Neptune rules not only string instruments, but also inspiration, dreams, spiritual intelligence and healing.
On the flipside, Neptune rules fog, illusion, deception, drugs & alcohol.
It’s a fun little planet to lasso ~> but it may be a hard ride if you have squares and oppositions.
All my difficult aspects are linked to it, and it has taken me years to get my head on straight and I’m still working on it.

I still love Neptune, how can I not ?!
Music… c’mon…can’t live without that.
My Neptune is opposite Moon (feelings) exalted in Toro.
If I get upset, I sing.
Drag out every old Cheap Trick album and let ‘er rip.

Taurus rules the throat and just for the record, (yes, I still have my vinyl) Robin Zander, the fantastic lead singer of Cheap Trick has Moon in Toro conjunct Jupiter (luck, expansion).  Not too shabby !  Here he is, most likely singing “Dream Police’  judging by the hat.
My Moon dovetails right between Robins moon and Jupiter via synastry !  …No wonder singing Cheap Trick all these years helps me feel better !

(My ex husband and I had Moons exactly conjunct and we felt the same about many things.)