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Quickie draw for Saturn North Node of Destiny in Scorpio
Leo Mars squares them, meaning our actions leading toward out futures are churning internally. Metamorphic deep six emotional depth charges are playing out while the higher realms fire off brilliant synchronicities in the brain pan via Uranus Rx trine Mars.

Left distillation; right crux, spirit message.

The Human Canon:
We are all geodestinies.  
Living in a body made of cells with points and parts making out an internal universe – this geometry unfolds ever outwards and inwards. See Scale of the Universe
We are all connected.
If you fall close to the human average, the distance from your head to navel reflects the distance from your navel to the floor.  See Leonardo da Vinci

Geometry is sacred, spiritual, simple.

This card pulled for Saturn (work, time, structure, achievement) and North Node of Destiny or where we are bound to learn the most now indicates there is a fundamental unity in the universe.  In the universe at large and in your own on a personal scale.

Chaos and balance; positive and negative; light and dark are indeed parts of …

See both the small and the big picture of your life.
We have the reins to change our lives in each and every second of our lives.  Lessons are brought to our feet until we learn the solution, then we are able to move on.
What is holding you back but yourself ?
Examine this.

Compare your natal North Node to Scorpio North Node.
Also look to your natal Saturn.
We are always slower, overcompensating and working harder in that natal house/sign. 

eg: My natal NNode is in late Aries.  Saturn Rx lives in Aries as well.  I occasionally random poll readers asking questions about what they are looking for, enjoy most, just general input.  Without fail Aries North Node says fuq that, not right for ME.  I ask knowing it will help lead me forward if only by process of elimination.  No politics, no murderers – yes creatives, yes s/heroes, yes Earth, nature.
That is Saturn NNode in Scorpio is it not ?  
Streamlining desires toward future outcome.

Have to punch in coordinates before you hit light speed in the Falcon.

Crux, spirit

Integration – how you choose to express your SPIRIT onto the MATERIAL PLANE.
Examine this.

peace and love

4 thoughts on “geodestinies

  1. Thank-you my number! I’m fairly used to by now fossicking around in my Scorp 12th. Was dreaming of showing 3 photos of art images I had made. 1st was of a stained glass effect of an abstract butterfly. 1 of my favourite sights this a.m. of my young wallaby eating my lawn was made even better by seeing she has hooked up with a cute, young male. He’s a bit shy. Sweet! still experiencing enforced isolation, 12th. but hope to bust out soon. Have a good 1!

    • You have many critters to look after, sounds lovely.
      Great dream imagery as well -with Saturn NNode in 12 they are likely sign & symbol posts now more than ever

  2. That’s a lovely encouraging reading, being the Master numbers. I’m sure 22 is in there somewhere. 33 is the number of Grace and encouragement from the Ascended masters for us all and tells us help is there. To me it says that we as people can heal the Planet through medicine work, the Medicine circle, which is squared, has a strong foundation, Saturn in the Man. I wonder if the pyramid is 22?

  3. Thanks good eye, wrote over lunch, crashed early.
    Catching up from a long weekend…

    11 is intellectual master balancing opposites aka polarities via comm octaves Mercury. & Uranus – they are messengers, Moon and choice.
    See: two of pents – the juggler (11 is higher octave of two)
    22 is the vibration of funneling the psychic onto the physical plane – channeling the intellectual ideas of 11 into physical planning and manifestation (22 is the higher octave of 4, or Saturn/man/Earth as you mentioned).

    Since Saturn rules Capricorn, the mystical sea goat it explains dreams into material world.
    Aspects now highlight this for the globe – how cool is that ?!
    We all feel the 22 vibe for a bit . . .

    33 is Avatar energy, the Teacher’s Teacher; the Healer’s Healer – the higher octave of 6, Venus & Love Ruled, balance within flux – the Seed of Life.

    Following is one of my fave pyramid vids.
    Science / mysticism / ancient technology
    Present in the pyramids is the energy of 11 moving into 22, the teaching of 33 we do not yet understand, and the energy of 7 mysteries also . . .
    Cheers herongrace !

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