New Moon 0 Sagittarius
Saturday November 22
6:32am Chicago
12:32pm London
9:32pm Tokyo

New Moons are yin/yang, introverted/extroverted as well as conscious/subconscious, personal /collective.  New Moons are a time of intense energy focus and concentration in the sign they occur – moving both outward and inward.
Yes, Moon intakes even in a positive sign.

New Moon conjunct Sun in Sagittarius squares off with Pisces Neptune by 3 degrees, widely trines Uranus by 11.  Sagittarius New Moon (particularly at 0 degrees) highlights new beginnings that have far-reaching consequences.  Moon is conjunct Venus leading new emotional horizons into more harmonious territories.  Refine expansions, attract reverence, wisdom.

Healing is highlighted: self-improvement and universal compassion go hand in hand.
If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete. Jack Kornfield
Have the willpower to be independent in thought, you will be rewarded with this moon.

Moon first meets Sun in fire, squares Neptune in water, conjuncts Venus in fire – then trines Uranus, then Jupiter (rules this new moon) also in fire.  This is a New Moon of faith – at the outset, full of blind squares aka unidentifiable internal tension which usually reads like:

I can’t
I shouldn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t
I don’t understand why
That would never happen in a million years
Sagittarius is allergic to words without wiggle room.  All mutables are.

As the moon travels we receive insight and grace, we luck into the sunshine spots and feel the gambles have worked for the best – provided we headed in with positive intent.
This new moon accentuates higher education, publishing aka internet, teaching, law, expanding horizons, and the great outdoors.

If you choose to work magick, know that it will reverberate far & wide across time & space.

In peace
Gneiss Moon
Ps. Atokirina are woodsprites, seeds from the Tree of Souls – very pure spirits.



Leo heart- Aquarius nervous system axis = electrical energies.

Color is the language of Energy

Full Moon – Sun opposition falls across Fixed signs, likely dredging up ye olde angsty issues that need to be resolved.
Fixed signs see with one perspective, theirs.

They are extremely (slow) reliable, some would say stubborn.

Fixed signs = Idea energy concentrated persistently until it is solidified into form. 

Leo and Aquarius (as well as Taurus and Scorpio) are fixed signs.
Any planets therein in hard aspect are working out deep rooted, past life issues ingrained over several lifetimes.

Fixed squares = inner turmoil rolling under the surface, forcing personal growth.
Fixed oppositions = other people deliver lessons, forcing compromise, team growth.
Fixed conjunctions = test of power, the use of power

How to unravel the fixed energies, undo the past karma ? 
Give up self-will.

Tame the desires of the mental and emotional body before they are allowed to crystallize.  Building and stability – while fine qualities – when misused become fixation, obsession, the closed door, the energy block.

A mountain of desire mineMineMINE makes it harder to access the spiritual self.
Spirit flows and shares – the energy is exchanged.

Cosmic Laws of the One Universal Mind

peace, love
flowing chakras


gung HO goof awhile


So I am driving along on my way to work laughing at the state of things in general. 
Basically, life being extremely difficult even though I have more tools at my disposal NOW than EVER.
Still struggling – wtf ?!
Then I am thinking what’s your malfunction, honey ?

Dismantle your Bomb.
It can’t be THAT hard.
Then I started thinking and cracked myself up…

Cardinals are all gung HO to get what they want – but it is more the striving for it than the actual getting of it.  Once they have it …y a w n… boring ! 
Where’s the next New Shiny Goal ?!

Fixed wants their wants – no, NEEDS – their Wants satisfied NOW and you had better hurry the FU about it !  They Want – NEED it – How they like it When they like it – snap !  If the fixed aren’t happy – ain’t nobody happy.  Capiche ?!  lol
* note: btw, that’s been working for me like a charm so far – HA ! NOT !

Mutables are easily distracted by shiny objects, titillating conversation, they turn on a dime, get all twisty & bendy and love having their fingers in everybody’s pies.  Jack ‘n’ Jill of all trades actually loves juggling a bazillion balls and being hard to pin down.

Since we all have a conglomeration of these energies working in our charts, via signs and planets in them, we are in tension with ourselves – always – in some form or another we are growing and learning from the first to the last breath and beyond. . .

Some folks have their natal aligned with the natural chart (Aries is on the first, Taurus is on the second, etc..) which gives them an extra push of being natally aligned with the natural energies of the seasons & signs.

Other luckies like me have energies at odds right off the bat.  Slow – ass Capricorn on the first house of Gung HO Aries, for example.  So I am layin’ tread, burnin’ rubber at the starting line.  To kick me when I’m down, I also have Saturn (rules Cap) IN ARIES going backwards.  That’s a fun one, trust me. heh.

Consider this…we always, Always, ALWAYS have an out somewhere. 

Cap on first house is Cardinal twice over, but my Aries lands on the mutable 3rd house along with Saturn Rx.  So I do get to juggle the energies a bit.  Frustration and anger blows over when I distract myself with kaleidoscope eye candy, goof awhile – then I can reapply force more intelligently.

Follow this example in your chart and see where you can juggle, apply, or dig into your energies in order to work them to your advantage.


astro hunting 101

Aries fire rushes in – hunt and gather.  Cardinal
Leo fire is attracting – sun, magnetic.   Fixed
Sagittarius fire is chased – they travel, whomever pursues.  Mutable

Taurus earth wants their energy with them.  Fixed
Virgo will serve earth energy to you.   Mutable
Capricorn earth will actively seek their work and yours too.  Cardinal

Gemini air shares ideas with everyone within earshot.  Mutable
Libra air attracts (Venus) and gathers ideas to share with close associates.  Cardinal
Aquarius air knows its own mind, and  the group mind, shares with the world.  Fixed

Cancer water clings to beloved and home base – gathers family around.  Cardinal
Scorpio water draws emotions to them with the intensity of a black hole.   Fixed
Pisces water serenely soaks loved ones in elusive emotional mist and fog.  Mutable


one-ring circus

This is a spread I call Cardinal. Fixed, Mutable.
(I made it up on the spot.)

Three cards above in that order, to represent what we ( all my readers ) need to keep in mind as we move forward.

What are the energies we are working with…?
How do we best work with them ?

The card below is the spirit card – the bottom of things, what may not be apparent, but is the crux of the situation.

The Deck I am drawing from is The Enchanted Map Tarot.

52 : Cardinal : Uranus, Venus in Aries: Pluto in Capricorn
Impact, personal growth, shift in perspective -growing into the best person you can be !

7: Fixed : Jupiter in Taurus
New opportunities, new territories – trust that you are both path finder and path maker

24 :  Mutable : everything else lol.  North Node in Sagittarius, Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Moon, Mercury in Pisces
Stop, look & listen.  Time to Observe.  Clarity will come later.  Spirit has a plan for you.

Spirit Card : 15 : Independence is key, self – confidence, wisdom and competence give you a healthy perspective on yourself and others.  Firm boundaries.


Dive IN

Sun into Pisces !

Neptune rules divination, tarot is up to bat.  Soulcards
One card draw highlighting the energies of Sun into Pisces season, spiritual guidance from the bottom of the deck on the right.  You interpret Your way.
I see Mother nature…you ?

Pisces is the compassionate healer, the cosmic dreamer and transcender.
The mystical fancier of limitless idealistic imaginings.

She is universal, inclusive and intuitive.  She believes beauty springs from the chaotic universal great mother as it is / was / shall be in perfect flow.

Pisces sees the depth of all life, soaks up and breathes in the vibrations, the force.  They are the Jedi Masters of the zodiac, with the knowledge of all 12 signs they exude love and peace, and acceptance.

Pisces – ruled by Neptune the seas – is the tuned in, inspired artist working chameleon magicks in secret chambers.  They are the clairvoyant spiritual dreamers suffering in silent strength.  Make no mistake – Pisces is not weak – they do not break, they bend.

Neptune rules the seas, string instruments and film, check out the fab photography of Clark Little.  The above photo is called h2ornado.  Freakin’ cool, yah ?!

Spikes in sensitivity often flips the fishes out of water, and into the bottle – making Pisces the sign of escape, evasion and flat out fiction.  Delusion, illusion and confusion all swim in 12th house waters.  Deception, dissolution and debauchery are the sharks in the waters of low vibration Pisces.

Pisces rules the feet, one of the most sensitive areas of the body – approximately 7,200 nerve endings in the feet connect to different areas of the body.  See the reflexology chart above for details on accupressure remedies.

Pisces is mutable yin water.  Romantic and passive – reactive more than outgoing.  Find the house of Pisces in your natal chart to see where you will feel the sun shine  in the coming month. 
Party at Pisces house !!

At the moment – Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Mercury are living it up.
On the evening of the 21st, (4:35 pm, CST) Fat Tuesday ! New Moon is crashing the party ~
Dive IN everybody !

Yee HAW !


With the coming of the new moon in generous Leo, I have a gift for you…a free tarot reading !

Activated for my readers at whatever time you choose to read it.  Its purpose being to align us all with the highest good energies for all earthkind~ I was asking for directions; the best path to take for the future good of all, as seen through the lens of astrological energies.

Cardinal= activity, where the action is, self-starters & go-getters
Fixed= stable, building from ideas of cardinals, desires and emotions
Mutable= adaptable, changing, people people, the glue between the two


(teacher card/bottom of things)

2 of pentacles (earth, material) in the cardinal position represents the active form of choosing what we value, the act of choosing goals

6 of cups (water, emotions) in the fixed position represents building solid foundations; good relationships with self and others through generosity and kindness

Ace of swords (air, communication) in the mutable position represents logic, and successfully adapting between material and emotional needs

Hangman as teacher card represents the need to see issues from another perspective, slow down and take stock of what you have, need or want.  He can also represent sacrifice for the higher good.

(Hangman is the card of Anglo-Saxon god, Woden / Odin who hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil, for nine days to gain insight which resulted in the Runic alphabet.)
What the entire spread vibes to me is the shedding of goals that do not suit the present situation.  If it’s not working for you, change goals.
The numerology of this spread is a total of 3= creation + growth.
All the best~

Planetary Pool

I am mega earth with Capricorn rising, Sun Virgo and Toro Moon.  So here’s a Toro tour of some of my earth stuff while I talk astro. (Translation: Toros like stuff, are earthy, and my Toro moon is on the 4th house of home.)

Earthy people= practical, skillful, grounded, sensate
Fire people= energetic, courageous, inspiring, adventurous
Air people= intellectual, social, thoughtful wordy ones
Water people= emotional, romantic, intuitives, secretive

Sounds simple doesn’t it…?…but what is so great about natal charts is they are as richly textured and layered as the most finely crafted spiderweb.  For instance, my ruling planet, Saturn (earth) is in fire (Aries) on air (3rd house of Gemini (air).  Fire likes fire and air.  Fire does not like earth and water.

Translation: Saturn (limits) wants to stay, Aries (risks) wants to go, and Gemini (air) is here talking about it.  It has taken 40 + years to talk about it because my Saturn is Rx (retrograde) which means it works inwardly until ready to manifest outwardly.

Cardinal= activity, where the action is, self-starters & go-getters
Fixed= stable, building from ideas of cardinals, desires and emotions
Mutable= adaptable, changing, people people, the glue between the two

Going deeper still, my chart ruler, Saturn, rules a cardinal sign (Capricorn), is in a cardinal sign (Aries) on a mutable house (Gemini).  Translation: The tenants (planets placed in the sign visiting natural house) like to get their way, but the landlord (the natural house) is more easy-going.
Who wins..?
Ask me any given day and you’ll get a different answer because transits (what the planets are doing overhead now) will be knocking vibrations off my natal chart positions like Minnesota Fats shooting 10 balls into the side pockets.  Some days the energies drop hard, other days just a gentle little tap.
The same is true of your chart.
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