Goals for a witch

Know yourself
Know your craft
Learn and grow
Apply knowledge with wisdom
Achieve balance
Keep your words in good order
Keep your thoughts in good order
Celebrate life
Attune with the cycles of the Earth
Breathe and eat correctly
Exercise the body
Honor the Goddess and God


Saturn (10th house) rules goals

Monday July 8

Saturn direct
4 degrees Scorpio
12:12am CST, USA

New Moon
16 degrees Cancer

2:14am CST, USA



When negative is good

Trail 3 / 9

Positive and negative ions -electrical charges- surround us, in the air molecules we breathe.
With each breath we take, ions flow into our lungs then enter our bloodstream, then each cell in our body.

Positive ions frequent closed places lacking airflow, and will cause serotonin levels to increase. High levels of serotonin can trigger migraines, increased blood pressure, aggression, asthma attacks, and create nervous tension.

Negative ions carry electrical energy and are present when lightning strikes, after a rainstorm, near waterfalls, evergreens, fire and ocean surf, to name a few.  Negative ions help oxygen reach our cells faster and stimulate resistance to disease.  Air-borne bacteria decreases with higher levels of negative ions, plants grow stronger, faster, and humans feel more mentally relaxed.

Sage emits negative ions – so burn or ‘smudge’ with a sage bundle to remove positive ions from your aura and your home.  If the smoke the bundle emits is thick and rolling, there is an overabundance of positive ions and the sage burns more.  Smudge the sage, paying particular attention to closets, drawers and corners.  Work clockwise through the home, finish near a window or door you can open to let negative energies escape.  Close the door or window and let the sage bundle rest, it will go out by itself when the ceremony is complete.

The next time you breathe your ‘air vitamins’, remember this negative post and feel the good vibes !