outta here

Quick note to those with
a mind / heart bent towards
leaving a bad habit

Primarily I am meaning substances
 but it can be anything
you believe you are too emotionally
(water moon)

attached to.

After Full Pisces Moon
(see time below)

is the best time to do a 
ceremony of endings.

Waning Moon indicates
energies are withering, on the decrease.

Thursday 19
Pisces Full Moon
6:13am CST, USA

Friday 20
Pluto stations direct
in Capricorn 10:29am

This time is doubly good as North Node of Destiny
(what we need to do now)
 in Scorpio is ruled by Pluto – planet of
transformation, rebirth and metamorphosis.

N Node is conjunct Saturn both at 8 degrees
Eight is strength / regeneration.

Saturn binds.
Pisces is the 12th house sign.
Pluto stationing direct : outward bound rebirth.

Energy Clearing HERE


I bounce.

“in the house of the undying” Daniel Danger
Daniel DangerIn the House of the Undying

“Be a light unto yourself; betake yourselves to no external refuge. Hold fast to the Truth. Look not for refuge to anyone besides yourselves.”
– Buddha’s final words

Venus into Scorpio is coming to conjunct :: Saturn/North Node both at 8 degrees ::
(note: eight is regeneration, strength) while in trine to Neptune  – full tilt dream manifestation, walking in a waking dream, artistic urges off the scale, healing through creation.

The big picture is just that – A BIG MENTAL PICTURE – Mercury opposes Uranus Rx (lower and higher octaves of though/ comms, respectively) with regenerative, metamorphic Pluto Rx as the focal planet holding down the fort in ambitious Capricorn.

Funneling the higher realms of spirit/messages/etheric realms into and onto the material plane is requiring INTENSE FOCUS.
It is a STRUGGLE to EMERGE with both POWER and BALANCE.
Uranus and Pluto are retrograde – meaning these inward seeking missives are hard to give words to – they are flashes of KNOWING, insight and complete comprehension followed by detachment and freedom to roam to the next genius idea.

Thoughts are coming in quickly and picking UP warp speed – keep a writing utensil handy, grab the genius as it flies by before you lose it !

Tension with others lies between houses Aries and Libra.
SELF and OTHERS – how do we relate to one another ?
We juggle and share via COMMUNICATION.

Inner tension lies within house Capricorn as it relates to the former on a personal level.
How do we USE what we have to move FORWARD into our BEST FUTURE (Pluto sextile [opportunity] Saturn, NNode, Neptune) into more a spiritually enlightened space ?

Houses Pisces and Scorpio will open new doors for you.
Navel gazing (Venus) with Neptune (day and night dreams) and uncovering all possibilities via deep psyche probes – with particular attention to metamorphosis of perceptions of authority, justice and the past – brilliant !
Work it.

Venus and Capricorn energy is fairness, responsibility, love across time, the architecture of love and creativity, karma and the grace of simplicity – add this to North Node of Destiny and we are acutely aware of the paths laid before us.

The choice is rebirth.
Bounce. (Neptune rules)
Be it Light !



Sacred Geometry Oracle – John Michael Greer

Quickie draw for Saturn North Node of Destiny in Scorpio
Leo Mars squares them, meaning our actions leading toward out futures are churning internally. Metamorphic deep six emotional depth charges are playing out while the higher realms fire off brilliant synchronicities in the brain pan via Uranus Rx trine Mars.

Left distillation; right crux, spirit message.

The Human Canon:
We are all geodestinies.  
Living in a body made of cells with points and parts making out an internal universe – this geometry unfolds ever outwards and inwards. See Scale of the Universe
We are all connected.
If you fall close to the human average, the distance from your head to navel reflects the distance from your navel to the floor.  See Leonardo da Vinci

Geometry is sacred, spiritual, simple.

This card pulled for Saturn (work, time, structure, achievement) and North Node of Destiny or where we are bound to learn the most now indicates there is a fundamental unity in the universe.  In the universe at large and in your own on a personal scale.

Chaos and balance; positive and negative; light and dark are indeed parts of …

See both the small and the big picture of your life.
We have the reins to change our lives in each and every second of our lives.  Lessons are brought to our feet until we learn the solution, then we are able to move on.
What is holding you back but yourself ?
Examine this.

Compare your natal North Node to Scorpio North Node.
Also look to your natal Saturn.
We are always slower, overcompensating and working harder in that natal house/sign. 

eg: My natal NNode is in late Aries.  Saturn Rx lives in Aries as well.  I occasionally random poll readers asking questions about what they are looking for, enjoy most, just general input.  Without fail Aries North Node says fuq that, not right for ME.  I ask knowing it will help lead me forward if only by process of elimination.  No politics, no murderers – yes creatives, yes s/heroes, yes Earth, nature.
That is Saturn NNode in Scorpio is it not ?  
Streamlining desires toward future outcome.

Have to punch in coordinates before you hit light speed in the Falcon.

Crux, spirit

Integration – how you choose to express your SPIRIT onto the MATERIAL PLANE.
Examine this.

peace and love

Keep on


Steampunk Tarot

Steampunk metamorphoses the junk of the past into useful goods for the now/future.
Today’s read revolves around North Node of Destiny conjunct Saturn in Scorpio.

Intent for highest good, most insight, forward motion towards most benevolent outcome.

What to concentrate on re: Past (left) Future (right)
What is the Fulcrum between the two ?
Lastly, the Spirit card (bottom right) is the Crux of the sitch.

Death :: Sun
 Ace of Cups :: Four of Pents

Seems obvious doesn’t it ?
 Yet, sometimes we all need the reminder.  I certainly do…constant heartache going on 10 + years now, in fact, I have quit counting…what’s the use of it ?   True Capricorn rising with Saturn Rx in 3 style, if it isn’t of USE to the mind – fuq it, chuck it already.

Wailing and moaning only makes it worse, trust me – I learned that the HARD WAY.

House Capricorn is getting ravaged & rebuilt – house Scorpio is lending a hand for better or worse via Saturn (conjunct North Node) in mutual reception.  Check the houses these land on and any planets therin – here lies your greatest metamorphosis.  These are areas of constant change – may as well deal – remain positive.

Love is the answer.
Love is the Fulcrum.
Moments of joy can make all the difference.
 That goofy little song Hugh Jackman shared that James McAvoy (X-Men, Dune freak here) shared with him oddly enough (see my Twitter feed), made my day – actually a couple of days.
Silly little thing that unexpectedly cheered me right UP.
 Yesterday I met a guy who loves astro.  He dropped trou, showed me the tatts to prove it.  Cracked me right up, it was cute and again, a silly little thing that made my day.

Death and metamorphosis is painful, truly gut-wrenching at times, but it is absolutely vital that we all remain on the sunny side.
Keep hope and lend a hand to others, be loving and kind, don’t rush to judge others harshly.
That is the Crux.  Cling to it.


Making Fate

star map big
BIG Star map !
Wanted this here at GMA for all my fellow stargazers.
Click pic 2x for BIGGIE SIZE
Will put link in the sidebar, permanently.

Stars are SUNS from their perspective, STARS from ours.

I did mention perspective shits, yes ?
Moon growing to FULL = culmination

Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius

8:45pm CST, USA

Jupiter squares Uranus – big emotional/intellectual perspective shifts
Jupiter opposes Pluto – big metamorphosis dealt by the actions of others
Venus squares Pluto – love/balance, work/past, metamorphosis of all
Saturn conjunct North Node in Scorpio – the past is reforged into the future

Making/creating is Sun ruled; fate is found in 10th house.
In my case, this is life, death, re-birth of balance through love.
This full Aquarius moon opposes my Venus/Jupes in Leo 8.

I remember, duly noted, my apologies.
My turn.
You still burn brighter than any other.
I love you. I love you.  I love you.

Keep looking UP !
Jack Horkheimer

ps. Fly totem 
been buzzing me all day