September Sunset 9.19Gneiss Moon

I have not tried to write the history of that language,
but rather the archaeology of that silence.

Michel Foucault
Madness & Civilization: A History of Insanity in the

Age of Reason

Libra Sun
Scorpio Mercury quintile Leo Neptune
Grand Fixed Cross
Mars Rx, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune


Shiny Scepter !

pet chakras

Venus in Aquarius is opposing my late Leo stuff, so of course I am on the line this eve with a pet psychic trying to find out why my new girl cat is so neurotic fussy.

Seriously – her tail speaks volumesstiff little divining rod
When she’s tweeked the very tip only will make the teensiest jerk.
Meanwhile, sister kitty weaves sign language novellas with her fluffy gizmo.

I laughed out loud when psychic gal tuned in, totally nailed it when she said kitty is really wiggy about her paws.
Just so happens to be what I had the nerve to be touching when I got clobbered a few days ago giving a DYI demonstration of scratching the new sisal mat.

Evidently, she’s a genius, knew what to do with it.  Well, duh. ! 
My helpful Virgo attitude was way outta line and she was clearly miffed the tacky mat I delivered was subpar to the kitty cat mansion she had envisioned.



Tonight’s intel reveals she is an Imperialist neurotic kitty.
I stand corrected.
:: rolls out carpet, steps back, deep bow  :: 

Her Highnesses kitty cat clout obviously trumps my puny Venus/Jupiter/Fortuna.
Wtf was I thinking ?
*Snap out of it lady – I’m the only one with the shiny scepter in this palace.

What Leo type isn’t certain of inherent royalty by birth..?
10th house Leos are esp. ridiculously convinced of superiority.
Sharing the spotlight ? Up there ? At high noon ?  In the house of stick & stay ?
Doubtful.  More likely you’ll grow old waiting.

cat godEscorting Ms. Queenie Puss to safety during tornado warnings last summer went over equally as well as the crunky mat.  My mental image of safety in the box equaled being tossed into a boiling vat of acid in her squirrely head.
I got the drift real quick – fuck this – ain’t. gonna. happen.
Pitch in laundry room, block door.  Mischief managed, tragedy averted.
Meaning I got to keep my hand.

Pesky Uran/Plu square aggravates, accelerates this Virgos learning curves.
Saturn on Neptuner 11 squares my Leo stuff while Venus opposes it.
Mars Rx in Libra on Mercury 9. Computers & cats freak freely.

cat showersSo we here at chez luna move forward into Cardinal Cross Eclipses and hopefully a more peaceable kingdom, by starting H20 + rescue remedy, hunting up dehydrated kibble (who knew ?) and going First Class DE-LUXE all the way baby, all the way.

Meows, PurrRrrrs & Peace

Felix & Oscar

Strangely my two rescue cats are like
Felix and Oscar

If you have no idea, watch.


This kitty is so very Felix
tidy, lady-like, prissy
[aka Felix]

Christnips 14

she sweeps all the stray nibbles
under their food mat
sweeps all the offensive litter
to the back 40
seriously, every. visit. takes. eons.

even nipping
is so so dignified
paws tucked under – all fours neatly on the box
sniffing the nip
a la connoisseur

and then there’s Oscar
living it UP
Viva la Sagittarius Vida


 gung-ho to go
whole hogging it for all she’s worth
messy, rolling, covered in nip
snort !
Lemme try somma yours
time for more cat rodeo, swatting things
gotchas, YaYs !

Kittycat Christmas
cracks me UP

cat burglars

posters all over town today.

So as it turns out, transit Mars opp Pluto square Uranus Rx (on my natal Saturn Rx) was not so trouble-free after all.
 My natal Saturn Rx trines Mars in 12th house sign, Sag.

So I found out thieves – cat burglars – snuck in, upturned a bunch of quarters out of a small container. Then carefully placed the tiny rose quartz cat back in same container.  hmph. weird.

+ Cat has gone missing. Two days now.

The Lenormand reads are too revealing, not gonna share, just posting some Neptune clouds like thieves in the night, and holding hope in my heart.
vid source here.

peace out

Cat Women

Meet new black kitty.
 Gorgeous, still very skitterish around me.
Grey kitty warmed up first. 
Food lady is nice.

Seems cat dreams are in the air of late…I dreamed of a herd of cats at my mother’s house, I picked a blue one.  Then soon after a reader commented about her dream of a black street cat – so this cat post was born.  Yes, another cat post.  Venus IS in Leo after all.

Astro cats

Check out my previous post about Norse goddess Freia, asteroid 76.  Two sacred cats (gifts from Thor) pulled her Valkyrie chariot onto fields of battle where she collected men slain in war.  She is the goddess of love, a powerful protectress, a nature deity.

Bastet, or Ubasti, Egyptian cat goddess is asteroid 4257.  Ubasti is the warrior goddess who protected the lower Nile, the Pharaoh and Ra (Sun God).  She has been called upon since the Second Dynasty for blessings of fertility and protection from thieves. She is also associated with scent, or pleasant ointments.  When her temple was excavated they found the mummified remains of over 300,000 cats.  Bastet is the mild eastern sun associated with spring.  Her name comes from the root bes, meaning fire. She embodies qualities of both the sun and moon – she draws opposites together.

Ubasti in the natal is a place of fertility, sensuality, sexuality and it is where you are a fierce protector of that which you hold sacred, particularly family and home.

Check out asteroid Sphinx 896. The Sphinx is a keeper of secrets, a guardian with the body of a lion, the wings of a griffon (in Asia), and the face of a human.  The Sphinx posed riddles to travelers on the road to Thebes, if they answered wrong, she devoured them.
Sphinx in your chart is where you must face challenges, where you guard yourself, your life.  Sphinx is also where you guard secrets, mysteries and knowledge which will only be revealed as the time is right.  Those of you familiar with Edgar Cayce know the Hall of Records is reportedly buried under the paw.  More here.


Gorgeous image, yes ?
Egyptian lion goddess Sekhmet is asteroid 5381
.  Sekhmet is a destroyer goddess, derived from sekhem, or power, and khem which means dark chaos that gives birth to light.

 In the natal chart, Sekhmet represents the transformation of death into wisdom and enlightenment – she is the scorching sun, she is the renewal gained from suffering, the fire that burns the enemy.  She is healing through death and rebirth akin to Plutonic and phoenix energies.  She is power, magic and strength.

This image amuses me, my 8th house Leo stuff squares biggie Neptuner on 11th.
I have a plethora of ye olde skool dream interp books, most of which harp on about how cats are bad luck which I don’t buy for a second.

If you like cats, they are good friends, allies and totems – then dreams of them brings good luckTo my fancy, dreaming of cats indicates Leo stuff such as positivity, self-reliance, creative problem-solving, romance, fun and BIG LUCK.

Curious cats, Sphinx is conjunct my Moon, opposite Sekhmet & Bastet which conjunct my Neptuner.

peace out kitty cats


Hi all
Threw my back out.
Classic case of Sun square Neptune brain fart.
Also T. Jupiter in Gem (my 6th – two jobs) squares my Sun /Uranus in Virgo.

5th house, Leo and Sun rule the back
Jupiter is overdoing it – in my case carrying 75 + (?) lbs of second job in my duffle.

having a lie down.
peace out
posts resume asap

Worship & Praise

Time to Worship and Praise the LEOS

We love your flair for the dramatic,
  the regal, royal manner you so effortless carry
and in fact, flaunt.

We want to hug you and squeeze you and call you George !

We love your generosity of spirit.

 We are enchanted by your delightful underbelly of fun and games.

You are sunshine incarnate.

We’re not worthy !

HA HA ! 
Rrrrelax, fellow zodiac suns…
I’m just kidding.

Well, sort of.
I do have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, ya know. lol
Happy Leo Full Moon
(scroll to bottom)


Emelie Schäfer

This wiki photo looks like my friend . . . who is carousing since the stars are out . . .

Thursday September 6

9:48am CST, USA
Venus into Leo

Pffoomph up the drama-rama mama !

Romance, creativity, play and social strut yer stuff will be pouncing and bouncing around the room !  Charm, grace, singing and dancing and expressing our hearts desires . . . oh this WILL be fun !   Venus has a tendency for generosity in Leo, this is good – just know money can slip right through the fingers in fun-lovin’, good time gambling Leo house.  

Picked up an interesting book tonight that recommended putting cat’s whiskers into the glovebox for vehicular safety and smooth rides.

Hmph !  Who knew ?!

Whiskers are ‘feelers’ – obviously intuitive and perceptive.  Cats use them to navigate, gauge distances and feel air currents so they don’t get stuck in tight places or crash into things.

Cats are also sneaks, so this may come in veeery handy for me – just sayin’ !  lol.

Cat whiskers help them get around more easily when the sun sets, darkness falls and they are out hunting.  Whiskers operate similar to horns on larger animals.  (Horns on totem animals operate as psychic antenna)

I just happen to have 2 cats, two whiskers and one rusty old dodge truck –
I am soOo doing this !

 oxo lotsa Leo lux cool cats oxo

. . . rRrrpurrrRrr . . .