Even when I’m dead, I’ll swim through the Earth,
like a mermaid of the soil,  j
ust to be next to your bones.

Jeffery McDaniel

I love this photo because it is not the hollyweird glam money shot – instead, concentration whittles Elijah’s brow, while he manifests his magickal mojo, mister encyclopedia of music.  He is quite astounding really, rambling conjunctions of musical genres tumble out organically, he binds the knots between arts, it has been thus for years.  He is quite committed to The Art of Elysium, which brings the arts to children battling serious illnesses.  Elijah spins vinyl all over the world (since his breakout NZ spins during LotR) with his friend Cowie, under the name Wooden Wisdom.  You can listen to daily picks from Cowie aka Turquoise Wisdom at play it as it lathes.

In this photo is Elijah delving deep into his intellectual water element: Neptune (seas of music) in Sagittarius (exploratory teacher of music, film, memories, mysticism) sextiles his Aquarius (Mercury exalted) / Mars conjunction making him a curious  intellectual researcher; he desires the unique, he is a brilliant communicator.  This aspect also endows him with insight into the human electrical (heart, North Node in Leo) spiritual power grid.  Unusual powers of communication, love, balance and acceptance through trials are his forte – he sees the future – the big spiritual picture.

This is likely more keenly felt as Elijah’s 29 degree (previously more private) Scorpio Uranus has progressed into Sagittarius, giving his thinking a more philosophical, expansive, worldly curious vibe.  This rare progression is also evident by his public presence (publishing his ideas – ‘succumbing to the wiles of twitter’  lol.) on the web since November 2010 here.  Check him out, he posts really cool stuff.

Elijah’s Neptune (film) in Sagittarius also sextiles Pluto Rx in Libra (transformative, provocative art tweaking the balance).  He is fascinated by reflection images (Moon and Venus rule), his photographs incite intellectual perception probing.  He is in the viewers face, yet he is not – he represents the hidden portion of ourselves – we look at not only what we see (others , Aquarian), but how we see (ourselves, Leo).  He engages the viewer in curious contemplation of fame/infamy, of the extraordinary/commonality of all people, everywhere.
He forces us to perceive him, how we are – he showing us our guts, beautifully.
Libra Pluto Rx trine Aquarius Mercury/Mars; both sextile Neptune in Sagittarius – harmonious melding of personal/public (social) viewpoints, the ethical philosophy of SEEING.

Now would be an excellent time to mention Elijah’s pre-birth Lunar Eclipse (8 days prior to his birth).  Zero degree Aquarius (other) Sun opposite zero degree Leo Moon (self) – both square Pluto in Libra.  Learning to detach from the collective in order to nurture his emotional ego while creatively expressing unique traits and individual talents is his vibration.  Most of this growth will revolve around provoking intense transformation of both himself and others via relationships and creativity.

Elijah is a powerfully fluid dancer (Neptune) full of kinetic energy.  Pluto Rx trines his Mercury/Mars conjunction in Aquarius which is a fabulous representation of two of his childhood nicknames: Spark plug Monkey.  (Mercury rules names) Pluto Rx trine  Aquarius is electrical rebirth; Monkeys are Mercury (conjunct Mars in Aquarius – high octane monkeyshines).

Elijah, astute in business, (Venus in Cap mutual reception Saturn in Libra) has diversified interests including producing films (upcoming Black Wings Has My Angel), and running his own record label Simian Records.
He has a massive vinyl collection, is a self-confessed foodie (his parents ran a deli when he was living in Iowa) with a particular penchant for pizza pies and slow smoked dry rub meat.  He takes pictures of his food like I take pictures of my tarot spreads, cute.
Below Elijah is interviewed by Jason Z, another music freak friend – see JZ’s page here for tunes he posts daily.

Venus in Capricorn in mutual reception with Saturn Rx in Libra (Jupiter Rx tightly conjunct) finds balance through work, love and love of work.  Elijah (working in film since the age of 8) is pictured below as Huckleberry Finn in 1993, the same year he was awarded the Best Performance by a Younger Actor for Radio Flyer.
His earliest work includes a cameo in Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl video, and Back to the Future II as a video-gamer.  Elijah IS an avid gamer – he and Dom have a great time ripping on each other at the KNUCKLE Fantastic Debates.

Elijah’s tight (big/time) Jupiter [Saturn exalted] conjunction in Libra indicates a serious work ethic, long-term, broad artistic vision as well as a philosophical bent toward old school craftsmanship and tradition.  Which by the way, I LOVE.  Capricorn Venus in mutual reception with Saturn [Jupiter conjunction] square Pluto Rx in Libra has a particular desire to transform old school traditions/values of the past into the future across the broad social stratum.  This conjunction/reception in addition to Aquarius Sun makes Elijah an outstanding team player * note fellowship, and curiously Venus rules rings; Saturn, restriction; Pluto, delivering it to hell and back again.
Jupiter expands the burden, but also brings hope and luck.

Ye olde books say this conjunction (Jupiter/Saturn) is a sign of a “fresh start” chart, or coming into this life free of past karma – it requires hard work and other tense aspects to challenge the native to excel.  Interestingly, Elijah has no oppositions* (read Georgia O’Keefee, no squares)  indicating he gets along with others very well – the bulk of his learning in this life is centered on inner conflict and creative tensions.

Saturn Rx and Jupiter Rx in Libra trine his Aquarius Sun – he is a forging a loving bridge, (Mercury trine Pluto [both rule bridges] Libra; Chiron Taurus) weaving creative, diplomatic connections between the past and present.  Elijah’s Chiron is smack on my Moon and I find this true of him.  Sun square Moon also creates tension/potential between the past/future.  Which leads me to his Moon in Scorpio which is opposite  Chiron – his one opposition.*  Moon opposite Chiron indicates a strong female presence in the early life (also mother/public, Moon rules both) who has served as a catalyst for intense emotional growth.

Capricorn Venus square Pluto Rx in Libra indicates the same growth through restriction  of love, creativity, time and patience which produces intense deep-seated personal metamorphosis that strives for ultimate harmony and balance.  The love/art he craves must penetrate the psyche, provoke intense transformational experiences and reveal fascinating alternative perspectives.  It must also withstand the test of time.

Aquarius Mercury/Mars square Uranus Scorpio indicates a highly energetic mind that tends towards being high-strung.  This aspect signals deep rooted intellectual powers that revolutionize psychological boundaries through eccentric experiences.  Unusual willfulness and the desire to control (fixed signs) coupled with power struggles sparked by keen powers of intuition into the human psyche (both personal and global) need to be tempered by patient understanding and adaptation.
Elijah handles this explosive, reactionary (sometimes violent) aspect quite well by immersing himself in the horror genre, his most recent offering Maniac is a remake of the cult classic William Lustig slasher flick.  He is also owner/partner in a new horror/fantasy/sci-fi film/music management company, SpectreVision.

Sun square Moon indicates powerful lessons between conscious/subconscious, spirit/ instinct, extrovert/introvert, will/emotions, home/career, Mother Moon/ Father Sun, private psyche/public acclaim.  North Node in Leo opposes Sun which urges Elijah  further into the spotlight as he ages, particularly as his outer planet retrogrades in  Venus-ruled Libra kick in and he takes a more executive, behind-the-scenes role in creating films.  (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Rx)

Elijah is in my mind, a Scorpio rising without a doubt.  Magnetic, quietly imposing, heavy eyelids (bedroom eyes), intense gazeScorp rising puts Uranus (the extraordinary) on the 29th (culmination) degree of the first house (appearance) which rules the eyes and Elijah is well-known for his mesmerizing big blue eyes.  He is also Capricorn strong (Jupiter conjunct Saturn, Venus in Cap) and has lovely bone structure.

sic itur ad astra

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