Dance of Destiny

under_the_mountain_by_balance_sheet-d5yio79-1Steve Hamilton

Seventeen degree Mars is square both North and South Node of Destiny.
Much more on the Nodes of the Moon here.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, going great gusto (even if behind the scenes on a waning moon in Libra) driving the engines of our lives with personal power and desire to not only live – but also thrive.

Traditionally North Node of Destiny in the natal is where we are headed, it is Jupiter in nature of expression, we learn new things on the ever-expansive learning curve.  South Node of Destiny is where we are living repetition, it is the well-worn path of been there, done that, it seems stagnant and predictable, more Saturn in nature of expression.

While we watch Nodes of the Moon traverse the wheel in our lives, they indicate where the current phase of expansion is indicated.  North Node is in Libra, interp here.

What I find interesting is that Mars is not only charring away exalted in Capricorn, but also rules the Aries South Node.
Venus rules the North Node where Saturn (past experience/diplomacy) is exalted.

This speaks of the desire to finish past work on the emotional home front (Moon).  Love and money balance/trades, releasing the past and working toward the future.
We want it now !
There is work to be done – find/build the balance you seek.  Finish the old, take what you need to create a better future and move on.
The past only defines you as much as you let it.

You define you.
Every single moment holds a new chance.

FullSizeRender 2Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards

Here is the card I drew to lead us into our future…an item that has deep significance and is worn as protection in spiritual matters.  Claim your talisman, send it energy, keep it close day and night, it will become stronger with you.

Mars in square to Destiny’s calling equals creative tension between past/now/future.  It also indicates rock hard determination and endurance over the long haul.  
Easing the friction is the only way we truly grow.  Trines, sextiles are grease to the wheel – but the hard aspects like squares and difficult conjunctions really make us sweat the labor, get it done.

No matter what has happened in your past, gather your hopes and dreams for the future and get to work on achieving them today Mars is behind you all the way !


points of prosperity

fuhismi lukerobinson gadling dot comLuke Robinson

Fushimi Inari Taisha is a shrine dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice. Tens of thousands of these gates form a path that winds through a forest and up Mount Inari. The gates themselves are typically donated by businessmen – who pay upwards of thousands of dollars – with hopes that it will bring them good fortunes.

Okay, so I know diddly about Japanese mythology, but low and behold, there is an asteroid for this god.  Sometimes Inari is depicted as an old man on a bag of rice,  others, a young woman on a fox. more here

Asteroid Inari 1532

Inari is the offspring of the impetuous storm god, Susanoo.  Inari is protector of rice cultivation, who furthers prosperity and is worshiped particularly by merchants and tradesmen.  Inari is patron deity of swordsmiths and is associated with brothels and entertainers.
Inari is currently at 4 Libra.


Eric Montfort  + More amazing terraces here

I have Inari conjunct MC / Mercury from the 9th in Libra which is interesting considering in a past life I was available for the highest bidders only.  (Venus/Jupes 8th !)

I do love sifting through the natal for these tidbits.  One life, I was a witch burned at the stake; another, I was an artist of royals who was killed by a jealous rival.  Every time I became known, recognized – I was killed.  Sun/Uranus Pluto much ? ! … and I thought it was just my biggie shy Neptuner.  Nope.

I mention all this is because I am having a nodal return.
As if Pluto Rx on Moon degree, Full Moon Eclipse, whack Saturn/Neptune transits are not enough to process, lol.
SN on NN, vice versa.  Bang on !

Explanation of Lunar Nodes here and here.

North Node transit North Node – all pistons firing forward growth, situations culminate and destined meetings clear the path for you.  People incoming that help guide you, assist you in reaching your life goals. Approximate ages: 19, 38, 57, 75
If you are on the ball at 19-20, hey right on.  Most people get into the nodal groove at 38 after they have played out their younger years and are ready to get serious.

North Node transit South Node – doors to the past close via your future beckoning you.  Concrete decisions in the now force closure of past events. Cohesive clarity of talents and contributions.  Understanding what benefits personal growth, leaving behind that which does not.  Yes, help from others that makes these choices ring like bells.  Approximate ages: 9, 28, 46, 65

Note: Nodes are points, not planets, so they may be missed if you are not aware of them.  They are not like planetary energies gnashing via transits, rather they are an open door to walk through or not.
I can tell you I have definitely felt a tonnage of closure recently, due mainly to the work I have done here at GMA, including synchronicity out the wahzoo specifically regarding past events.  N Node on S Node (vice versa) is most definitely a cosmic weigh station, the check UP, the check IN and
Move It On Up vibe.

Live Long and Prosper

Your density

Dark Side of the Mystery – Enkel Dika

…I’m your density… ! 
~ George McFly

I want a clever futuristic kid with an inventor sidekick arranging my hook-ups, lol.
Instead, it looks like I’m gonna have to pack up my North Node of Destiny and lug it into the future like everyone else.
South Node indicates where you have already been.
North Node indicates where you are going ~ your destiny.

The lunar nodes are the orbital nodes of the Moon, that is, the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic.  South Node is always opposite the North Node in the natal chart.

North Node is known as the dragon’s head (Caput Draconis, or Anabibazon).
It is considered benefic, Jupiterian in influence. (expansive)

South Node is known as the dragon’s tail (Cauda Draconis, or Catabibazon).
It is considered malefic, Saturnian in influence.  (restrictive)

If you have South Node conjunct a planet in your natal chart, it will be a place you will feel past karmic ties – work the energies of that planet – metamorph it in order to move toward your future, the North Node.  North Node influences generally begin to kick it into high gear in the late 30’s early 40’s.
Unless you know Marty McFly, then you got a leg up.

If you have a planet conjunct the North Node it is an immediate tip-off to what your vehicular transport into the future will be.  Mercury – communication, Venus – creativity, Mars – athletics, that’s of course, very general, but you get the idea.

Direct contacts are your first clue, then look to where North Node lives by sign and house, and the planet that rules that house. 

For instance, I am North Node Aries with 11th house Mars in Sagittarius quintile Uranus, Mars trine Saturn Rx in the 3rd.  Astrological writing.

North Node traits to develop
Aries or 1st house : trailblazing, self-reliance, personal ego
Taurus or 2nd house : self-worth, patience, boundaries
Gemini or 3rd house : communication, thinking, curiosity, trading ideas
Cancer or 4th house : empathy, nurturing, expressing feelings
Leo or 5th house : taDA ! it’s me, enthusiastic creativity, fun, willpower
Virgo or 6th house : organization, routine, analyzing details
Libra or 7th house : diplomacy, balance, cooperation with others
Scorpio or 8th house : awareness of power, merging, catalyst for change
Sagittarius or 9th house : explore world & ideas, philosophy, trust in higher power
Capricorn or 10th house : self-control, discipline, goal setting, commitment
Aquarius or 11th house : unique viewpoints, equality of people, worldview
Pisces or 12th house : imagination, mysticism, cosmic connections

South Node is familiar, easier – the worn groove, been there, done that.
North Node is the path you have to bushwhack – infinitely more rewarding !

If you meet someone with North Nodal contacts to your chart look to the energy connection to see where you both will benefit.
For instance, Mars on your North Node would inspire you to action in some way, Pluto would completely change your life for the better….

If you meet someone with South Nodal contacts to your chart, you have work to do with this person that was not completed in your last life.  The energies will need working through until they are either released or metamorphosed so you can move into your North Node future.

I met someone who had Jupiter smack on my Aries North Node.
Obviously beneficial.  North Node AND Jupiter.
I learned (Sag/Jupiter) astrology by studying in order to write (Saturn trine Mars quintile Uranus) his natal chart.  I taught him (North Node on his Jupiter) about the spiritual side (Sag is my 12th house sign) of space objects.

Find and fulfill your destiny~
Zeus, Clash of the Titans


eat trash

Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper. – Francis Bacon

art objects Kevin Van Aelst

Sun and Mercury conjunct (power operating) communicating humanitarian concerns in rebel Aquarius.  They are forming the focal point in a T-Square between Saturn (responsibilities, the Earth) on 29 degrees (culmination degree) of Libra (balance, fairness), which is opposite (compromise) Moon (public, feelings) coming to conjunct Jupiter (excess) in Taurus (attitudes about luxury), which in turn, square (inner tension) Sun and Mercury. 

Mars Rx in Virgo (re-evaluate civil actions and service) opposite (compromise) Venus (luxury) in Pisces (universality) and Uranus in Aries (full throttle change).

Saturn trine Neptune (build the dream) on 29 degrees of innovative Aquarius.  Pluto (refuse, trash, transmutation) trine excessive Jupiter in the earth sign of Taurus.

You may apply the above to your life (micro) and globally (macro) – – it is the sky above us all.

I just watched a great documentary Dive ! which has won 21 film festival awards worldwide.  The film is part of a growing movement that re-examines the role of food in a society that wastes 1/2 of all that it produces.

Every year in America we throw away 96 billion pounds of food. One half of all food prepared in the US and Europe never gets eaten. The Department of Agriculture estimated in 1996 that recovering just 5 percent of the food that is wasted could feed four million people a day; recovering 25 percent would feed 20 million people. Today we recover less than 2.5 percent. (facts from: Dive !)

North Node of Destiny is in visionary Sagittarius. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi  – – Well done, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert, well done !

Please take 6 minutes to watch this small clip about food waste, and how to help empower change on our Earth.

click. ~> Extreme Green: Dumpster Diving to Prevent Food Waste.


appetite for instruction


Michael Andrew “Duff” McKagan

One of the first things I did was go to the grocery store to buy food. It was a novel idea at the time, for I hadn’t really shopped for food in about 10 years. Now here I was, 30 years old, and probably doing the first good grocery shopping in my life. I was an adult with a credit card, a checkbook, and an ATM card. I could buy whatever I wanted in the store, but I had no idea where to start. I thought that everyone was staring at me. It had been so long that I had been anywhere sober that I didn’t know how to act or how to deal.

It was like being on LSD. The lights in the store were blaringly bright to me and the music seemed to be playing hidden messages. I bought some milk and barbecue sauce and cigarettes, and that is all. My shirt was drenched in sweat and I was having a full-blown panic attack. As I drove my car home, I stiffly steered my machine out of the way of three accidents as I rode the brakes the whole way. I could smell my brake pads when I got home.

~Duff McKagan, on his sobriety from “It’s so Easy and other lies” (click here)
Duff McKagan rose to fame as bassist for Guns ‘N’ Roses in 1987, when the band released Appetite for Destruction.  
It is is the highest selling debut album of all time in the US, with more than 28 million copies sold worldwide.

Next year’s class of inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be headlined by Guns N’ Roses, the only group on the ballot to be inducted in their first year of eligibility.  Click here for Cleveland R&RHoF

I’ve been reading Duff McKagan’s autobiography and obviously GN’R partied, but I had no idea how far it had gone for Duff personally.  He is brutally honest, candid and wryly funny in his accounts of his life as bassist of GN’R.

On May 10, 1994, Duff’s pancreas burst and he was told by his doctor if he had one more drink he would die.  He spent two weeks in the hospital recovering and taking small steps in the early stages of detox.  He credits his sobriety in large part to guilt over seeing his mother suffering from worry while he was in critical care.

He describes his recovery from addiction through a love of mountain biking, and his voracious appetite for reading.  He began to write columns for Seattle Weekly, and later many other publications.  For Seattle Weekly McKagan archives, click here.

While in recovery Duff read GN’R financial documents and found he couldn’t understand them.  He decided to enroll in financial accounting courses (got an A in his first class) and discovered his love of academics.  He earned a 4.0 and was on the President’s list, quite an achievement from the earlier addictions he describes in his book.  When he saw a need for musicians to be educated about their financial holdings and business deals, it lead him to start his own wealth management firm, Meridian Rock, to educate musicians and give them the power to make good business decisions on their own behalf.

Duff is a 9 life path, meaning he is in a lifetime of completion.  Nine is the culminated knowledge of all the numbers before it, and is a number of utopian ideals.  Nines are spiritual and often have a lifetime of overcoming difficulties.  They learn how to succeed themselves, in order to teach the world how to do the same.  (I’m a nine too.)


This is a solar chart, I don’t have the correct birth time, so keep in mind the planets in signs remain the same, houses may change.  

First off, I was struck by how Duff has several difficult fixed (ingrained over several lifetimes) squares (inner conflict, obstacles)  involving the Sun (ego, spirit) and Moon (feelings, fluctuation) – they are the luminaries, the conscious (Sun), and unconscious (Moon).
Hopes (Sun) and Dreams (Moon) forming an obstacle to one another.

Moon and Neptune in Scorpio are quiet, secretive and perceptive, if they do not find stimulation, (speaking from my personal experience here; and Duff speaks of facing it in the ring)  they can turn the Scorpio stinger on themselves to feel something, anything.

Moon (habits, instincts) conjunct Neptune can mean addiction in its low vibration, or spiritual healing at its highest vibration.  This conjunction is intuitive, and feels the cosmos coming in.  It is a conjunction that can bring mystical emotions, heightened perceptions, illusions, daydreams and imagination into the waking life 24/7.

Note also the asteroid Dionysus 3671 is opposite Sun and Mars and square Neptune.  Dionysus is symbolic not only of wine and merriment, but also of the sharp pruning of the vine in order for it to bear the best fruit.   Sun (life, spirit), Mars (the blade) and Saturn (pruning) conjunction in Aquarius has indeed led to the bearing of Duff’s best life / fruit.

Coupled with a hedonistic Sun / Mars conjunction in square ( inner tension ) to the often delusional energies of Neptune, that’s one heck of an obstacle.  Sun conjunct Mars is raw power, tempered by Saturn (the tester, restriction, karma) the need to restrict and rein in the wild tendencies inherent to the nature of Aquarius.  That trio of planets in Aquarius, is in itself a hurdle.

Here’s his ace in the hole : Mercury trine Uranus.  Mercury is thinking; Uranus intuition and innovation.  Mercury in good aspect to Uranus is the sign of genius, a quick study.   The mental faculties are very sharp and capable of radical trail-blazing ideas.  Through his love of learning (Mercury is study and is sextile {opportunity} Venus, love) he transformed his life (Sun) his habits, (Moon conjunct Neptune) and his creativity, his love and spiritual health (Venus exalted in Pisces) all by taking the opportunity (sextiles) to learn and stimulate his intellect.

He also took the opportunity (sextile) to keep actively busy through sports (Mars), higher education (Jupiter), and he continually pushes his endurance (Aries) physically in order to improve his self-esteem (Sun).

Duff’s North Node of Destiny is in Cancer, the sign of nurturing.  Once he got himself on his feet, he will push ahead helping others too.  Now Duff is strong in heart, mind, body, and spirit and has a loving family.   He is, by building (Saturn rules building, the earth and rocks)  Meridian Rock  (perfect name- I love it !) reaching out to help his fellow musicians learn how to handle their finances so they can take care of themselves too.
Very quickly I want to say a few words about the day Duff was admitted into the hospital with a burst pancreas.  Moon rules the pancreas, and conjunct Neptune in the natal, it can indicate a weakness.  If circumstances in the life and transits activate it, trouble may arise.  Duff speaks in his book of alcoholism and drug use spiraling out of control, and that will further weaken the body.
Transiting Sun 19 Taurus (life-force) was opposite (call for compromise) Moon 19 / Neptune 17 conjunction (addiction) in Scorpio (the house of death and rebirth).  Transiting Moon was also nearing opposition at 11 Taurus.  Transiting Neptune was conjunct natal Mercury (which is trine Uranus in the natal – that’s a wake up call !)   Transiting Pluto and North Node of Destiny were conjunct in Scorpio as well – a call for transformation, rebirth, and rising to meet your destiny.
Ohm mani padme hum

Duff’s band, Loaded released their 3rd studio album, The Taking, earlier this year, see the video below for an acoustic version of Flatline.


Sworn to protect

I spoke of the solar Hobbit eclipse, but I did not speak of the men of Middle Earth, one of which is Aragorn, a fine King, a man of quality.

Sun Quintile Uranus

Viggo is a free spirit, a traveler, a multi-talented renaissance man, but most of all, Viggo is a kind man.

Viggo has Sun, North Node of Destiny and Venus conjunct in Libra – let’s face it, he’s handsome, but that’s not all.  He is kind and fair and went to bat for his fellow actors in LoTR – seeking fair pay for work on the trilogy.  A man of quiet power and strength, he has Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune all conjunct in Scorpio.

Click here for a fabulous interview in NY Times In Style Magazine.

I also recommend following Perceval Press, so click here to read.

Lay hahn-nohn ah thole-ehll

Rooster of Conjunction

I am open to the guidance of synchronicity and do not let expectations hinder my path ~ Dali Lama

Tabula Smaragdina (Emerald Tablet) ; Artist Matthieu Merian

December 10. 2011
Uranus direct zero Degrees Aries at 1:04 am, CST, USA
Full Lunar Eclipse 18 degrees Gemini: 8:36 am, CST, USA
Click here for eclipse illustrations and eclipse info in depth.
Click here for NASA map with info regarding visibility.
Total lunar phase lasts 51 minutes.

This Full Lunar Eclipse in Gemini follows the partial Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that occurred on November 25, 2011, click here for more on that eclipse.

Eclipses are signposts indicating new directions in life, both personally and globally.

Full Lunar Eclipse in Gemini means Mercury Rx (retrograde= re-evaluate, revise, re-invent) is Lord of the Eclipse. The energies of the eclipse degree will remain active for several months after the eclipse, as other planets make aspects to the eclipse degree.
Lord of the Eclipse, Mercury Rx adds to this delayed release of eclipse energy.

Mercury Rx at the time of the eclipse is on the decan of Jupiter, bringing a sense of hope and faith in the future for us personally (micro) and globally (macro).  Mercury Rx is trine the newly direct Uranus. (Uranus turns direct 7.5 hours prior to the eclipse.)
It is worthy of note that Mercury in revision, trine Uranus going direct will shift intuitions, advanced soul growth is particularly acute for this eclipse.  The mind and how we communicate is covering all the bases.
Mercury Rx is in Sagittarius, and rules both Gemini and Virgo.

During a Full Lunar Eclipse, the Earth (the material world, work and wealth) shadows the Moon (emotions, fluctuation, security).
The Earth is receiving the light, while the moon is not.  For this reason, material world issues will be called to the foreground and are in the middle of a compromise.


This compromise lies between higher visionary ways of seeing / thinking, and being actively in service to others * (solar) ;
versus counter-productive fluctuating emotions, scattered thinking regarding health, work, and personal responsibilities (lunar).

* note: this is the North Node of Destiny Path*

Some interesting polarities: Sun on the decan of Mars, opposite (compromise) the Moon on the decan of Venus.
Solar Mars is ego, male energy, and it is in a transpersonal sign and house – in compromise – with Lunar Venus, female, emotional energy in a personal sign on a social house.

Sun is quintile (creativity expressed, the spirit quest) Neptune and Chiron – this is an amazing healing vibe !  In addition, Venus is quintile Uranus giving art and love an edge of maverick intuitive expression ~  what a fabulous way to go direct, yes ? !

Sun and Moon are both square Mars in Virgo on the decan of Saturn.  Mars and Saturn work well together.  Saturn focus is good for crazy Martian energy, it gives stamina, tact and self-discipline to power.

Mars in Virgo with a Saturnian flavor adds stamina to detail work and thinking – in square to eclipse energies, with Mercury Rx trine Uranus direct, expect self- examination & wild card / lightning bolt brainstorms.

Where will you be feeling the eclipse energies ?  Look for the Gemini / Sagittarius axis in your natal chart.
Where will you be feeling Uranus direct ?  Look for the house of Aries in your natal chart.

Here’s a very general guideline:
1/7 = self/others
2/8 = mine/yours
3/9 = learning/teaching
4/10 = home/career
5/11 = personal will/ will for others
6/12 = personal health & work/ universal health & service

Planets in your natal conjunct the eclipse point of 18 degrees Gemini and any aspects to that point will feel a strong influx of eclipse energies, and look in the future to planets crossing this degree for more incoming eclipse vibes…

find and fulfill your destiny~

smile & grin

An Eclipse prayer, a Neptune direct & going home prayer ~
guitars, mystics, prophets, spiritual healing and the cosmos…

Neptune is illusion, fog and dreams, the ocean ~ fluctuation on a grand scale.

She has been getting zapped in a fixed electrical sign since August 24th, 1998.
Neptune will, at long last, enter Pisces, the sign she rules, on February 3, 2012.

blessed be
om mani padme hum



South Node indicates the past life, or the road previously travelled.
It is called Ketu- the dragon’s tail- and is likened to a valley.

North Node is the trail we are currently blazing in this life.
It is called Rahu- the dragon’s head- and is likened to a peak.

North Node at the time of last nights eclipse was in the 4th house indicating
Karmic Balancing.

North Node placed in the 4th house means the energy is used to do whatever is needed and ordered by the other trinity of nodal point groups.  The 4th, 8th, and 12th houses are the Trinity of Psychicism.

The Trinity of Life.
North Node in 1st, 5th or 9th is the redistribution network, intellectual and creative growth.

The Trinity of Wealth.
North Node in 2nd, 6th, or 10th is responsible for material structures on the material plane. 

The Trinity of Association.
North Node in 3rd, 7th, or 11th is responsible for maintaining peace and harmony in society.

Mine is in Aries, 4th. Polarities girl learns a life of balance, not too surprising.
If you would like to know where your Lunar Nodes are located, click here and enter your birth info.