Fighting for Peace


ram-headbutt-oSun in Aries
March 20 – April 20
1st house
ruled by Mars
positive yang
cardinal fire


Sunshine in Aries is exalted

Will powers rise
blazing with desire and confidence to conquer all

Conscious creativity backs impulses
making them dynamic pioneers that set the pace for the pack

Impatient to get on with it
they are single-minded, determined
expecting others to
lead, follow or get the hell out of the way

Aries Suns are incredibly headstrong 
individuality steers
with brute force, super stamina and vital energy

Rarely discouraged
you want them on your team
for they encourage others to reach their own success

balanced peopleSun in Libra
September 23 – October 22
7th house
ruled by Venus
positive yang
cardinal air


Sunshine in Libra falls

Ego clasps hands with another falling into compromise
team players excel by virtue of sharing

Balanced justice and creative thinking strive to create harmony
bonds are forged, friendships solidified
spotlight shines on the other

Charm dictates and magnetism is strong
merging through love is pleasurable, preferable and poetic

Social grace and intellectual generosity
invites comrades and enemies alike
they are above all, fair

Patience lingers while perspective shifts
options are weighed and decisions refined with equanimity

Crossing the finish line in tandem
they urge all towards diplomacy and understanding
championing kindness and grace

Gneiss Moon