astro hunting 101

Aries fire rushes in – hunt and gather.  Cardinal
Leo fire is attracting – sun, magnetic.   Fixed
Sagittarius fire is chased – they travel, whomever pursues.  Mutable

Taurus earth wants their energy with them.  Fixed
Virgo will serve earth energy to you.   Mutable
Capricorn earth will actively seek their work and yours too.  Cardinal

Gemini air shares ideas with everyone within earshot.  Mutable
Libra air attracts (Venus) and gathers ideas to share with close associates.  Cardinal
Aquarius air knows its own mind, and  the group mind, shares with the world.  Fixed

Cancer water clings to beloved and home base – gathers family around.  Cardinal
Scorpio water draws emotions to them with the intensity of a black hole.   Fixed
Pisces water serenely soaks loved ones in elusive emotional mist and fog.  Mutable


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