Bending WillPower

Michael Whelan

A reader with Sun square Pluto is searching for ways to accept power.

Dear reader, you already have power  – that is a fact that you need to accept  first and foremost.  Astrologically ANY contact between a luminary and Pluto IS powerful, your square just means you can’t easily accept it.  Yet.
First, it must be said with Plutonian power – it is most important to gain power over oneself, rather than use it to control others. 

Everything on earth has energy and vibrates with frequency.  Earth, rock, tree, bird, water, air, humans.  Earth vibrates slower, yet is very much energetically alive.
For instance, the sky above me just broke with lightning and rain, negative ions are in the air.  Use every opportunity you can to work with the natural earth forces around you – I just opened my door to bring more ions inside.  This ‘invisible’ energy is at work in and all around us.  If you want to tap it, and strengthen it, I will help.

This may seem obvious, but keep your physical body healthy.  Eat food that is natural, organic – avoid foods that are hard for your body to digest, as this uses more energy.  Hydrate often, keep your electrolytes replenished, exercise.  Be disciplined, restraint is actually quite freeing.  Find your Saturn and work it.

Mitakuye Oyasin.  We are all related.  Know your inherent worth.  You exist.  You are vital.  Still and focus on the energy of your own breath, heart and life coursing through you.  You are an intersection on the web of life.


We are all sparks of creation.  To bring the spark to a blaze, think of a moment in your life you were happiest.  Yes, you are going to create your Patronus.  Though be aware this is an Edgar Cayce reference source I am using.  Potter or Cayce – it works !

1. Imagine your happy event – identify what made it special – precisely what about the event  represents your highest spiritual joy and values ?  Got it ?  Make a small phrase to describe it.  This will be your ‘charm’, your ‘mantra’.  This is your thought, your moment crystallized into pure positive energy.  When you feel depleted, speak this phrase while imagining the moment that led you to choose it – feel the power behind the words, the emotion you are tapping when you say it aloud.

Thought + voice + positive intention = powerful energy raised

2.  The nature of energy is to move.
—-Keep the energy moving in your living environment.  Practice living simply.
 De-clutter, clean often.  Use scent, sound, water and fire to increase and clear the energy and keep it flowing in your home.
—-Keep the energy moving in your body through movement, exercise.
—-Keep the energy moving in your mind.  Read, do puzzles, learn new skills, approaches.  Take a different route, use your non-dominant hand to write or draw.

3.   Own your energy center.
—-You are in charge  of your charge.  Positive or negative, you raise the energy, or dampen it.  Energy by itself is neutral.  How you feel about it gives it charge – the human heart is electric.  Sun rules Leo, rules the heart – the emotional center of the human body. 
Where the thoughts and feelings go, energy flows.

The body is a miraculous thing – heart transplant patients report literally a ‘change of heart’ : attitudes, feelings and identity merges with another spirit – the heart donor.  See how powerful we are ?  Amazing physical creatures.  We are spirit manifested into matter.  haha in a typo I wrote spit – but spit has power too !  My mother-in-law always spit on her bait to bring fish.  When I am in the woods without a proper offering, I will say a blessing and spit.  True.

Anyway, think how heartbreak feels, it is an ache in the chest – our spirit (Sun) is weakened.  Sun square Pluto is a call for change in desires of some kind.  Pluto forces a change of heart, in some way – only you know how Sun square Pluto person  – you are being forced to change on a soul deep level.  You are metamorphosis manifest. 
I feel for you, I have Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto; Pluto trine Moon; eighth house Venus conj Jupiter in Leo (Sun rules).  Giant Neptuner in Scorpio.  I get it.  I totally get it.

Sun (positive) in square to Pluto (negative) means you need to increase your awareness of your own inherent power.  Sun is light, Pluto is dark – find your balance.  Focus your awareness on the dark within.  See it and own it.  Own both the light and the dark.  Life is both.

You choose where you want to dwell – to accept your power, Sun square Pluto, find your center.   Ground yourself.  Pay attention to your larger surroundings, (your place in the web) then focus on yourself.  Your breathing, your blood pulsing, your heart.  Go micro web, see ?  Find those electro-magnetic intersections on your web of life within as well.

Focus on, feel out, and define your bodies in space:
electrical, physical

Know who, where and when you are regardless of changing circumstances.  Be in your own place of power.  This is a daily thing, by the way – keep at it.  Live your life as a walking talking prayer to raising your power – intentions set  – locked and loaded – to metamorphose your inner tension between light and dark into personal power in a healthy way.

Be aware of course, we are in Uranus square Pluto times, we will all likely have to lock and re-load often, as times and circumstances are changing rapidly.   As circumstances change, so will directions and intentions – stay focused, light on your feet, be ready to bob and weave…

This is how you will bend power to your will – and in the end find your will power.


zen transit

Lovely little zen transit we’re having, yes..?

Luna exalted in Toro smooshed in between Jupiter and Venus the benefics…mmm… couldn’t have come at a better time after all that Sun Uranus business.

Were you jittery, sleepless..?…  welcome to my world…it passed, and now we can rest up a bit, Moon loves Taurus loves Moon.

I have Sun conjunct Uranus in my natal, so nothing new energy wise, except it did spark a huge need for purge and separation from all the stagnant male trash laying around.
Giant two drawer filing cabinet purged !  Vesta is in Aries too, I set fire to all of it in my fireplace – quite satisfying, yes indeed.
I have Saturn Rx in Aries so enter Fire Sun + Uranus = heave HO !
Not to mention transit Pluto is in Capricorn square my Saturn Rx as well.

Sun and Saturn are the father, the men, the authorities in the natal.
Pluto and Uranus shakes everything loose, hallelujah, Amen !

All I needed was a bit of Arian activation and Mars Rx and Mercury Rx in mutual reception resulted in Virgo feng shui & organization shiva style.
Fancy that – trumped Toro Moon tv watching and couch spudding. !

Out with the Old and In with the New, right ON !

Did you feel a similar shift in your Aries house..?  Your natal house where Mars lives, perhaps..?…then your Mercury house probably felt it too, since they are hooked up energetically.  Whatever it was ~> it was a drastic shift in focus, am I right ?!
Gotta love the new perspective Uranus always brings, bit easier with good earth energies to ground the electricity, yes..?  I certainly was a productive little Virgo, and it came out of nowhere ZAP presto !

Enjoy the sensual massage Moon, Luna enters Gemini the 29th and Lunar energies will scatter and chatter.  She’s more energetic and flighty in air, so finish your practical work now and brainstorms will come later in Gemini.

Jupiter in Taurus is quintile (talent, spiritual gift) Neptune in Pisces; they are traditional and modern rulers of Pisces, respectively.
It’s a fabulous time for divination and artwork ~ any sort of creativity, really.
Taurus is Venus ruled and lots of good vibes are the rolling thunder under that house in your chart at the moment.  Take advantage of it, Moon moves to square Neptune tomorrow night as it moves to the latter degrees of Taurus.

Saturn Rx in Libra is quintile Pluto in Capricorn as well.
Work the gift, USE it to create something, re-structure your place of business, beautify your workspace and make it work for you !

Here’s the Bagua ~ orient the career portion to where you sit at your desk.  Use colors, objects as described in the chart to inject a fresh energy VooOoSH  into your work environs and bring prosperity, luck, romance, etc…

I have 2 desks; a solid wood workbench suitable for hammering pounding and making leather – 3 feet from it is my computer desk.

Candles in the romance sector on both desks, I always have liked them on the upper right.  I have a metal elephant bell (trunk up !) in the creativity sector on my workbench, did that much intuitively, without the map, so that’s cool. This is not the first time I’ve ‘got’ the feng shui intuitively, I love fusion interiors, comes naturally.

What’s on your desk ?  My computer desk has Yoda in the fame sector, lol.
Jedi Master… fame & reputation…works for me !
peace out ~ 

Use the force ~

how many x

Saturn rules spiders, they build.

I am careful not to destruct their webs while walking through my yard.
I just sit and watch them spin, they fascinate me.
Building.  Always building.  Work, work and more work.

Spider, my yard

Spinning all sorts of webs, not just orbs like you see pasted up in Halloween windows,  but funnels and string lines with lassos, all sorts of designs to suit the purpose.
I wonder how many webs a spider spins during their life ?  How many times does their masterpiece get wrecked to the point it is better to leave it and start over on another one ?
Pluto is wrecking ball my Saturn right now.

Asheville, NC artist.  Please, forgive, too many years ago to remember.

Neptune is opposing my Venus Jupiter conjunction in the 8th, and I want to build art.
I want the materials and tools (Mars) in my hands.  (Saturn in Aries 3rd, trine Mars in Sag)
I love to work with my hands (Gemini 6th).  I love leatherwork.  (Saturn rules me and leather)  I love the way it smells and the way the wrinkles in the hide feel underneath my fingertips when I lace it with sinew.  (Toro Moon 4th)

Gneiss Moon

It’s dead, and I’m Plutonic.
Skulls, bones, feathers, hides, skins, rocks, crystals, quills, furs, twigs and sticks, axes and arrowheads are all over my place.  Death is a part of life.  I get the feng shui, and I practice it my way.  The dead stuff stays.

I’m pretty Uranian too with Neptune waterfalling all over my chart from the 11th and Uranus/Pluto conjunct Sun in the 9th.

I’m self – taught in many areas, I prefer it to classes, tests and schedules.
What I want to learn, no school around here teaches anyway.

Lone wolf.