one-ring circus

This is a spread I call Cardinal. Fixed, Mutable.
(I made it up on the spot.)

Three cards above in that order, to represent what we ( all my readers ) need to keep in mind as we move forward.

What are the energies we are working with…?
How do we best work with them ?

The card below is the spirit card – the bottom of things, what may not be apparent, but is the crux of the situation.

The Deck I am drawing from is The Enchanted Map Tarot.

52 : Cardinal : Uranus, Venus in Aries: Pluto in Capricorn
Impact, personal growth, shift in perspective -growing into the best person you can be !

7: Fixed : Jupiter in Taurus
New opportunities, new territories – trust that you are both path finder and path maker

24 :  Mutable : everything else lol.  North Node in Sagittarius, Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Moon, Mercury in Pisces
Stop, look & listen.  Time to Observe.  Clarity will come later.  Spirit has a plan for you.

Spirit Card : 15 : Independence is key, self – confidence, wisdom and competence give you a healthy perspective on yourself and others.  Firm boundaries.