sweet scartist

Meet the latest in library checkouts.  
9th house – sexy god / goddess thang.? 
Check !

Ton of Gemini at the mo – -Mercury just crashed the party, chatting up Venus and Jupiter while Uranus and Pluto meet up to square.

Libraries are Mercury, Gemini, 3rd house ruled.  

Those who know me best know of my obsession with oceans of books.  (My Mercury sextiles 8th; 9th Sun/Ura/Pluto Virgo, Saturn Rx ruler in 3rd; Mars in 12th sign trine 3rd) 

Really like her style, not familiar with any tv shows, just read her books, get her vibe.
Gotta tell ya, when I read that she went into hiding after losing faith in something (yes, that dude) she put all her trust into, my heart went out to her.  
Soul Sistah.

She is Sun Pisces square Neptune in Sagittarius (losing faith, spirit; ultimately transcendence). Venus in Aquarius square Jupiter (Rx in Scorp) and Pluto indicates loving the wild children, those untamed, free spirits that deliver huge transformational experiences.  She also funnels her creativity from intense soul deep struggles she has risen above. 

Moon in Virgo can be a critical thinker, sometimes far to hard on herself re: how she feels.  Mercury in Aquarius (exalted) brilliant mind (trine Libra stellium) creating unusual art.  Mercury trines her powerhouse Libra stellium – Mars, Saturn, Pluto all Rx in Libra – hardcore rebel tattoo princess of wicked cool with North Node in Cancer – all sweetheart woman – with an unusual flair for body art.
Mars rules needles; Saturn, tattoos; Pluto, the beautiful seedy underbelly.

Kat’s art will be her constant companion and ultimate redemption.