Self possession

tumblr_lc8pjaHh731qzt4vjo1_500David Szakaly

Neptune direct at 4 Pisces November 16, interp here on Tide Turns.

I found it curious that the best time to hypnotize someone is an Air Moon – particularly an Aquarius Moon.  It’s an intellectual moon, mind over matter/mindset.  Interesting, yes ?

What makes a subject easily hypnotized ?
Not too surprising is it ?  
Easily swayed like the tides, emotional and permeable, Neptune is hard to get a handle on, hidden in fog, smoke and mirrors.  Deception and illusion and/or the creatively inspired artist.
Tortured…?…well, that’s optional.

Those who are easily hypnotized show Negative Yin signs strong in the natal.
Negative signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.
Strong negative = Ascendant, Midheaven, angles, holding luminaries and/or Mercury.

Those who are easily hypnotized have Neptune in hard aspect aka conjunct/square luminaries or personal planets showing inner conflict resolution, great build up of tension/release.

This hard Neptune is particularly dangerous for those with afflicted Neptune at ASC or in the 6th, 8th, 10th or 12th.  Be cautious of water, emotions, qi vamps, hypnosis or dabbling in the occult without the good sense to back it up.

Think about these things as Neptune stations direct, for at this time more than any other, there is vulnerability – seeing around corners requires several perspective shifts and/or intense divination sessions.

FullSizeRenderOracle of the Radiant Sun

This card I drew specifically for Neptune direct – to see behind the veil, around the corner and through to the heart of the matter.

Q: What do we need to know about Neptune direct that we cannot see ? 

A: Defense of what is valued.  
Think love, money, power and personal zen.
Stuff and things are Taurus, love and emotions are Venus which rules Taurus.

Bull-headed stubborn ownership of personal place on earth, wherever or whomever that is/or you consider it to be.
Is home four walls and a roof (TWD ref haha) or is home where the heart is ?
Or have you given up on love and chosen career instead ?
Work to defend and protect what you truly value.
Only you know.

Look to your natal Venus (lower octave of Neptune) for clues.
Also note that Venus moves into Sagittarius soon after Neptune stations direct (click Tide Turns above) and that means Scorpion possessiveness gives up the ghost for more adventurous travels.

Late Venus Scorpio is richly saturated in sexual power, self-possession aka internal metamorphosis.
Make it work !

Look also to your natal Taurus house as well as natal Mars.
Note also Mars is in Capricorn, an earthy achievement sign which considers itself for good reason to be the Big Kahuna.  Mars is exalted in the sign of work, career and achievement.

cathartic art & sweet dreams

Tide Turns

Sailor_Neptun_by_LimKisMasha Gubar

November 16 Neptune Direct 4 Pisces
Chicago 1:04am
London 7:04am
Tokyo 4:04pm

Venus into Sagittarius until December 10

The Octaves of creativity, love and devotion are on the move while in (out of sign) square to one another.  Venus in late Scorpio (until 1:03pm, Chicago) is intensely saturated with transformative power while Neptune is released from retrograde navel gazing.

Water to water – emotions run their courses.  Venus is personal transcendence and metamorphosis extraordinaire while in Scorpio.  Struggles of love/art control/desire, what is mine/ours run still waters deep, in dark secret.  Expansion has been put on hold for inward metamorphosis called strongest.  (Square Jupiter)

Lady love crossing the threshold into Sagittarius brings freedom, exploration and a much more optimistic vibration.  Neptune stations direct opposite Virgo Moon, a tidal swell of thoughts/emotions/instincts via another/public are likely.  Glean insights, move on … Moon will pass quickly.

Neptune in flux increases dreams, inspirations, healing, creative urges, poetry, music/meditation/divination benders.
Be on the lookout for low qi expressions: illusion/delusion, medicating/numbing the heightened sensitivity, spaciness, fanciful fabrications.

Venus and Neptune meet up in Pisces (with Mars/Chiron) late January.

Gneiss Moon

Grow Home

pic_ash_tree_canopyRolling twisting branches grew through the center of my home last night joining each dimension of my psyche in strength.  A living bridge between my past and present – the trunk joined the heavens above me and the earth below me.

Neptune in flux, Venus conjunct Pluto feeling the square.  Day & Night visions are rewardingly revelatory – intuition strong, healing in progress.

peace. GMA

Nurturing Neptuner

photo 2The Wild Unknown Tarot
The Enchanted Map Oracle

What to keep in mind for Neptune Direct ?

Love, loyalty and quiet patience with each other – forgiveness is the crux of the situation.
As we move forward, with Neptune direct in the coming weeks, we again feel strong loyalties.  
We are protected by our guides and divinely directed.  The tides of emotion fluctuate, but love and friendship remains.  We are exactly where and when we need to be.

We are given lessons in order to grow and challenge our ideas, emotions, actions and progress on the material plane.  Quiet patience is necessary to hear our higher divine self which speaks out of love rather than ego – follow this guidance and rebirth will follow.
This is your ultimate truth.

Nurture yourself, those you love.
Strengthen the bonds, be true.

TUNE UP & Rise UP 

More here.

Turn the Tide

Rain of Feelings

We all carry within us our places of exile, our crimes, our ravages.
Our task is not to unleash them on the world; it is to transform them in ourselves and others.
Albert Camus

Weekend, blessed weekend.  sheesh – whadda week.  Seems like everywhere I turn someone is in a snit.  The emotional Neptunian tide is turning with a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the way – whoa.  Some peeps seriously need to chill.  
SoOo on with energy clearing via water, as promised.

Water cleansing 101

The ugly cry. 
Instant pent up hornmoanal release !  Emotional tears contain more protein-based hormones, and leucine enkephalin (a natural painkiller).  That’s right, your very own, in house, Doctor Feelgood, on call 24/8 !

Hydrate.  Drink water, lots of water – blessed by you – with your intent (prayer). 

Neptune rules Memory, Neptune rules the sea – think – Earth is 70 % water : your body is roughly the same percentage.  Sending your good vibrations and intent (prayer) to the water will change the molecular structure and increase the health benefits immediately in your liquid body. [ via Memory of Water. ]  If you like soda, consider sparkling water instead : fizz, without high fructose – add some fruit juice for natural sugar.

Bathe with sea or epsom salts.
Sea salts are absorbed quicker through the skin, they are alkaline and therefore help to lower the acidity of the body.  Salt helps the body produce serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain, and it also relieves muscle aches and cramps by removing accumulated lactic acid in the body.

Epsom salt will replenish the level of magnesium in the body and is very helpful in treating many skin conditions.  * Make a spritzer with essential oil / distilled water for crisis situations – will do wonders !

Sing in the shower.
Really let ‘er rip !  Unspoken rule at chez moon – shower goes with music goes with shower.  They are ALWAYS conjunct in this house.  Sound waves penetrate water faster – so choose wisely. 
Sound moves at a faster speed in water (1500 meters/sec) than in air (about 340 meters/sec).

Since we are talking Neptune and waves, all matter is made of waves.  
All forces are due to changes in wave velocity.

Vibrate higher, feel lighter.