venus close behind means I am perfecting what I love, my craft.

Saturn-ruled Capricorn doesn’t lower the drawbridge for every caller.

Mars in Sagittarius Quintile Uranus doesn’t give a damn what you believe.
I KNOW what I have SEEN.

Saturn is the sharpening of the blade in my chart, it is the worm-hole of time.

Gravity control + transcendent thinking = crystal clear focus.

Mars in Sagittarius on the 12th is aiming towards evolution of the spiritual self.
It is stealth in the 12th.
It is Jedi.


7 thoughts on “sharpening the blade

  1. I’m also a Capricorn Rising with Saturn strongly conjunct the Midheaven and Pluto. When it comes to jobs and my career, it’s been hell. I just can’t maintain a job here for shit. I’ve read that you shouldn’t live under Saturn-Midheaven or Pluto-Midheaven lines, and when I just recently found that out, I was like HOLY SHIT! I really need to get the hell out of my birth location ASAP if I’m to really have a job and a career. I just know it.

    • Sounds like adding more weight on the packhorse in your case. Best of luck in your search. Venus lines for love, Jupiter for freewheeling adventure, though it would depend on your aspects. I live between Mercury and North Node, and that is working for me with Merc at MC in Libra, NN in Aries.
      When I head west toward Sun/Uran/Pluto Chiron lines – now that is another story entirely – sure fire knock-down shake-ups incoming every time.

      • Hmmm…speaking of Merc at MC:

        I noticed that San Diego gives me an interesting relocated chart. It gives me a Virgo MC with Mercury bang-on conjunct it. Also, Jupiter is conjunct Uranus in Sag bang-on conjunct the Ascendant.

        What I’d love to know is how significant this is as far as work goes. Would I easily find work in this place? My interests lie in investigation, forensics, etc. (Scorpio Rising with Saturn conjunct Pluto at the MC by birth). What do you think?

      • Renovation of self awareness, communicating higher ed with a spur of investigation of the hidden re: death. At a glance, sounds good.
        Very interested to read your follow-up post re your reading.

      • I agree. I’ll keep you updated after the reading. Tomorrow is just the interview so that he can gather information about my current situation. Then the official reading will be scheduled after that.

        In the meantime, I’m going to work on a blog post right now talking about my astromap of the USA.

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