gung HO goof awhile


So I am driving along on my way to work laughing at the state of things in general. 
Basically, life being extremely difficult even though I have more tools at my disposal NOW than EVER.
Still struggling – wtf ?!
Then I am thinking what’s your malfunction, honey ?

Dismantle your Bomb.
It can’t be THAT hard.
Then I started thinking and cracked myself up…

Cardinals are all gung HO to get what they want – but it is more the striving for it than the actual getting of it.  Once they have it …y a w n… boring ! 
Where’s the next New Shiny Goal ?!

Fixed wants their wants – no, NEEDS – their Wants satisfied NOW and you had better hurry the FU about it !  They Want – NEED it – How they like it When they like it – snap !  If the fixed aren’t happy – ain’t nobody happy.  Capiche ?!  lol
* note: btw, that’s been working for me like a charm so far – HA ! NOT !

Mutables are easily distracted by shiny objects, titillating conversation, they turn on a dime, get all twisty & bendy and love having their fingers in everybody’s pies.  Jack ‘n’ Jill of all trades actually loves juggling a bazillion balls and being hard to pin down.

Since we all have a conglomeration of these energies working in our charts, via signs and planets in them, we are in tension with ourselves – always – in some form or another we are growing and learning from the first to the last breath and beyond. . .

Some folks have their natal aligned with the natural chart (Aries is on the first, Taurus is on the second, etc..) which gives them an extra push of being natally aligned with the natural energies of the seasons & signs.

Other luckies like me have energies at odds right off the bat.  Slow – ass Capricorn on the first house of Gung HO Aries, for example.  So I am layin’ tread, burnin’ rubber at the starting line.  To kick me when I’m down, I also have Saturn (rules Cap) IN ARIES going backwards.  That’s a fun one, trust me. heh.

Consider this…we always, Always, ALWAYS have an out somewhere. 

Cap on first house is Cardinal twice over, but my Aries lands on the mutable 3rd house along with Saturn Rx.  So I do get to juggle the energies a bit.  Frustration and anger blows over when I distract myself with kaleidoscope eye candy, goof awhile – then I can reapply force more intelligently.

Follow this example in your chart and see where you can juggle, apply, or dig into your energies in order to work them to your advantage.


astro hunting 101

Aries fire rushes in – hunt and gather.  Cardinal
Leo fire is attracting – sun, magnetic.   Fixed
Sagittarius fire is chased – they travel, whomever pursues.  Mutable

Taurus earth wants their energy with them.  Fixed
Virgo will serve earth energy to you.   Mutable
Capricorn earth will actively seek their work and yours too.  Cardinal

Gemini air shares ideas with everyone within earshot.  Mutable
Libra air attracts (Venus) and gathers ideas to share with close associates.  Cardinal
Aquarius air knows its own mind, and  the group mind, shares with the world.  Fixed

Cancer water clings to beloved and home base – gathers family around.  Cardinal
Scorpio water draws emotions to them with the intensity of a black hole.   Fixed
Pisces water serenely soaks loved ones in elusive emotional mist and fog.  Mutable


one-ring circus

This is a spread I call Cardinal. Fixed, Mutable.
(I made it up on the spot.)

Three cards above in that order, to represent what we ( all my readers ) need to keep in mind as we move forward.

What are the energies we are working with…?
How do we best work with them ?

The card below is the spirit card – the bottom of things, what may not be apparent, but is the crux of the situation.

The Deck I am drawing from is The Enchanted Map Tarot.

52 : Cardinal : Uranus, Venus in Aries: Pluto in Capricorn
Impact, personal growth, shift in perspective -growing into the best person you can be !

7: Fixed : Jupiter in Taurus
New opportunities, new territories – trust that you are both path finder and path maker

24 :  Mutable : everything else lol.  North Node in Sagittarius, Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Moon, Mercury in Pisces
Stop, look & listen.  Time to Observe.  Clarity will come later.  Spirit has a plan for you.

Spirit Card : 15 : Independence is key, self – confidence, wisdom and competence give you a healthy perspective on yourself and others.  Firm boundaries.



Apocalypse- Rassouli

Times change. 
Here’s the deal.

Pluto by transit is square within one degree of my natal Saturn Rx, my chart ruler, in Aries, my 3rd house.
Leading up to this :

– toothaches (Saturn Rx – bones & teeth – in Aries which rules the head)
Same thing happened when transit Saturn Rx was opposite natal Saturn Rx
– bit every single nail off both hands.  (I haven’t bit my nails since 7th grade.)
– Power issues with men and authority
– working 24/7, and more crazy hours at day job yet to come
– vacation denied because nearly everyone else is quitting
been reading some really fabulous mind – altering books

Now for Neptuner.
My most highly aspected planet just changed signs in my second house.
– dissolution of two of my oldest friendships
– strengthening of 4 new friendships – all 4 are female artists
– recovered 300 + songs I thought were lost forever
– I stood on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise   ! !
Seriously a dream come true.  At one point everything in my peripheral vision was Trek and I was having freaky surreal psychic *twinges* like I did in Graceland.
– peaceful flying dream giving me a message, a secret sign

I always find it interesting to hear how transits work themselves out for my friends in their lives, I thought you might like some bits of insight into my biggies as well.
(This isn’t taking into account progressions, other aspects, etc.. – just a skim today.)
It is revealing, just the same.

What is up in your chart ?

How are all you Aries and Libras doin’ out there… how’s the Pluto square transforming you and your life ?
Lucky Cancers are getting it via others by opposition…how are you faring…?
Capricorns have Pluto on their couch, at the dinner table, right in their face, staring back from the mirror.
…tell me about it…let it all hang out…lol

Pluto is the spur in your Cardinal sides, making you gallop – that much I do know.
How it is changing you personally  is up to your chart, planets and houses.

If any Neptooney peeps feel like speaking up, I would love to hear your cosmic comments.
~ I was waiting to comment myself until the fog cleared and I had a salt soak. xo

Live Long & Prosper

Raw Power

Last night I was reading tarot in bed and pulled all four Aces.  Now that doesn’t happen everyday, has only happened to me once that I can remember, in my readings for myself.  I have been reading tarot for 27 years.

I learn the most by reading for myself and seeing how the cards play out in my life.  I find it the best way to be exact in readings with others because I am so familiar with the energies on a personal level.

Last nights reading reminded me of an old friend of mine that had kids…I stayed with them for awhile in between living arrangements.  Her boys were young – squirming in their chairs, slurping noodles, making faces, and rocking back in their seats.  I often heard her exclaim, “Four on the floor !” meaning chair legs down, sit still and eat now !

Steady as she goes, Captain. 

All four Aces will bring fresh new creative energies in all phases of life.
Aces are the pure, raw, initial outgoing energy of the suit – Cardinal energy !  New things are on their way… !

Wands = Fire, creative energy and inspiration
Pentacles= Earth, skill sets and building on the material plane
Swords= Air, intellect, communications, socializing
Cups= Water, emotions, intuition, compassion

Reading tarot is like reading natal charts – identify the predominant energies, and how are they operating and where.  Tarot card placement in a spread is just as important as planetary placements.  How do the cards blend, how do the planets work together..?

Once I was astonished at the number of wands in my spread, almost all of them were.   Soon thereafter, I had news that brought on a bit of a panic.  (Luckily, wands energy moves quickly, it soon passed.)

One sad day before work, I drew the Death card covered by the Empress.  I went to work only to have my boss tell me a good friend had died.  I knew the couple and was close friends with them both, and their kids.   I drew a card to help comfort my girlfriend after her husband had passed – a message from him, if he could – and pulled the 2 of Cups.  That was so perfect, and tarot is right on the money, just like astrology.

The Page of Wands means a good message – incoming or outgoing depending on the placement in the spread.

Right before my lunch, I drew the Ace of Wands in the final card position.
Creative energy !
Now made manifest !


use love

Venus, the planet of love, art, money and women has entered the cardinal (taking action) earth sign of Capricorn, the practical sign of long-term achievement, building, and success.
She is trine Mars and Jupiter; energy and faith, hope.


Venus in Capricorn highlights not only love, art and women, but also money and how WE USE (Capricorns motto) all of these in our world…in our climb to reach personal and monetary success.  What symbolizes success to you ?

Venus here brings kindness, skill building, responsibility to our energy of love, money and women. She teaches us to bend instead of break.  She reminds us that quiet stillness of prayer or meditation is best done from the vantage point of humility; the bended knees.  (Capricorn rules the knees.)  She teaches us balance and harmony in relationships with each other, and diplomacy regarding money.  She delivers options, and sees all sides.

Venus brings trust, courage, self-confidence and awareness of purpose to Capricorn.
She brings love.

Where do you find a hand to hold yours in the world of female power, where do you find long-term female support, who has your back…?    YOU DO.  Demi Moore recently posted a photo of her back in her bathroom mirror with the reference ‘you always have your own back’.  This is so true, be your own strength, your own rock.

Venus rules Taurus – what we own- Venus is presently conjunct Plutonian power, that is what others own- Scorpio territory.  Are you revising (Mercury is Rx now) and revisioning your feminine power and where the coiled snake rises from within yourself…? What power do you guard for yourself, and what do you give away for the sake of love or money or vanity ?

The first law of thermodynamics is energy can not be created or destroyed, it only changes form.  Where is your Venusian energy placed and how is it phoenixing for you..?  Are you digging deep and going quiet between the recent partial solar eclipse on the 25th, and the total lunar eclipse on December 10th ?

The seeds are sprouting in the garden of your life, it is just after the new moon, tend your thoughts and be kind to yourself, be your own rock of Gibraltar.  Tend to the creative thought, be loving and re-define what is long-term success, streamline and begin again.

This is turtle wisdom.


Making Waves

We have a lovely Pisces (Neptune rules) Moon (feelings, public) conjunct chiron (healer) and Neptune (oceans).
Moon and Neptune both trine (harmony) Mercury (messenger of the gods) and Venus (love).
Neptune (oceans) trine Saturn (conservation).

I was cruising Radiohead info and found this great site Project Oceans.

I love it that Radiohead is so incredibly environmentally active – refusing to jet across the globe to play in a television studio – they dial it in – pointedly explaining why to do otherwise is ludicrous.
oh yeah baby I dig you.  My Saturn has a crush on your Saturn. 

Obviously, I’m not done talking about how great Thom Yorke (click here for more Thom) is, so pull up a seat Radioheads..!
Thom has Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio.  Intense and powerfully perceptive, he is able to read the collective pulse (Mercury, Neptune, Venus in Scorp) of unconscious human need (Mercury opp Moon) and forge (Pluto rules Scorp) new tools for building a more environmentally (Saturn conjunct Moon) sound future for us all.

That Virgo stellium is a powerhouse !
Virgos appreciate life in all its forms.  They see the web of life, the sacred patterns present from the micro to the macro scale.  They are earthy healers here to serve and protect.

Thom has Virgo Mars (desires, action), Jupiter (hope, philosophy) conjunct Pluto (the big game-changer, regeneration) and Uranus (the wild and free).  He is progressive and pioneering, a leader in the environmental movement from a musicians standpoint.  The band has taken solid steps to cut the amount of carbon emissions they produce during touring, as well as backing ecowatch groups and artists programs raising awareness on global warming.

Thom has Libra Sun (balance) opposite Aries Moon which is conjunct Saturn (Earth).  Moon and Saturn have a Mars flavor which brings a militant attitude toward finding balance with the public (Moon) and Earth (Saturn).

Libra Sun opposite Aries Moon conjunct Saturn – all are in Cardinal signs – they are initiating plans of action and making waves.

Thom is a number 5 life path, and has a 5 Sun.
5= Change, flux and adjustment
His Moon is 7 = Divine order, the mystical, a turning point.
Sevens are the triumph of spirit over matter.

Spirit (Sun) in the sign of balance (Libra) using art and music (Venus rules) to shine a reflection toward the masses (Moon) of what humankind is unconsciously doing to our (Mother, Moon) planet (Saturn, Earth).

I’m glad you were born to spin around on the planet with us, thank you.



With the coming of the new moon in generous Leo, I have a gift for you…a free tarot reading !

Activated for my readers at whatever time you choose to read it.  Its purpose being to align us all with the highest good energies for all earthkind~ I was asking for directions; the best path to take for the future good of all, as seen through the lens of astrological energies.

Cardinal= activity, where the action is, self-starters & go-getters
Fixed= stable, building from ideas of cardinals, desires and emotions
Mutable= adaptable, changing, people people, the glue between the two


(teacher card/bottom of things)

2 of pentacles (earth, material) in the cardinal position represents the active form of choosing what we value, the act of choosing goals

6 of cups (water, emotions) in the fixed position represents building solid foundations; good relationships with self and others through generosity and kindness

Ace of swords (air, communication) in the mutable position represents logic, and successfully adapting between material and emotional needs

Hangman as teacher card represents the need to see issues from another perspective, slow down and take stock of what you have, need or want.  He can also represent sacrifice for the higher good.

(Hangman is the card of Anglo-Saxon god, Woden / Odin who hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil, for nine days to gain insight which resulted in the Runic alphabet.)
What the entire spread vibes to me is the shedding of goals that do not suit the present situation.  If it’s not working for you, change goals.
The numerology of this spread is a total of 3= creation + growth.
All the best~