Worship & Praise

Time to Worship and Praise the LEOS

We love your flair for the dramatic,
  the regal, royal manner you so effortless carry
and in fact, flaunt.

We want to hug you and squeeze you and call you George !

We love your generosity of spirit.

 We are enchanted by your delightful underbelly of fun and games.

You are sunshine incarnate.

We’re not worthy !

HA HA ! 
Rrrrelax, fellow zodiac suns…
I’m just kidding.

Well, sort of.
I do have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, ya know. lol
Happy Leo Full Moon
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5 thoughts on “Worship & Praise

  1. Mick : LEO !

    Tina ALWAYS brings out the crazy in Mick.
    Her Gem Moon conj his Uranus, his Sun conj her Pluto.
    She’s a Saggo, Sun/Merc in trine to all his Leo junk ,so I think it’s fair to say they’re on fire lol.

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