Healing the HUB

1 Astrological Deck
2 Tarot of the Sephiroth
3 Fallen Angel Oracle

Hi All, quickie read to tap energies, receive insight, head towards most benevolent outcome.  Read intent is set to do this for all of us.

1 Focus on the Pisces area of your chart – Neptune is trine Saturn Rx in Scorp
Arts created from the soul can heal – easy as that.
Venus is exalted in Pisces and Neptune (rules Pisces) is the higher octave of Venus.

2 (series of 3 – how apt !) Empress reversed is Love and Money Nature in retrospective phase, cleaning and culling the dross, shriveling rather than thriving and in this case, emotional waters falling out rather than rushing in.  Tears, perhaps ?  She is the base of the Supernals or beginning of Creation, reversed she is operating internally, in hibernation, blocked.  Think Demeter/Ceres Persephone.

Saturn Retrograde (the Hermit’s Hermit)  in Scorpio waters is the streamlining of what is shared, what is ours, what is desired, how the fuck to let go, and how to judiciously tell someone they have been walking all over you. They had better start running.
(joking, but  be aware vengeance is low qi Scorp, very. low.)

Hierophant, is obviously Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in tandem in Gemini.  Hierophant is Jupiter, the teacher, who translates heavenly esotericism into earthly knowledge. (Jupiter is ancient ruler of Pisces)
This energy is an ancient bridge between worlds.  This cat is about SEEing and HEARing the invisible realms, translating them and wisely revealing them when the time is right.  Higher perception – expansion of thinking, reasoning and exploration.  All this Gemini has been very helpful to me this past eclipse season, you ?  Sort and process has been extremely high volume of late, it’s all good.  Go with it.

3 Buer  (Element Water; Planet Mercury)  Interesting.  Well, Mercury is leading an out-of-sign grand (soon to be water) trine at the moment, last post I wrote about it incoming soon.  Buer can be seen with a halo, as a five pointed star, or a fiery wheel with a face (star Venus; Earth – the Hub) at the center.  A philosophical friend is likely on the way to help you heal by cutting straight to the essence of things.  Take time to heal yourself, gather strength and allies. 
This is also likely a nod that we need to heal our Earth as well.


2 thoughts on “Healing the HUB

  1. Great post!

    I pulled the Empress to focus on this week, and Jupiter is leaving my 12th house by transit and onto my ASC, as of June 24th. Let’s not forget the New Moon in Gemini on June 8th.

    There’s a lot going on — and this Gemini is spinning on a dime!

    • Thanks Ace x
      Fantastic you are doing well !
      I have been hardcore multi-tasking, processing
      Gem on my 6. Taking a breather after triple decker eclipse blitz, reading a bit more and loving it…

      Also abandoning am post until later today for any wondering – plethora of Gem square Virgo Sun/Ura/Plut at the mo.
      Everything is * bloop * snafu, disappearing.

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