Making Fate

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BIG Star map !
Wanted this here at GMA for all my fellow stargazers.
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Stars are SUNS from their perspective, STARS from ours.

I did mention perspective shits, yes ?
Moon growing to FULL = culmination

Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius

8:45pm CST, USA

Jupiter squares Uranus – big emotional/intellectual perspective shifts
Jupiter opposes Pluto – big metamorphosis dealt by the actions of others
Venus squares Pluto – love/balance, work/past, metamorphosis of all
Saturn conjunct North Node in Scorpio – the past is reforged into the future

Making/creating is Sun ruled; fate is found in 10th house.
In my case, this is life, death, re-birth of balance through love.
This full Aquarius moon opposes my Venus/Jupes in Leo 8.

I remember, duly noted, my apologies.
My turn.
You still burn brighter than any other.
I love you. I love you.  I love you.

Keep looking UP !
Jack Horkheimer

ps. Fly totem 
been buzzing me all day

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