sensibly structured sensations

Mobius flightMoebius

Venus in Capricorn

Jupiter Rx
Thursday 7th through March 6 2014

Mercury stations direct
Sunday 10

Neptune direct
Wednesday 13

Venus into Capricorn zings her a tidy pair of sextiles to RetroEmoLand via Merc Rx in early Scorp and Neptune Rx in early Pisces. 
Opportunities for positive love and financial growth are found in dreams, flashes, insights, building emotional balance, reforming the use of passions into the broader based, more inclusive compassion.  Building bridges between the past and the future helps forge a path to financial prosperity.
Capricorn Venus is sensible about the structure of sensations – USE them wisely.
She now feels trines to earthy Virgo and Taurus, practical skills and daily routine are strong for her now.  Forced growth is found in early degrees of houses Aries and Libra any planets here will form creative tension, so scratch that itch and make it work.

Jupiter Retrograde 20 degrees Cancer ThursdayStations direct at 10 degrees, 4 months from now.  Jolly Jupes reviews, reinvents and restructures all things home, family, feelings and mothering/growth.  

Incubation of emotional landscapes ensue – nurturing, sensitivity, retreat and navel gazing on how to improve these things in your life is favored.  Jupiter is largess, going deep six in the shell for four months may be what the doctor ordered, but interaction with others (square Libra) is necessary for growth of self (square Aries).  
Hiding and hanging in equal measure will work the best.
Aries and Libra planets near these degrees will feel the pull to make improvements, adjustments.  Emotional support gained in Scorpio and Pisces.  Opportunities are to be found in patient work via Toro and Virgo.

Mercury stations direct at 2 degrees Scorpiostations are the trickiest bit of the Trickster, note any planets at 2 degrees +/- 5 esp Leo and Aquarius. . .the unexpected revelations may tumble out freely – biggie growth ensues, regardless. 
Mercury direct in Scorp delivers a meet and greet with North Node of Destiny, a hop over the last eclipse degree at 11 dished up with a side of new perspective on that shizz.  Followed by a date with old cuss Saturn, & hello – reality check.  

Neptune direct at 2 degrees Pisceshallelujah !  My late Leo rejoices yet again !
Early Gemini and Sagittarius will feel the spiritual tuning fork tuning into their stations, forcing growth.  Think belief in higher vibrations, sensitivities heightened, creative urges/binges that motivate you to your highest potential.  Of course all water signs feel the shift in a more positively outgoing manner, opportunities are in early Toro and Capricorn via serious work, patience.