Birds, Bells & Benders

Well that  didn’t take long.  Venus into Cancer was promptly christened with waterworks.  Yee gads, spinning Wille / Kris & Songwriter – my Dad’s copy on vinyl.  Wore out my cassette, found it in my Dad’s stuff after he died.  Nothing says I miss my Dad and brother like an Outlaws bender.  Cancer is family after all….

My apologies to any and all shellfish for calling Cancer touchie-feelie this week. 

Here’s why I do…
Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) opposes Cancer – they naturally need to compromise….
My Aries Saturn, squares Cancer – they naturally need to shift power and re-focus.

I am Cap rising, Saturn is my ruler meaning I approach life seriously, slowly and with concentration and tremendous effort.  I like it no muss, no fuss – straight shooters.  Say what you mean & do what you say.  Cancer does everything through feelings, which from my standpoint can become the undertow far too quickly. My Aries Saturn Rx flips Cancer the bird from the third.  Pffft.  Seventh house, relationships squareSquareSQUARE.  ‘Pity ? Party of One your table is ready.’

gets. on. my. last. nerve.

It has to said, I have plenty of love, caring and nurturing instincts – it’s the moody, clingy emotionally overwrought wishy-washy energies that do me no good. After 15 minutes I become my own drill sgt.  suck it UP sweetheart !  Yeah you are still single – it could be worse – get. ovah. it !   Get UP and Get to WORK !

Light candles, incense, ring some bells – gain ALTITUDE – pronto !

Then I do what any good Virgo stellium would do – I dismantle the bomb.  Pick it apart and solve it.   Here’s how:

Find YOUR squaring houses and work your puzzle, your way.  

Aries squares my Cap ASC and my Cancer DC.  Internally (eternally ?  sheesh.) at war with self (1st) and others (7th).  How the heck do I get out of it..?
Third house communicates – just by being here writing, I have solved one thing.  Second, my Aries Saturn Rx opposes my 9th (but trines Sag Mars) – by teaching I find compromise with others.  [ * waves * How ya’ll doin’ out there ? ]

Squares lead to the greatest growth in the natal chart because they are internal tension you can tap into everyday to find powerful metamorphosis.

Oppositions show up when other people do.  So hermits have oppositions with bears and moose, I guess, lol.  You shall not pass … or something.  haha  You get what I am saying.

For help solving oppositions, find the midpoint energies. 

For instance in my chart Toro Moon opposes Scorpio Neptune.  The midpoint between the two (square) lands me in Aquarius, an empty house – yet Aquarius is humanitarian and ruled by Uranus – astrology.  My Uranus is conjunct 9th house Sun – a benefic – so count Sun as a powerful ally.  Answer is: I quit drinking, etc.. and funnelled all my Loonie Lunar Neptuner sensitivity into astrology & divination for the WIN !
WoOo HooOo !

Also note: Aquarius on the second can mean two jobs, self – employed or made, infrequent or unsteady income.

Or… in my case, working my ass off to make more moola (2nd house) by initiating work in the intuitive arts so I can keep my house.
(aka – Hello Aries NN in the 4th !)

questions welcome
peace out

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