Mojo Rising

First House
Natural house of Aries
Mars rules

The sign rising at birth
in the first house
the self
physical appearance, identity
style of competition, mannerisms, personality
physical and motor coordination
the head and face

The walk or strut is first house
attitude & altitude

The rising sign will determine
your temperament
your outlook, your early childhood
and your
physical appetites

The first house is not only
the impression made upon others
it is also 
the opinion one has of oneself. 

cloudless day

Seventh House
Natural house of Libra
Venus rules

The sign on the descendant at birth
in the seventh house
the other
partnerships, relationships

 contracts, alliances, marriage bonds

The seventh house also determines
open enemies, arbitration
lawsuits and fugitives

as well as
divorces and competition.

It is peace keepers, social consciousness
trade, unions, the organized public,
the personal physician

and money of
 tenants or people in your employ.

The seventh house
indicates the type of

you are looking for.