Close to Home

Planets to scale – perspective shifter, yah ?  Plus Pluto gives the finger, heh.
I count Pluto – hell yes I do.

Once I learned what Sun/Uranus/Pluto entailed…the heavens parted, 
lightning cracked,  my brainpan burst wide open. It was a total –oh, so that’s it- revelatory moment
Same thing happened when I realized Pluto was the focal planet in my composite (chart of the relationship) with a friend.  We’re always peeling back the layers, transformation  station 24/7 – intensity unlike any other.

Scale of the planets in question when comparing charts is not important. If you need a refresher, check out the scale of the universe permanently loaded on the sidebar, Pluto rulership.  Everything matters, relative size is not an issue here.  Asteroids, when contacting personal planets, deliver insights well worth studying, though I tend to pay attention wherever they land in my natal.

What matters is the alchemical blend your planets create together.
Planets, signs and houses. 

What is important is what each planetary body represents to earthlings as a whole which directly relates to what was happening in the collective when each was discovered.
Eg. Pluto coincided with the invention and eventual detonation of the first atomic bomb.
Struggle, power, rebirth after death, the small, the rare made miraculous.

planet-comparisonWhopper SUN !  Cool, yah ?

Contacts between personal planets (below) explain how you get along on a daily basis, they move quickly and are felt close to home. (An abbreviated list follows)
Sun – ego, expression
Moon – feelings, family
Mercury – thoughts, speech
Venus – love, harmony
Mars – desires, drives

Jupiter and Saturn are social planets, they move slowly, are felt widely, for longer periods, as we explore outside of our family and move around into our neighborhood.
Jupiter – philosophy, travel
Saturn – work, status

Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012 (until late December this year).
Jupiter in Cancer since June of last year (until mid- July this year).

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are generational planets, move slowest of all, are felt as we explore our awareness globally.
Uranus – global collective mind
Neptune – global collective heart
Pluto – global collective soul

Sun to Sun is positive for both egos

Sun to Moon is positive for sun person’s ego & positive for moon person’s feelings
Yin (female) Moon to Yang (male) Sun is best, but both contacts are still very personal, positive and strong.

Jupiter to Saturn is positive for restrictive Saturn, but less so for expansive Jupiter, Jupiter plays and Saturn works – socially, Saturn opens up and Jupiter slows down.
Of course what sign and house they land in tells more of the tale.

planets EloahMy former husband and I had this social conjunction.
My Saturn bang on his Jupiter in Aries – we travelled far and wide on tour, his paycheck was easily twice mine – obviously beneficial to my Saturnian restriction (3rd Placidius, 4 whole).  I thought he worked too much (6th), partied too much, was far too reckless – I even thought he was gonna OD right in front of me once.  Not fun.  He eventually grew out of it, after we hit the skids…teenage Aries stuff takes awhile I guess. FYI: Just in case you are wondering, I partied plenty – I’m no angel by a long shot.
The 45 minute commute he had was definitely a strain, and my career in the arts could not be had where he wanted to go. Also we had some weird stuff with time and travel, though I will not go into it here.

Note: I am not suggesting if you have this natal contact you will experience the same.  Every chart, every relationship is different – alchemical blends are infinite in number.

peace out

curious interventions

The energetic vibration you were born with, your astrological signature, will resonate with those of a similar vibration. You will attract those people who have similar astro signatures, because they feel good, you understand each others viewpoints without much explanation, similar to the energy of a conjunction, trine.

The real learning begins when encountering those who do not have similar astro signatures because we feel friction, they are harder for us to understand and relate to, their experience and viewpoint requires explanation and work – similar to the energy of a square.

Oppositions, though similarly felt as friction, do understand each other because they are reflections and projections between two similar energies.

Sextiles are merging opportunities that may not be obvious, we have to hunt them up and make them work for us.

This is synastry in a nutshell.
 First law of thermodynamics states: energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form.

I have a friend I have known for years through social media, we have become good friends, and yes, we have similar astro signatures.  It was such a wonderful thing that we finally spoke near Uranus station – as Uranus is a strong point in both our natals.

We fell into easy conversation immediately and words were tumbling out fast and furious as we could finally share our experiences real time instead of typing them.

No great surprise our phones were having some tech issues as our excitement grew !   While relating the cosmic events we have experienced on the earth plane, our phones were going a bit haywire.

The energy we were exchanging was electric – Uranus rules wireless comms, telepathy – our phones were slipping in and out, we got cut off twice,  it was comical really.  I was stripping off my stone jewelry rapid – fire, knowing it was causing  piezoelectric feedbacks for us.  

My rutilated quartz ring was the first to go – it is a brain simulator, enhances and increases thought forms; storage and broadcast of thought forms – and we obviously already had that covered !

I moved all the rocks near me away, then finally got up and found some dead space without stones so we could talk.   Weird thing though, phone went dead just as I was saying something that was minor, yet not to be shared.
Later, we both agreed has happened to us on different occasions because the other person was not supposed to KNOW that info.

How weird is that ?!
Uranus motto : I KNOW.

Electrical shorts, clairvoyance, angelic intervention ?
Cool though.
Most of yesterday afternoon I spent processing – so much info and energy, came in from my friend.  Later, it dawned on me – I realized why I gravitate towards stones.

I use rocks (I am Saturn ruled, Saturn rules rocks and USE) to ground my outer planet heavies, so I can function at a deeper level. 

Most all of my planetary action is above the horizon – Saturn Rx in Aries and Toro Moon are what helps keep me centered below the horizon at midnight – the time I AM most active and the place where I am most comfortable.  Saturn and Moon is where I find a bit of solace in an otherwise rather foggy, unpredictable natal chart.

I use the stones to bring matter and form to the nebulous etheric energy in my astro signature.

 Neptune most highly aspected in 11th (natural house of Aquarius) opposite Moon.
 Saturn Rx in Aries trines 11th house Mars.
 Mars quintiles Uranus (Sun/Uran/Plu stellium in 9).

Best wishes for your own positive changes with Uranus direct . . .
(Uranus rules wishes)

Elemental & Energetic

My energy has tanked the last few days – Mars & Pluto activation, etc.. soOo I finally took a night to mummy up in soft fuzzy blankets, lay around with my kitties and read ~ utter bliss !
Finally finished
The Key (click).  It was a fabulous read with unique spiritual and environmental perspectives.  I marked a couple of things to share.  (You might want to read my previous entry to get up to speed on the book. The direct link to buy it is at the top of that post.)

This first bit refers to the precession and the ages of man. 

Whitley: So how are we to approach God ? What is the nature of this infinite being that resides in every grain of sand ?

The Master of the Key: When you say God, you think of somebody outside of yourself.  You think as the age of worship thinks.  Over the last age, that of Pisces, the elemental body was changed by this process of worship.  It is not the same as it was two thousand years ago.  Now the receptacle is larger.  Now each of you can contain all of the universe.  That was not true then.  Now this is a species of sacred beings.  But you are babies, still ignorant of your powers.  The last age was the age of the external God.

This is the age of God within.

Whitley: What is real religion ?

The Master of the Key: From outside of time, man’s effort to know God appears as a single form, a work of art that has evolved across history.  You have created it in three phases.  The first is negative, the age of sacrifice.  This is why the Old Testament God is so terrible.  The moment that God tells Abraham not to kill Isaac is a record of one of the most sacred of all human moments, for it sets the stage for the next age.

The second age is positive, the age of worship.  This is why the God of the New Testament is full of compassion.

Your present age is when man and God become one.  You find in yourself Christ, Buddha, Allah, Krishna.  In this age, the elemental body has evolved to the point that it has the potential to reflect divine ecstasy.

Interesting, yes ?
Neptune into Pisces is up next…  

Whitley: What is heaven ?

The Master of the Key: Music.

Whitley: Are you being facetious ?

The Master of the Key:  Heaven is a state of being that intensifies the spin of every electron in the body.  It is a music that begins in the root of being.

Now check this bit which is so Uranus square Pluto~

Whitley: Why does a process of extinction cause intelligence ?

The Master of the KeyEvolution is pressure.  Pressure causes struggle.  Creatures struggling not to be destroyed evolve adaptations.

earlier in the text:
The Master of the Key: The purpose of meditation is two – fold.  It is to organize the energetic body so that it will not lose its integrity after it can no longer depend upon the structure of the elemental body for its form.

Cosmic Neptunian reading, yes ?  It is a book filled with thought – provoking conversation, definitely worth a look.
Be aware The Master of the Key speaks of us ‘choking on our own garbage’ and the ‘evil of secrets’ perpetuated by those who are the control behind  government officials.  If you are looking for sunshine and rainbows, some of this book isn’t for you.

I do find it interesting that The Master of the Key mentions being thankful for the shadow for it is the teacher.  God is everything – All One.  Evil is NOT the way, but it shows the way.  Darkness is what the Master of the Key calls the ‘compassion of God’, its very existence reveals the light.
Sounds like a weird concept until you think of  Yin yang.

There is no bad karma – all karma is good karma, for even the ‘bad’ karma has worth, for it is the teacher – the enlightener.

The elemental world may only find communion with the energetic world by releasing fear.  It is fear we must transcend.

Oppositions and squares in the natal chart are what cause us to grow.  They push and pull us – forcing us into action.
The same can be said of conflict between two charts. Challenging synastry with another who pushes our buttons will force change.  In order to relieve the difficult aspects, the internal (square) or external (opposition) stress, we create solutions, we compromise, we find balance – we evolve.
We love.

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards, Colette Baron – Reid

Card energies to bring benevolent highest good for all readers, the Key wrap – up ~

42  Wide Open:
Expand your horizons beyond what you believe to be your limitations.  Express yourself and your unique viewpoint.  Re-train your brain. Possibilities are rich and infinite – manifest !

11 Balancing Act (Spirit Card):
Choose harmony over discord, and success will be yours ~


Ps.  The book I am reading now is even groOovier – The Source Field. !!
It takes All One to a whole new level ~ love it !

More on that later…

Georgia on my mind

Pictured above is American artist Georgia O’Keefee in the New Mexico lands she loved.

I was thinking last night of how my brother was always dragging things in from the woods (I do the same) morels, feathers, skulls, interesting wood things, you name it.  My skulls and turtle shells (found, not killed !) would probably turn Feng Shui aficionados on their heads, but I love skulls and natural things.  I have strong Scorpio placements (rules death), and all the horned signs are active in my chart, so it makes sense to me.  (Cap rising, Moon in Toro, Saturn in Aries)  We are born to die, may as well accept it.

It reminded me of Georgia, who loved skulls and bones and painted them over and over in her red rock, blue sky landscapes.
I have been to Abiquiu, Taos, and much later, to her museum in Santa Fe.  I traveled the whole area because I wanted to see what she saw.  I wanted to see what she painted.  I stood on the sandy dry road in tiny Abiquiu and marveled at a wooden door set in an adobe wall.

It was her door, she painted it so many times, I knew it instantly.
Georgia, a Scorpio Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter blazed a trail in the art world.  I love the depth with which she viewed the natural world around her.

Her eyes gave life to the universe within a flower.

Georgia also had Venus (art) conjunct Uranus (innovation) in Venus ruled Libra.  Venus in her chart is not only conjunct Uranus, but also trine a Neptune Pluto conjunction, that’s revolutionary artist without a doubt.

Neptune is in earthy Taurus (rendering the beauty found in earth), Pluto in Gemini.  She was not only mentally sharp and curious, but also incredibly versatile and a powerful communicator through her craft.  Pluto in Gemini (rules hands) indicates her beautiful, graceful hands – her photographer husband, Alfred Stieglitz photographed them many, many times.

It also indicates the enormous volume of correspondence (Mercury) via post between them.  They were often separated and negotiated (Pluto- power) terms of their relationship through the post.

Alfred took the photo above.  He was older than Georgia by 23 years, and they greatly influenced each other.  Saturn not only indicates work, and where you are forced to achieve, but also an older person, a male figure (along with the Sun) in the natal chart.  Georgia has Saturn conjunct North Node of Destiny in Leo the sign of creativity.

Her Saturn is also trine Moon and Mercury in Scorpio.  She loved working in her garden (Moon and Saturn rule) and communicated (Mercury) her depth of feeling (Moon) through her artwork.   Georgia had Mars in Virgo sextile Scorpio Sun and Jupiter, again another aspect of depth.  Mars is powering Virgo analysis of what and how to express (Mercury) the power (Scorpio) within.

Virgos notice everything – keep their eyes on everything – as they sort it out.

Scorpios notice everything – hone in on one thing they desire – laser beam focus on that one thing.
Here is some quick synastry between Georgia and Alfred:

conjunct = power operating
Georgia’s Moon, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio were conjunct his Venus, Jupiter and North Node of Destiny, also in Scorpio.
Georgia’s Uranus was conjunct Alfred’s Saturn in Libra.  (Uranus is the unexpected break, and Libra is relationships – when Alfred met Georgia, he took up with her, and divorced his wife.)
Georgia’s Venus is conjunct Alfred’s Moon.

His Moon is trine her Neptune Pluto conjunction.
Georgia’s Saturn is trine Alfred’s Mars, and also trine his Neptune.
Alfred’s Neptune is trine Georgia’s Scorpio stellium.
Alfred’s Mercury is trine Georgia’s Neptune Pluto conjunction.

* Neptune rules film and Alfred took hundreds of photographic portraits of Georgia.

* Also worthy of note: Georgia has no squares (internal conflict), only oppositions (something someone else does).

Georgia’s Scorpio stellium is opposite her Neptune Pluto conjunction indicating not only the impact New Mexico (land of her inspiration- Saturn rules NM and the land) had on her life, but also the impact of her photographer husband, Alfred.
Click here (& scroll down) for a lovely video that matches some of her paintings up with the landscapes near her home.
I will leave you with another of my favorites from the Jack-in-the-Pulpit series.



Earth Mama

A friend of mine recently asked her girlfriends on fb to list their girl crushes, as she didn’t have any.  I couldn’t think of any either – not any recent ones anyway. Chrissie, Joni, and the Wilson sisters..?  Well, that’s been going on for years…
Now, usually when it comes to my Venus Jupiter conjunction in Leo (love and heaps of it, especially for the creative arts) square (creative tension)  Neptune (music, film and illusion), if you ask me about crushes, I’m gonna ask, “How much time ya got ?!”  haha  (You can sift through the entries on here for the scruffy dudes if you really want to know.)

Venus square Neptune..?  It’s the escape, the other world, the dream life blooming inside my head.  I feed my imagination every chance I get.  It’s a waking meditation which allows intuitive sparks from my Mars in Sagittarius quintile Uranus to light me up !

Today a friend posted a Zooey Deschanel video, and I remembered: I have already mentioned Emmylou, (click) – she was one of my very first posts) then Patricia, now Zooey.  So I guess I have 3 recent girlcrushes, if you can call it that.  I like their work, voices, talent, their art.  It’s synastry somewhere between us that brings out my curiosity, I will follow their work.

As far as the synastry, I peeked and Zooey has Saturn conjunct my Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto stellium, all of which is trine her Sun/Moon/Mercury/ Part of Fortune stellium in Capricorn.  My Mercury is conjunct her Pluto and her North Node is conjunct my Venus in Leo.  My biggie Neptune is sextile her stellium as well.  (It just dawned on me…all these women I mentioned have strong Capricorn. hmmm…)

Go and check your synastry with your favorite artists, see where you end up, it’s fun !

Zooey has loads of Mystical Sea Goat all conjunct her Capricorn Ascendant.
Zooey is a triple Capricorn.
Sun, Part of Fortune in 1st, Mercury spot on Ascendant, and Moon in 12th – all within 6 degrees.  (click here for another triple capricorn)

Planets conjunct the angles are stronger, and with both the luminaries conjunct her Ascendant, Zooey has presence !

Zooey has Venus exalted in Pisces quintile (genius talents- gifts of spirit) Neptune in Sagittarius !
These are the planets of the arts, and any aspect between them denotes an artist.  Venus, is the earthbound cultivated artist and personal love.  Neptune is the inspired artist, being in tune with the universe, cosmic love.  Zooey’s Venus and Neptune are both in visionary signs : I see (Sagittarius),  I believe (Pisces).

Her Capricorn stellium at the Ascendant is trine Saturn in Virgo.  Moon and Mercury are also trine Mars in Virgo (which is conjunct Jupiter).  Fair to say she is most likely a very hard worker, and organized with all that Virgo.

Uranus is at the Scorpio Midheaven in 10th showing the public she is a bit quirky and inventive with her talents, needs to switch it up a bit in career.   She is multi-talented and takes on many different projects – movies, music and she recently launched a website HelloGiggles (click).

North Node of Destiny at 29 degrees of Leo is a culmination degree in the sign of creativity.  Pluto in (Venus-ruled) Libra 9th, square Sun, Moon and Mercury, and Zooey is a powerhouse communicator through her artwork.


I’m honored

Johnny Cash, Arkansas born; Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon.
Kris Kristofferson, Texas born; Cancer Sun, Leo Moon.

Johnny recorded his first hits for Sun Records in Memphis, in 1958, Johnny left Sun for Columbia Records in Nashville.  For a short while Johnny and Waylon shared an apartment in Nashville, both were young, wild and crazy, popping pills and playing honky tonks. While on tour in 1965, Johnny was arrested by a narcotics squad in El Paso, Texas. He was carrying 688 Dexedrine capsules and 475 Equanil that were hidden inside his guitar case.  Are ya gettin’ the outlaw bit here ?  In 1967, Johnny and June won a Grammy for their duet of ‘Jackson’.

In 1965, Kris (a Rhodes Scholar) moved to Nashville, declining an English professorship at West Point to write songs instead.  His military family disowned Kris for ditching the teaching gig and taking up music.   Again, are ya gettin’ the outlaw bit ?  Kris got a job as a janitor at Columbia, while also working part-time as a bartender, a commercial helicopter pilot and trying to pitch his songs to record execs.  He also gave some songs to Johnny, who ignored them.  In 67, Kris was signed to Epic, but his songs were more successful chart hits when sung by other artists.

Then Kris, dig this !  (his Toro Uranus – rules aviation – is opposite {energy in your face} Johnny’s Scorpio Moon – rules the home) landed a helicopter on Johnny’s lawn and asked him, “Now will you listen to some of my songs?’   Don’t you just love astrological bits like this ?!   He did ! – then introduced Kris at the Newport Folk Festival in 1969, and Kris’ career as a performer of his own songs began to truly take off.

Trines indicate harmony, benefits and co-operation, they are protective, they are the past life bank account you can draw from.

Johnny had Sun / Mercury / Mars in Pisces trine Kris’ Sun / Venus / Mars stellium in late Gemini, early Cancer.  Right there, they ‘get’ each other, communicate well, love and understanding.  Water Suns, both both intuitive and sensitive.
Kris’ Leo Moon was conjunct Johnny’s Jupiter — both trine Kris’ Jupiter.  Moon is feelings, Jupiter luck, optimism–all in fire, signals creativity, self-expression.

Kris’ Jupiter in trine to Johnny’s Venus / Uranus conjunction in Aries which was in turn trine their Moon / Jupiter conjunction in Leo.  They were good for each other, lending support and caring when the other needed it.  Again in fire, so between their charts Kris and Johnny formed a grand fire trine between Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Kris had Uranus (flight, eccentricity) trine Johnny’s Neptune (music), so when he landed, Johnny listened, haha.
click here for Waylon and Willie


honky tonk heroes

Waylon and Willie both Texas born:
Willie a Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon
Waylon a Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon.

Blazing new trails in country music, Waylon & Willie bucked the Nashville system, brought the rowdy back into country music, fans called it ‘outlaw’.

Waylon had Venus/Uranus conjunct Willies Sun /Venus in Taurus.

Waylon had Moon/Neptune conjunct Willies Mars/Neptune Rx/ Jupiter Rx conjunction in Virgo.

This pair of whopping conjunctions trine each other.  POW



Neptune rules not only string instruments, but also inspiration, dreams, spiritual intelligence and healing.
On the flipside, Neptune rules fog, illusion, deception, drugs & alcohol.
It’s a fun little planet to lasso ~> but it may be a hard ride if you have squares and oppositions.
All my difficult aspects are linked to it, and it has taken me years to get my head on straight and I’m still working on it.

I still love Neptune, how can I not ?!
Music… c’mon…can’t live without that.
My Neptune is opposite Moon (feelings) exalted in Toro.
If I get upset, I sing.
Drag out every old Cheap Trick album and let ‘er rip.

Taurus rules the throat and just for the record, (yes, I still have my vinyl) Robin Zander, the fantastic lead singer of Cheap Trick has Moon in Toro conjunct Jupiter (luck, expansion).  Not too shabby !  Here he is, most likely singing “Dream Police’  judging by the hat.
My Moon dovetails right between Robins moon and Jupiter via synastry !  …No wonder singing Cheap Trick all these years helps me feel better !

(My ex husband and I had Moons exactly conjunct and we felt the same about many things.)