wheels within wheels

It is not competitive ability but ability to maximize cooperation with other species that most directly contributes to an organisms being able to function and endure as a member of a biome.  -Terence McKenna

Efé children of the Ituri Forest in Zaire (Rep. of Congo, central Africa) begin the Osani game by sitting in a circle, feet touching, all connected. Each child in turn names a round object like the sun (oi), the moon (tiba), a star (bibi) an eye (ue) and then goes on to name a figurative expression of “round” like the circle of the family, togetherness, a baby in the womb, or the cycle of the moon. As players fail to come up with a term that is “circular” they are eliminated from the game. Eventually, only one remains. Tradition has it that this player will live a long and prosperous life.

Recently, the Mystic Medusa tribe had a great discussion about Aquarians often being chucked into ‘humanitarian groups’ when Aquarians are feral creatures, not herd mentality.
My comment revolved around the default Aquarian vibe being set to ‘universal’, more an intuitive connection with the infinite.
The union of personal mind and universal consciousness more than any specific group affiliation.
It’s more like an instinctual knowing and appreciation for life in all its forms…the cosmos within/without…  humanitarian description is thinking too small
That last line I wrote got me thinking…maybe I’m not thinking small enough

Here’s what I’m getting at…adult human bodies have about 100 trillion cells, all made of two hundred or so different kinds of cells.  Inner cosmos, anyone !?

Cell walls are permeable, meaning there is a ‘gate-keeper’ (Saturn rules gates/restrictions, is the traditional ruler of Aquarius) choosing which ions (electrically charged, Uranus-ruled) and organic molecules to let in or out – or not.

This balanced (Venus rules Libra and Libra rules balance) give-and-take environment in the cell is vital to keep us healthy and alive.

Ok, here’s the really cool bit…
I recently read at SynerChi about cell mem-brains, meaning cells have their own intelligence.

Keep in mind Uranus is the higher octave of Mercurial thinking and rules ‘knowing’ and intuition.
Aquarius rules communities, and Venus rules teamwork (and it’s worthy of mention~ love).

Here’s a bit from the SynerChi site, including the nifty micro-macro bit at the end…!

Cells show characteristics of intelligent behavior that allow them to come together cooperatively and form ever greater and more organized structures.

Cells form communities, then tissues, then organs, then systems.

At each level of organization individual cells display awareness of their environment, and react to that environment in a way that demonstrates deliberate and direct responsiveness.

Each one of our trillions of cells have a cell ‘Mem – Brain’, that receives and responds to emotional and chemical cues, and just as single cells are controlled by their awareness of the environment in which they live, so too are human beings on the larger scale.
So love is keeping us together via teamwork micro & macro.
Cool, huh?!

Interactive Scale of the Universe      <– totally cool !  click it !

Magical Mem-Brains