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Fushimi Inari Taisha is a shrine dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice. Tens of thousands of these gates form a path that winds through a forest and up Mount Inari. The gates themselves are typically donated by businessmen – who pay upwards of thousands of dollars – with hopes that it will bring them good fortunes.

Okay, so I know diddly about Japanese mythology, but low and behold, there is an asteroid for this god.  Sometimes Inari is depicted as an old man on a bag of rice,  others, a young woman on a fox. more here

Asteroid Inari 1532

Inari is the offspring of the impetuous storm god, Susanoo.  Inari is protector of rice cultivation, who furthers prosperity and is worshiped particularly by merchants and tradesmen.  Inari is patron deity of swordsmiths and is associated with brothels and entertainers.
Inari is currently at 4 Libra.


Eric Montfort  + More amazing terraces here

I have Inari conjunct MC / Mercury from the 9th in Libra which is interesting considering in a past life I was available for the highest bidders only.  (Venus/Jupes 8th !)

I do love sifting through the natal for these tidbits.  One life, I was a witch burned at the stake; another, I was an artist of royals who was killed by a jealous rival.  Every time I became known, recognized – I was killed.  Sun/Uranus Pluto much ? ! … and I thought it was just my biggie shy Neptuner.  Nope.

I mention all this is because I am having a nodal return.
As if Pluto Rx on Moon degree, Full Moon Eclipse, whack Saturn/Neptune transits are not enough to process, lol.
SN on NN, vice versa.  Bang on !

Explanation of Lunar Nodes here and here.

North Node transit North Node – all pistons firing forward growth, situations culminate and destined meetings clear the path for you.  People incoming that help guide you, assist you in reaching your life goals. Approximate ages: 19, 38, 57, 75
If you are on the ball at 19-20, hey right on.  Most people get into the nodal groove at 38 after they have played out their younger years and are ready to get serious.

North Node transit South Node – doors to the past close via your future beckoning you.  Concrete decisions in the now force closure of past events. Cohesive clarity of talents and contributions.  Understanding what benefits personal growth, leaving behind that which does not.  Yes, help from others that makes these choices ring like bells.  Approximate ages: 9, 28, 46, 65

Note: Nodes are points, not planets, so they may be missed if you are not aware of them.  They are not like planetary energies gnashing via transits, rather they are an open door to walk through or not.
I can tell you I have definitely felt a tonnage of closure recently, due mainly to the work I have done here at GMA, including synchronicity out the wahzoo specifically regarding past events.  N Node on S Node (vice versa) is most definitely a cosmic weigh station, the check UP, the check IN and
Move It On Up vibe.

Live Long and Prosper

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  1. So yeah, uhmm positive coinky dinks.
    I got curious, looked.
    Norman Reedus who moved to Japan when just a young buck, has transit Inari Rx bang on natal Uranus at the mo.
    Uranus rules astro, the odd, the eccentric, the rebel, separation and magnetics.
    peace out !

  2. I know i have said this before, but i really love your writing. I am learning so much. So much to take in with your posts.. and this upcoming eclipse.

    • Thank you ! I was just listening to your guided meditation early this morning to help me sleep, I love it !

      Also your bee post had me thinking, I was also stung by a bee on my foot probably around my first Mars return at around 2 yrs. My Mars is in 12th house sign (feet). Love the quickie herbal remedy + your new avatar !

  3. Hiroshige, New Year’s Eve Foxfires at the Changing Tree (detail)

    Researched, have more Inari info.
    Discovered Sept 1938, named for a lake in Finland. (Also a lake in Japan)
    Inari is a woman’s name in Finland that means succeeded one.

    Inari is portrayed as androgynous bodhisattva (benevolent spirit), a kitsune, a dragon, a snake, and in one tale even a monstrous spider. (Given the kitsune’s ability to transform, of course, it is of little wonder that their creator would be equally polymorphic.)

    Inari is a deity of harvest, and creator of kitsune (fox-like spirits who possess great powers including creation of ‘foxfire’ and shapeshifting, and gain multipe (up to nine) tails with age and wisdom). Approximately 32,000 shrines throughout Japan are dedicated to Inari. source

    Foxfire is sometimes called “fairy fire”, it is the bioluminescence created by fungi in decaying wood. The bluish-green glow is attributed to luciferase, an oxidative enzyme, which emits light as it reacts with luciferin. Although generally very dim, in some cases foxfire is bright enough to read by.

    The word foxfires, a literal translation of kitsunebi, is used to explain strange lights at night, ascribed to the fox. The fox is believed to possess supernatural powers and was a common sight in the city of Edo, especially in the Oji district. Local farmers were able to predict the success of the crops for the coming year by the lights. source

    Cool asteroid, yeah ?

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