Quicksilver retrograde runaround:
Mercury into Aquarius Jan 4, (in shadow 6th) retrograde at 17 degrees on the 21, direct on Feb 11 at 1 degree Aquarius (out of shadow March 4)

Quicksilver was fathered by Magneto – brill, yeah ?  
Mercury is the lower octave of Uranus aka magnetics.  

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is particularly weird because perceptions of space-time are skewed – shifting and changing like prismatic flashes in a crystal prism.  Thoughts emerge from odd spectrums.  Waves and vibrations flare – deliver clarity – then fade, for another idea has already taken its place.

Accept the intuitive leaps and inventions your synapses are firing across the chasms.
The greek root of synapse means join together. 

Track patterns, note insights !
Full Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Sun is delivering heaps of creative brainstorms with Jupiter Rx in tow.  Mercury Rx in Aquarius is ahead of its time & ahead of your time.  Messages incoming may not make sense at this moment – but do not idly dismiss them – they will make perfect sense in the future.

File your Mercury/Jupiter Retrograde (lower/higher mind) insights for analysis downstream.  Right now, just let your consciousness flow.

Peace Out
Gneiss Moon

Let it fly

am ScorSolarEclipse heron 002Heron on the lake morning of Scorpio Solar Eclipse, Gneiss Moon

Mars IS in Capricorn since early am today, post incoming asap.
Funny how last day of vacation creeps up.  I need to get busy.
Hauling brush to burn, cleaning garage, readying for winter months… with pauses in between to marvel at blue sky and bright red maple leaves and breathe crisp, cool air.

Tonight, I was going to run to the store, but my truck wouldn’t start, the battery had mysteriously run down.  (No doors open, no lights on and it ran yesterday.)

When my neighbor came over with a charger, he shared terrible news about a friend.
Uranus rules batteries and shocking insight.

Saturn by transit is conjunct my natal Neptuner and square my natal 8th house Venus Jupiter conjunction.  Deep sadness, heinous sensitivity coupled with the determined refusal to put up with overbearing, intrusive fuckwits while I work my ass off. 

Mercury stationing opposite Uranus while both square Pluto, is for a Virgo with 9th house Sun/Uranus/Pluto, forced altitude adjustments 24/7.  It is often hard to get my head around it, changes are so fast and furious it is hard to SEE straight for ten consecutive minutes.

Jean PhoenixJean Grey, Phoenix

Tricky mental maneuvers proliferate – one hand/half of brain blocks all entry while the other hand/half of brain is open to receive.  Cogs in the wheel grind, I am understanding to a point.  Some things won’t ever make sense (Mercury) no matter how I look at it.

Clarity rings like a freedom bell with Uranus.

Pluto forces new material into consciousness – grappling for efficiency, understanding and the  s  p  a  c  e  to do so increases exponentially.

Scorpio season with Uranus square Pluto…?
Give spirit the space to phoenix.
Gneiss Moon

Passion Peak

black_queen_by_alexgarner-d20k3nbAlex Garner

Friday July 25
Mars into Scorpio
Vegas 9:25pm
Saturday 26
London 3:25am
Tokyo 11:25am

Mars in Scorpio drives power and passion to their peak experience.  Vigorous regenerative energies roll under the surface of this Mars due to the influence of Pluto.
Passion pits and peaks are part and parcel of Pluto; Mars aggravates and stimulates.
You do the math.

This position is a blitzkrieg of intensity and purposeScorpio is not only identified with the Scorpion, but also the eagle – they are the silently swift strike, highly observant.  Mars in the house of Scorpio is a devious, subtle, undercutting blade rather than the obvious full-frontal attack of Mars in Aries.

Here live BATTLES over SHARED POWER – money, sex, life and death as well as secrets involving them all.  This Mars is possessive and jealous, demanding loyalty and fixed security – they will not be cuckholded by any means – unless there is a prior agreement.
Scorpio demands total honesty and full disclosure – if this is not forthcoming, Mars will ferret out the dirty deeds/deets via uncannily accurate research.

This magnetic placement attracts both the powerful and powerless for Mars here is fearless and ferocious, a sight to behold.  You want them on your team in a fight, yet they are not made for the company of wilting violets.  People with this placement run a tight ship, they are not frivolous in action or affection.

Mars here tends towards energy transformation: via traditional forms of psychotherapy or healing via shamanistic trance drumming, acupuncture (blade/needle), kendo, jiujitsu, sacred tattooing.  This Mars is inclined to interest in the occult and metaphysics – anything unknown or unseen acts as an irresistible aphrodisiac.

Focused power, increased energy, sexual desires and the persistent desire to uncover and probe subjects of interest will be on high RED alert !  

Obsessive qualities may arise – know this going in !
Choose your Battles !

Transform your own energy rather than obsess over controlling someone else’s. 

Alex Garner re: image above: If Dark Phoenix was heroin to Jean Grey, then I like to think of the Black Queen as the gateway drug. 
Mutant and Proud
Gneiss Moon

gets brains storming


Chris Samnee

Nothing has greater power than an idea whose time has arrived.
Victor Hugo

Mercury in Aries

Mercury rules the brain
Hemisphere rulership is split 
Mars rules left hemisphere – Analytical
Mercury rules right hemisphere – Creative

Mercury in Mars-ruled Aries cuts to the chase.
It thinks on the fly – the highly analytical revolving door of ideas spins like a top in this sign.  Like most fire signs, they tend not to filter.  Words pop out in fits of passionate interchanges, they keep the communication superhighway HOT.

Driven by a need to be THE FIRST to say, think, + lay tread on new intellectual roads, they are adept at speed.  Speed reading, speed pattern recog + connects, Mercury in Aries is an enthusiast of IDEAS rather than a philosopher who ponders them. (Sag)
Genius extroverts, they get brains storming – then ditch that idea for the next new thing.

Aggressive speech, thought is due to the Martian influence – witty banter brings out their best game.  Mars is the blade, after all.  Negotiation, sharing of thoughts, seeing other perspectives is hard for this impulsive, ego-driven Mercury placement. They are impatient, but have lively minds full of sudden insights and flashes of fired-up clarity.  They make great life coaches full of inspirations, quips.
Mercury in Aries is adept, agile with advice on how to GET MOVING + DO IT !


ps. How about weird brain pic – is Wolverine.
Fantastic feral Mars Mercury represent !

Language of the Universes

James McAvoy

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce James McAvoy.

First time I ever saw him onscreen, it was weird… my (then) husband walked into the room and watched me (strangely, not the tv – by which he is normally transfixed).
I did not disappoint.
Reverently, I drew breath.. oOohhh Good Leto.

Dune has its own category here at Chez Luna, is my absolute favorite series of books, and Leto is my favorite character from that series.  Like Star Wars, the Chronicles of Dune changed my life, so the casting of this character in particular had to be perfect.   James nailed it.  I’ve been following his work ever since.

James is a very intense, earthy 8th house Toro Sun, 5th house Aquarius Moon, Libra Rising with .ahem. Pluto in first house – mmhello !  trine Moon. Venus (ruler) exalted in Pisces 6th conjunct DC/Mercury in Aries 7 both of which trine Jupiter in Leo 10.  Rawrr !

james_mcavoy 2
En inglés: James is powerfully attractive, quick thinking, with keen instincts and gut reactions that really pay off artistically, as well as being gifted with a loving heart that is kindly in service to others.  Aside: Thank you Hugh & James for sharing the bum is rattling like berserk kids song – such a silly little thing that still makes me grin.

He’s a family man with Cancer at MC, Moon trining Pluto in the sign of relationships, Moon also sextiles Sun in the 8th.  House ruling wife has its ruler (Mars), kids (Mercury) and Venus (wife) all right there conjunct partnership DC – his wife Anne-Marie Duff is an actress as well.  They work together well and often, though I have only seen The Last Station.  Private daily life is kept so with Saturn and North Node in Virgo by the backdoor, he’s sensibly reserved but onscreen ?  POW !


Sagittarius Neptune (film) in 3 trine Mars (ruling) Aries and sextile Pluto with Sun in the 8th and Jupiter in Leo 10.  He’s enchanting, magnetic, fun and frisky but with an underlying intensity that is like a caged animal…pacing…watching.  Mercury/Venus are very strong conjunct DC – Virgo on the 12th (Mercury rules) innately senses the vibes in a room full of people via minutia, instantly.

Lucky for us, instead of following childhood dreams of becoming either a missionary or a navy man (NNode, Saturn in Virgo 12) James took an artistic path in film (Neptune), also shown by ruler of 10th in 5th.

Now for some fun Duke Leto Atreides II stuff. 
Warning – I am going DUNE – spoilers incoming.

Asteroid Leto is 68 and thrillingly bang on James’ Toro Chiron in the Venus-ruled 8th house of metamorphosis ! 
Chiron is the wounded healer mind you, and Leto did what his father the Kwisatz Haderach could not. He conquered his fear and took the burden – he became The Worm to save the universe.  Chiron/Leto trines James’ Saturn in Virgo (service) by the backdoor aka 12th house sign.  They both transform/heal/teach via art, love, the burden of work done large-scale across time. (8th house Sun ruling 11 trine Saturn in 11th)

Leto is a missionary riding on an ocean of sand.
Neptune rules (12th & oceans) missionaries; Saturn rules sand and worms.



Christ, I am such a goober, I cried just then making that connection, so now you have a strange Dune freak Plutonic astrologer lady writing about the weird ways wishes come true.  (Scorp Uran 2 trine Venus, Merc DC)
In my defense, Dune Chronicles (I am Saturn [3rd] ruled) are my very favorite books (Mercury), I have Mercury at MC and Neptune (film, fantasy) most highly aspected.  Can’t help it, I get kinda worked up about sci-fi, Dune and strange astrology connections in particular.

I find it cosmic, cool that James’ Venus is in the 6th (natural Virgo house) and exalted conjunct Mercury and this Virgo is going on about how James’ chosen art has more than rippled my pond.  Such a regular, nice, humble guy who loves his family (respect !) who when onscreen, pulls off such heart-based Plutonic prowess that I feel less alone.

I can more easily accept who I AM – by watching him work.
Thank you James, thank you.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” – Frank Herbert DUNE

Saved this for last because it proves a point I feel I need to make. 
Synastry happens. 
You don’t have to date someone, live with someone or even meet someone to be profoundly moved by who they are, the vibe they give off, or the work they create.

I. had. no. idea
James got to carry the Olympic torch !
How cool is that ?!  

Venus conj Merc in Aries conj DC trine Jupes in Leo – this was obv. a big day !

Back to synastry, eg. I dated soOo many Sagittarians before I learned astrology, and I could never figure out why – until I learned it myself, began to read the symbols and translate the universal language of vibrations.   I am about as close as you can get to being a Sagittarius without actually being one, all my personal planets (+) are hooked up with Sag energy in some form or fashion.  I can pick a Sagittarius out of a crowd without even trying to.

Tons of Sag aside – I have the critical mind of a cynic – I am a Virgo with Capricorn rising, Saturn ruled  – sign/planet of being cynical.
Growing up, I thought Nancy Reagan was off her California nut scheduling everything with an astrologer.  Strangely enough, years later, I learned astrology and applied it to family, friends and everyone I admire as well as time-sensitive situations.
and the verdict is…

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt – astrology works. 
Simple as that – it works. 
Fuck it man, if it works, I’m gonna USE it.
How’s that for Saturn.? lol.  (Capricorn/Saturn motto is: I USE.)

So what prompted that rant…?

James’ Venus is conjunct my Chiron, his art helps me feel better.  His Sun is conjunct my North Node and his spirit journey helps me find mine.  His Mars is conjunct my Saturn – (my Saturn trines my Mars) – so our Mars are trine each other – fire to fire.  We help propel each other forward via inspiration.  * see torch above ? – there ya go.

Saturn rules fear, and his delivery of my favorite quote above, was indeed, stellar – every time I think of it, I recite it with him as Leto in my head now, where once it was only me and my nebulous imagination of how Leto felt to me.  Mentally reciting it feels and is more powerful, now because James embodied that role so perfectly for me, it helped me solidify how I SEE Leto in my head.  I usually don’t imagine faces while reading, it is most important how the characters make me feel.  Yet I knew enough in a few seconds of watching to know James’ vibe was exactly right for how I imagined Leto, if that makes sense. (Prior to my astro study, btw.)  My Libra Mercury is conjunct his Pluto so I write about the powerful change his artwork creates in my thinking.  Penelope, for instance – what a sweetheart of a role that was – well played.

As if that weren’t enough, in composite (aka me here writing, pouring it all out at once with only 3 saves, which is unheard of for me) we are the vibration of: one mystic rectangle; two Grand Trines: one air, one fire – one of which is a fiery kite with Mars in Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Aries; yet another air kite has Sagittarius Neptune opposite Venus in Gemini.  If he ever googles himself and finds this, he will know I think seeing him carrying the Olympic torch is pretty darn cool (see Mars trine Mars), and I may teach (Jupiter) him a thing or two about astrology (Aquarius) and inspire him through my craft like he has inspired (Venus/Neptune) me through his…
Who knows …? 

Anything’s possible.
 ::: grin :::

Peter’s prowess

Tyrion-Lannister-tyrion-lannister-35417095-3333-5000Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
Game of Thrones

How fun is it watching Peter chew lines and spit ’em out with sardonic wit week after week ?  Easily one of my favorites on GoT, he steals scene after scene, year after year.  Peter won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2011 for the role of Tyrion.  I have loved his work since I saw The Station Agent, co-starring Patricia Clarkson, I highly recommend it.

Peter is a very earthy Gemini Sun (and Mercury – rules Gem), with 3 planets in Toro, including Moon (exalted here) and a late Virgo stellium.

Early Sagittarius Mars, Chiron in Aries are his lone fire planets – but with Jupiter nestled between Pluto and Uranus – Peter has plenty of wisdom, enthusiasm and power to attain adventurous goals.  Chiron in Aries is a powerful drive to heal wounds through understanding/seeing the big picture, while focusing on taking the single-minded  independent lead.  Mars in Sag loves to explore, learn, experience and play.

Sag Mars quintiles (genius expression) Virgo Pluto and if that doesn’t make a randy, lusty, silver-tongued devil I’ll eat your hat.  Perfect casting !  It also indicates a drive to expand philosophies/perceptions surrounding perfection on a mass scale (Mars quint Pluto trine Moon).

Virgo Jupiter neck and neck with the innovator (Uranus) and the metamorph (Pluto) craft a clever, witty and practical punch.  Pluto trines exalted Moon in Venus – ruled Toro leading to favor, attraction via steady, humble groundwork – laid patiently, skillfully, and sensually, I might add. 

Tyrion LannisterKudos to leathersmith, & artisans all – fantastic work !

Peter has Gemini Sun square late Virgo Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus leading to a tremendous inner tension forcing intellectual/communicative self-improvement.  The key is versatility inherent to mutable signs – mental dexterity, witty repartee, being calm, cool, collected in a battle of wits.

That knock-out Virgo stellium sees Jupiter in exact sextile to Neptune in Scorpio – now that is the ability to powerfully flesh out any scenes on film (Neptune).  The minutiae of  expressions Peter is capable of turning out in scene after scene is stunning. Did you catch his eye twitching when Tywin (new hand in the office) was lecturing him ?  Go back and look – amazing.  He is all kinds of fun to watch onscreen !

Venus bang on Saturn in Toro has much to do with that artistic control.  Venus rules Taurus and the arts; Saturn, discipline and control – both are well-placed in earth.  Peter’s perceptual prowess coupled with powers of mimicry – Mercurial energy is working its charm !

I’ll pop some fun vids in the comments – fair warning – plenty of swearing and skin.
If it turns you off – don’t turn it on.



X-Men Days of Future Past

Obviously I am in desperate need of this movie NOW !
hahaa I know, I know…technically it’s a want, not a need.
But if I want it really, really bad then it morphsintoaNEED, right ?!?
Kidding !

A core of truth lives and dies in that statement
Scorpio struggles with desire.
Scorpio desires struggle.

If you have strong Scorpio energy
many planets in Scorpio
 many planets in the 8th house
Pluto hooked up with the luminaries
or any personal planets

You know exactly what I mean
when I say
We are not for the faint of heart.

Transmutation 24/7
Fixed, fervent, ferocious
Always & Forever


Mantis Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan with some kind of mantis.  I looked through 90+ pages of mantis in the bug field guide couldn’t ID it.  He ID’s bugs for peeps on twitter sometimes if you’re losing sleep over it. You can always find the guide in the sidebar under Earth if you get buggy curious, like me.
Mantis as totem highlights personal chi, focus, patience and stillness from within.  To African bushmen, the mantis embodies God as ‘the voice of the infinite in the small’, mantis is “the one who teaches”, they are wizards of perception – visible and invisible as they choose.  more mantis Previous mantis post here.

Timely…full Aquarius moon squares Dom’s Jupiter Rx in Toro, falls in his 3rd solar house: learning, thinking.  WoW.  No kidding, immediately after writing that sentence, I spied a single big black ant on my right (future).  Ants are without a doubt Saturnian.  Ants are social, industrious, hard-working and they carry more than their own weight.  

Dominic is a rollicking fun house of Sagittarius, 16 degree Sun, Neptune and Mars tightly conjunct following at 13 and 12 degrees, respectively. Honestly just a few days ago he wrote something on his twitter that made me burst out laughing with ‘I can’t believe you just said that !’, which was followed by ‘of course you just said it – you’re a Sag!’… hilar.

*Sun Neptune and Mars = Jedi vibe.

Perfect illustration of his *Spirit, Dreams, Action conjunction is this tweet from a few days ago: Visualize your dreams before you sleep at night. You will move closer to making them reality when you wake. Xxx be curious.

I knew the Jedi/natal aspects going in, (I have similar) but I forgot about this tattoo, (I’ve been cable free for years) until today. I love it !
Watch Kat ink Dom – –  tatt 1 – –  tatt 2

You have likely seen Dom as Charlie in Lost, Bolt in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and of course as
Meriadoc Brandybuck in Lord of the Rings. I just watched The Day last night, I liked it, gritty suspense that led me into funky dreamland.
Dom is currently living the sweet Sagittarius dream, globe-trotting and making friends with bugs & critters the world over for his hit BBC show, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, which was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Reality Series in its first year.

I drug out rabbit ears and did the 2hr tweak for both the 11th Doctor and later, Dom.  (Having absolutely no luck, (local affiliate didn’t pick up either !) – me and my tv had a very bad, noisy break up.)  I have requested DMWT at my local library… where I have oodles and gobs of faith, I just have to have…patience……patience !


You can call Dom Spider-Man, because he just had a spider Ctenus monaghani named after him !  YaY
How cool is that ?!  
This pic is from Spidey 2 premiere in 2004.

Foreshadowing..?  Perhaps.  Spoilers .. !  haha It fits with your strong Saturnian vibe, very cool.

Dom has been an avid environmentalist for years, this pic is from one of the LotR premiers – check out more about Dom’s asteroid wood in previous eco / tree post here.  He owns a small forest in India, good work !

Nat’l Geo: Scientists believe that insects outnumber humans by more than a billion to one and that the world contains thousands of insect secrets waiting to be discovered. What is known about insects is that they are essential for ecosystems to thrive.
Dom rings peremier TreesSagittarius Sun tightly conjunct Neptune, Mars is an outward bound thrust toward spiritual teaching, karmic enlightenment, higher octaves of nature, art and the beauty in all that IS – actively pursuing, revealing and becoming ONE with the light behind the spiritual sun (cosmic expression rather than self expression).

Nature (Neptune) is the ultimate (Mars) I AM.
SEEing (Sagittarius) the Goddess/God particle as it manifests in all creation.
Note: Those who conserve nature are Saturnian 

Dom has 16 degree Leo Saturn Rx in exact trine to Sagittarius Sun in this triple conjunction indicating an active teaching, belief in a higher strength, willpower delivered by the infinite divine as is manifest (Sun rules Leo, life) here on Earth (Saturn) via the diversity of creatures across the globe (Sagittarius).

Uranus (diversity) and North Node of Destiny (future path) in Scorpio (research) trine  Moon (home, emotions) in Cancer (Moon strong, it rules) indicates both a love for living the rad boho home life as well as the research of it in transit (Uranus in Scorpio).

Our world is truly his oyster, and he delivers the pearls of Sagittarius wisdom.  Dom shares his unique brand of personal world-wide WILD research (Uranus, Scorpio) via what he SEES, what he experiences (Sagittarius stellium) on television. (Uranus)

Dealing with poisonous (Neptune) critters is all in a day’s work (trine Saturn).  Moon is instinctual feelings, Uranus is instinctual thinking – when both are in trine it sets up an avenue of non-verbal communication between species.  (I have Uranus trine Moon, my bro had Uranus Cancer in mutual reception with Moon in Aquarius)

All animals (yes, including humans) and especially wild animals communicate non-verbally, they know the friend or foe vibrations (Uranus) right off.  They KNOW that you are here as a friend to speak for them.  This is favorable, but remain sharp, Saturn (time) squares (friction) Uranus (fanatic, odd), resist the urge to go too quickly due to strong excitement.
Every being has a different baseline (natal, life chart) from which to operate.
Some relationships are more difficult than others – those that are difficult will be highly rewarding because they force growth.
Don’t be hasty.  Be careful out there.

Saturn in square to Uranus needs to cultivate love, patience, planning, humility and concentration for sudden surprises (Uranus) can be detrimental to the vital life force (Uranus square Leo).  This is an aspect of stubborn willfulness (fixed signs) that needs to fully tap into co-operation and understanding in relationships of all kinds (Saturn opposes Aquarius) in order to work high qi.  Saturn constricts; Uranus sets free – this is a restless energy from within (square) that needs tempering – find your middle ground between the two.

Fantastic Sag Wild pics on his instagram here.

There is an opportunity to USE (Saturn) the benefits of fame to teach others via (metamorphic) Pluto sextile Leo Saturn (creative work) and sextile Sagittarius stellium (teaching).  Pluto is focal planet of a T-Square (fulcrum of inner conflict) in Libra  bringing justice, transformative relationships – communication (Mercury) of feelings, family, home (Moon in Cancer) and the transformation of all of them into sharp focus.

The urge to penetrate cultural understandings, research the passionate spirit of humanity at large drives him to responsibly communicate the innate similarities between all peoples, cultures and critters.  He is a powerful storyteller that initiates action in others.  (Cardinal T-Square)

All life has the right to explore what it means to be alive.
Gneiss Moon

Metamorphosis, power struggle and re-birth arrive via partnership, bonds, women, harmony, diplomacy.  Great success hinges on seeing both sides of any and all situations regardless of sexual, cultural (Libra, Venus rules) or communicative differences – tap Moon in Cancer (rules, strong) sensitivity, sharing feelings, also cultivate adaptability to change.

Power over oneself, sharing power are hallmarks of the truly powerful.
This is also my lesson.  Just sayin’.

Pluto square (inner tension) Mercury in Capricorn (solid communication re: material responsibility), and Pluto square Moon in Cancer (emotions, home and sensitivities to fluctuating perceptions) are key points of power struggles and change with others.

Mercury in Capricorn (Saturn rules) indicates a serious thinker, bare bones communication that gets the job done. It is the epitome of dignified, logical, material goal-set.  While in opposition to Moon in Cancer, thinking, communicating and perceptions require compromise.  Family, women, the public, home (moon rules all 3) both personal and global, are calling for an awareness of duality.  Pluto in Libra transforms through seeing both sides.

What you say matters.
A Sagittarius stellium with Mercury in Capricorn..?
You walk the talk.

MY HOME :::opposes::: OUR WORLD
(Cancer :::peace talks::: Capricorn)

Obviously deep feelings backed by a deep commitment not only to cultivating and maintaining the balance of life, but also actively communicating it, often.
Great work, keep it UP !

Taurus Jupiter Rx square Saturn Rx in Leo is an aspect of inner tension re: work, expansion, long-term goals, how you are able to express yourself creatively.  Saturn constricts; Jupiter expands – the urge to go BIG is sometimes met with blockage.  Being fluid, rather than fixed (Taurus) and patiently waiting for the right time, and/or going around obstacles is key here – this is a test of patience re: authority (Saturn) and/or romance (Leo).

Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde which indicates a turning inward of these energies as they perfect expression to your satisfaction, at which time they will be expressed  outwardly.  Around the 40 year mark, the North Node of Destiny kicks in as innate spiritual willpower demands true self expression, much the same is true of retrogrades.  You are kicking it into high gear now, and will continue to do so.

Jupiter sees, teaches; Saturn streamlines, conserves.
You love travel, teaching and the Earth.
Boom – WIN !

Your North Node is ruled by Pluto – very powerful transformation is yours both creatively and romantically when you are in your metamorphic (Pluto, Libra) niche – the powerful need (Pluto) to express harmony, beauty and balance (Libra) is key.

I saved more of the good stuff for last…Capricorn Venus trine Jupiter in Taurus is sweet harmony between benefics – love (Venus) and expansion (Jupiter Rx) will be directly involved with how you USE (Capricorn) what you HAVE (Taurus).

I am a big fan of altitude, keep yours UP – if love, creative freedom or work is not delivered in what you deem a timely fashion (Venus in Capricorn) – remain patient, work hard, play hard (plenty of fire in your chart) and it will come to you in time – BIGTIME, if you remain flexible.

Cormlle naa tanya tel’raa