fly by

110105intx5cyThough I have a great internal compass and sense of direction – I have a love of maps. (Mercury rules, is my MC planet)  Astrology is made of maps, and not only the natal map, but also what happens as the big wheel turns.

The sky when we were born kept right on moving and soon tossed us into another set of circumstances such as the first Mars return (every 2-21/2 years) around what is known as the terrible twos.

When my progressed Moon (feels) and Mars (action) were pulling the plow together in Capricorn (career, work, public) – I was filled with focused energy, I was seriously DRIVEN and THRIVING on WORK, writing, java, more work and maybe 4 hours sleep a night, and doing it well.  Friends were across the globe were saying  I can’t believe the hours I find you online up and writing.

Note: for those of you who think I am a little  O u t   T h e r e. . . my progressed Moon is zapping into Aqua soon, so I may go around fully around the bend at that time . . . we’ll see… HA !
Fair warning.


Outer planets move so slowly, they rarely progress into the next sign unless they are at 28-29 degrees of a sign in natal.  See Elijah Wood.
I only look at the outer progs as they relate to the personals.

When looking at progs, look to Sun and Moon, whatever sign they land in – you are learning and exploring the ENERGY of THAT SIGN now.

Inner planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars – look at them all – your planets are vacationing in those energies, learning the dialect, customs, digging in with the locals and hanging out. 

With Mars trine Saturn Rx ruler in natal, I work plenty with two jobs, but while prog Mars and Moon were tag teaming in Cap I was A MACHINE.

Look to MC, ASC – apply the same.
What natal house is brought to the MC ?

eg.  My MC is now in Sagittarius, (my natal 12 is brought to prog MC)  so I am revealing much of what has been hidden – though I am still cryptic because my progressed Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio.

Look to how your progressed planets are interacting with your natal planets.
When progressed planets are in aspect to natals, choices revolving around those planetary energies come to fruition – growth and change is highlighted.

Drop progs into your natal and watch the transits spearheading growth as they fly by.

We have a choice.
Always a choice…

Respond high qi or low qi.
Bend or break.
Adaptation, improvisation.
Rise UP

Peace out