Rock solid

Tree 27

Check out the sexy flash of universe under the Doc’s coat –  Love it.
A tease of randy mystical seagoat underlying serious Time Lord biz.

Of course I chose the Doctor for Venus in Capricorn !

Capricorn is Time, Earth, Authority, Work, Restriction.
Venus is Love, Balance, Diplomacy, Togetherness.

Love is the ancient glue that holds the universe together – Venus attracts and balances.  She is a peace monger looking for friendship and love.  

Saturn indicates ties that bind.  Saturn contacts in synastry are work – plain and simple – you are bound to each other through those energies until the lesson is learned.

eg.  My ex had Jupiter smack on my Aries Saturn Rx.  I thought I partied before I met him, then realized he was running PhD level (Neptune rising, Pisces 5th / Leo MC).  When it comes to parties, our crew is professional, no doubt of that.  My Saturn got a biggie dose of ‘let’s follow ALL our impulses’, which was of course both good & bad.

I have Venus-ruled Libra at MC, (house of Capricorn) so among other things, I am here to work cooperatively, see and experience both sides of everything, and balance love and finances.

Capricorn Venus energy in and of itself is strict, fair and honest – they will give and get in kind.  Capricorn Venus can be melancholy, it is inherent to the energy of Capricorn/ Saturn. Caps are serious, no-nonsense, what you see is what you get kind of people.

Venus is money, and Caps can be frugal, thrifty – they know how to stretch a dollar by using old things that work and wear well.  When they do spend, the consumer reports guide is browsed, reviews considered carefully, then, and only then the top-of-the-line purchase comes.

In love, Venus Caps are also thrifty and frugal – if you are looking for an abundance of demonstrative love, you may wanna try a fire sign Venus.  Saturn restricts by nature.  The object of the Cap Venus’ affection will be loved steadfastly, quietly and steadily over the course of time…this is the gift of Capricorn Venus.
Look what I found 1/2 price !  My hand was on it in a nanosecond.
It was red – THAT didn’t last long.  It became Tardis blue in a jiffy !  Still needs a couple of modifications, then blinking lights – and I have myself a Tardis for command central.  (Doctor Action figure not included.)

Capricorn Venus peeps are patient and – let’s face it – about as fast as a herd of turtles, but the work is quality, long-lasting… as is the love.  Some of you may be wondering why I am only just now writing about Venus in Capricorn … I have my reasons (besides making a funny point).
Time strengthens the bonds for Venus in Capricorn folks.  They understand work is love / love is work.  Age and / or wisdom is desirable as is status and reliability. They want you to know you can count on them, and they need to be able to count on you too.   In times of trouble, Capricorn Venus folks will stick by those they love – come thick or thin, they are rock solid.
Venus moves into Aquarius
January 3
ok, this is just funny Time Lord stuff.

fyi: Saturn rules dunces and dads