Pyromance with me ?

The long night of winter is coming.  

I have a thing for scruff, leather and swords ~> a hero with a taste for adventure thing.
When the lights go out my Sagittarius Mars needs a hero handy with a quiver of arrows, that wields a sword, a saber or a side arm – better. yet. all. four.

Sag Mars loves the treasure hunt, the circus caravan, to run and run and run  on a wild merry chase of discovery.

Mars in Sagittarius needs freedom.
Mars in Sagittarius needs fire.
Mars in Sagittarius needs mental gymnastics.

In the natal chart, Mars represents fire, energy, desires, men, husband, and the blade, the weapon.

Where is your Mars ?
What is your weapon ?
How do you wield it ?

I wield the sword of spiritual truths, polarities, cosmic justice, forgiveness and healing.

In my case, Sag Mars is in the 11th quintile Uranus – science freaks and geeks and astrology (Uranus rules) get me off.  My men absolutely must have an open mind and be open to my bizarre explorations into the higher (and inner Virgo) realms.
I think, learn, teach, heal and do absolutely everything (Virgo is daily routines) my own way.  Uranus. !  aka. Insert ‘self’ as prefix to any noun…self- taught, for example.
(I am a 9th house Virgo Sun conj Uranus / Pluto- 9th is the natural Sag house)

Where does the sign of Sagittarius fall in your chart ?
This is the house where you need unbridled freedom to engage life, SEE (sag motto) everything.

Sagittarius in my chart falls on the 12th – fire of the mystics.
Signs are everywhere.
In everything and everyone.
This whole world is a miracle in progress, and I read all of it.  Signs and events in my life, Daenerys and her stunningly Plutonian last scene, as well as my bugger Pluto transit (square my chart ruler, Saturn in 3rd – trines Sag Mars) have me fired up to divine in all sorts of new ways.

Mercury – any and all communications going  in & out – is my elevated planet at MC.
Neptune – cosmic waters of prophecy and intuition – is my most highly aspected.

What are these two planetary placements / energies in your chart and what do they reveal about you ?

MC is high noon and how you are seen by the world, if well aspected it is likely where you excel.
Your most highly aspected will be a strong energy that colors and flavors your entire life.


Divination by fire.

This is the fire I built to burn old documents – remnants of my married life up in flames.
I am in the flames on the left wearing a crown of daisies with eyes of fire.

There is a Cheshire cat on the right which means happiness at work.
True, happened – misunderstandings cleared; vacation starts after work tonight.

There is a small fox – magical cunning shapeshifter, quick and invisible if need be.
Fox medicine is both Mercury and Neptune, it fits. (fox totem – click)

Fox people often have thick hair that works as a psychic antenna. ! *
(Venus and Jupiter in Leo -mane- square megaNeptune here. true.)
*click for Moose, lol.

American Indian tribes, the Blackfoot and Apache both have legends of fox stealing fire of the sun and bringing it to the people.

Pyromancy has ancient roots.  Once humans discovered fire they began to gather for warmth, cooking, companionship and stories.  Tribal cultures have gazed into fires across the ages of time, quietly waiting for the salamander (fire) spirits to reveal messages of the gods.  Moses for instance, received divine messages on Mount Sinai from the burning bush.

For cleansing:
Write on a piece of paper those things you want to be rid of in your life, write your negativity and fears onto the paper, be specific !  Say a prayer, a blessing aloud and toss it into the fire to release it.  Renew and cleanse your spirit through fire.
Fire is a source of purification, sacrifice and renewal.
* see martyred saints here

Pluto is the planet of sex, death, metamorphosis, transmutation and rebirth. 

Its energy is born of the internal fire  – the spark of the soul – it replenishes and regenerates by the laws of spirit and  thermodynamics.
:::Neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed, it only changes form:::

Pluto in your natal indicates where you will metamorph again and again and again.
Something in your life has to die for something else to live.
Pluto is unavoidable, painful struggle- necessary for growth but not without pain.
Pluto renders you powerless in the face of oncoming change and death.
From the ashes you rise – forever changed – powerful, invincible, fearless.
You have nothing left to fear because your worst fears have already been realized.

Pyromance with me ?

Start by gazing at fire… go quiet…fade into the zone….images and impressions will appear.  Trust your instincts, these impressions are whispers from the cosmos within and surrounding you.

Bedouin diviners believed sounds and smells of fire communicated spirits as well. Bright, clear crackling fire brought good fortune, dull and sputtering was less fortunate.
Fire smoke can also be read…you have heard the saying smoke follows beauty while camping, yes..?  It stems from capnomancy (kapnos is greek for smoke) – divination by smoke.  Thin straight smoke plume is fortunate; billowing smoke less fortunate.

When smudging with sage, more smoke means less negative ions are present, when the smoke lessens, the energies are clearer, cleaner, more negative ions are present.  (click for more ion info)

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, and volcanoes.

She who shapes the sacred land  lives in the Halema’uma’u crater (click) and has been spilling lava on the southeastern shore of the big island almost continuously since 1983, adding nearly 70 acres of land to the coastline.

Pele is asteroid 2202 at, go check her out in your chart.  She is currently nearing 9 degrees Libra.  She is conjunct my MC and Mercury in my natal chart, makes sense, I am always going on about earth and rocks and Gaia energies, and Gneiss IS metamorphic.

Gaea (greek for Earth) is asteroid number 1184.  Gaia was the great mother of all: the heavenly gods and Titans were descended from her union with Uranus (the sky), the sea-gods from her union with Pontus (the sea), the Giants from her mating with Tartarus (the hell-pit) and mortal creatures were sprung or born from her earthy flesh (click).

Gaea Rx is currently 11 degrees Scorpio.  In my natal earth mama Gaia is conjunct Venus in Leo 8th at 29 degrees conjunct fixed star Regulus (click). (Watcher of the North, Archangel Raphael, Divine Healer, angel of Providence that watches over all humanity.)  Sweeet, love it !

Where do the goddesses of fire and earth fall in your natal chart ?

Consider Pele to be where you are in a continual phase of Plutonic destruction and renewal.  Gaia is the place in your chart where you embody earth spirits and manifestations spring forth.

Aloha ~

mines in the making

Les Edwards

If you keep seeking the jewel of understanding, then you are a mine of understanding in the making.
If you live to reach the Essence one day, then your life itself is an expression of the Essence.
Know that in the final analysis you are that which you search for.

Nobody, Son of Nobody (Shaikh Abu-Saeed Abil-Kheir, 11th century Muslim, Sufi) Translated by Vraje Abramian



Copper Capricorn

Meet Copper Capricorn – my Pluto transit mojo pendant.

Pluto by transit is square my chart ruler, Saturn Rx.
I call pendant dude Copper Capricorn because I bought him from an artist in Jerome, Arizona (click).  

Jerome is an old copper mining town established in 1883 that sits on the side of Cleopatra hill in the Verde Valley.  Jerome housed the workers in the nearby United Verde Mine, which was to produce over 1 billion dollars in copper, gold and silver over the next 70 years.  Jerome was a notorious wild west town, a hotbed of prostitution, gambling, and vice. In 1903, the New York Sun proclaimed Jerome to be “the wickedest town in the West”.

My pendant fits the aspect.

Pluto = cesspools of sin, mines and sex.
Saturn = rocks and ore taken from the earth.

Copper is Venus ruled.  Art ! 

The little blue botryoidal (greek for resembling grapes) stone is Azurite, a copper carbonate mineral.  It is a monoclinic crystal, though it is often found in botryoidal forms. Azurite is a stone of the Ajna, the third eye.  It vibrates with the energy of intuition, understanding, imagination and the sixth sense.  It can help facilitate dreaming and a clear, logical mind.

The green stones are Malachite, also a copper carbonate.  Malachite resonates with the Anahata, or heart chakra.  It vibrates with compassion, emotional balance, hope and love.  Malachite emanates a vibration of love (Venus) throughout the energy body, making it an excellent protection stone from negative energies.  Malachite resonates to the Yang polarity of coppers electrical conductivity, enabling it to work as an active ‘fire’ stone – it will help draw impurities out of the body and stimulate energy flow.

Malachite, being about 58 % copper, (Venus ruled, hence balance) is particularly helpful for left-right brain imbalances.  If you live or work near nuclear energy, malachite is said to help with over intoxication, radiation induced illnesses and it will draw out and expel the toxins from the body.  Malachite also promotes cellular regeneration, and increases capillary function and can help reduce swelling.

Copper itself is the metal of channeling energies, it is the metal of the magician.  Copper, when used with stones, enhances the conduit between stone and human energies.  It assists, manifests energetic alignment between earth, stone and human.

Copper bracelets (often worn for arthritis) open the blocked energy flow in the body which helps alleviate arthritic pain.

Copper is a conduit, a conductor, an enhancer. 

Here is the science:  Electricity is the flow of electrons moving from one atom to the next.  Copper is very dense, the atoms are compact, allowing this moving exchange of electricity to happen quickly, easily.

Malachite is also said to enhance luck.

Keep this in mind as Venus comes closer to an exact conjunction with Jupiter.
Venus (love, $$, women, copper) and Jupiter (luck, expansion, wisdom) are beneficial, and they are opposite (in compromise with) Saturn (bones, work, discipline).

Try wearing malachite for luck and / or relief of arthritis or infection and see how it works for you.



Pluto rules the rare and miraculous, the microcosmos.
Saturn rules the Earth.

Pluto digs up and transforms how we experience everything in the place it lives or transits in our natal chart.

Pluto by transit hit exact square to my chart ruler, Saturn Rx – today.
Saw that comin’.
It went about as well as I figured it would. 

Pluto will turn your world on its head – you will find yourself hanging like Odin from a tree, sacrificing (death) one thing or idea only to transform that same thing or idea into another greater thing.  It is a struggle, a morph, a shift in perspective.

If the Plutonic situation will not change, YOU. WILL.
Which in turn does change the situation entirely.

See the picture of the Milky Way above…?
Shifts the way of thinking doesn’t it ?!
Now look at the photo below.

The universe – the micro / macro cosmos.

The picture above is a stalked protozoan attached to a filamentous green algae with bacteria on its surface (160x).  1st Prize, 1979 – Paul W. Johnson University of Rhode Island, USA (source)


Uranus (Aquarius/ 11th house) and Pluto involve perspectives*  and microcosmos.  What house /s do these planets live in and what do they activate in your chart ?

* (see genius perspective artist, M.C. Eschers massive 11th house stellium)

Mine are conjunct Sun in Virgo, on the 9th house of Sagittarius, the expansive.
I SEE (Sag motto) the diversity of life (Pluto falls in my 8th house of Leo, Sun ruled or life)  BIG & small.
I can dovetail the two into a whole (Neptune girl is inclusive – Sag on 12th) philosophy (9th house)  ALL ONE. 

My former husband has them in the 11th house, he is a wicked smart micro biologist.
Teeny tiny is his trade, what he researches & produces goes into salad dressing, etc…
Both are trine his Moon (public) in Taurus.

Think about where Uranus and Pluto live in your chart and how they shift your perspectives time and again.  There is massive growth in that area of your chart, and there will be more in the future as Uranus and Pluto are moving closer to exact square in the sky above us now.

Look to planets they aspect – the house opposite (others), the houses squaring (internal), and the opportunities you have waiting for you in sextile, and the restful spots in the trines.  All these things will help you flesh out the story of your natal chart.

Now for a great photo that can bridge both worlds.
Earth AND Sky.
I love this one.

Bret Webster
The photo above showing the Milky Way stretching across the desert sky and a distant monsoon thunderstorm on the horizon was captured just outside of Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah on August 27, 2011. (source with more info on earth & sky)

peace & rainbows


Apocalypse- Rassouli

Times change. 
Here’s the deal.

Pluto by transit is square within one degree of my natal Saturn Rx, my chart ruler, in Aries, my 3rd house.
Leading up to this :

– toothaches (Saturn Rx – bones & teeth – in Aries which rules the head)
Same thing happened when transit Saturn Rx was opposite natal Saturn Rx
– bit every single nail off both hands.  (I haven’t bit my nails since 7th grade.)
– Power issues with men and authority
– working 24/7, and more crazy hours at day job yet to come
– vacation denied because nearly everyone else is quitting
been reading some really fabulous mind – altering books

Now for Neptuner.
My most highly aspected planet just changed signs in my second house.
– dissolution of two of my oldest friendships
– strengthening of 4 new friendships – all 4 are female artists
– recovered 300 + songs I thought were lost forever
– I stood on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise   ! !
Seriously a dream come true.  At one point everything in my peripheral vision was Trek and I was having freaky surreal psychic *twinges* like I did in Graceland.
– peaceful flying dream giving me a message, a secret sign

I always find it interesting to hear how transits work themselves out for my friends in their lives, I thought you might like some bits of insight into my biggies as well.
(This isn’t taking into account progressions, other aspects, etc.. – just a skim today.)
It is revealing, just the same.

What is up in your chart ?

How are all you Aries and Libras doin’ out there… how’s the Pluto square transforming you and your life ?
Lucky Cancers are getting it via others by opposition…how are you faring…?
Capricorns have Pluto on their couch, at the dinner table, right in their face, staring back from the mirror.
…tell me about it…let it all hang out…lol

Pluto is the spur in your Cardinal sides, making you gallop – that much I do know.
How it is changing you personally  is up to your chart, planets and houses.

If any Neptooney peeps feel like speaking up, I would love to hear your cosmic comments.
~ I was waiting to comment myself until the fog cleared and I had a salt soak. xo

Live Long & Prosper

Serenity NOW

How’s Mars treating ya ?   
We’re all pissy around here. Cat is sick, hating the evol bile medicine I have to force down his throat.  Poor thing wretches and foams at the mouth while I am poked every which way.  The other cat wisely hides. lol
Oh and transiting Pluto creeps up on my Saturn ruler and turns the square screws another notch or two.  lovely.

Energies are most definitely in flux.  Mars IS energy in the natal and it is soon to travel via retrograde back over the nit-picky bits in Virgo – oh who am I kidding ?!
They are ALL nit-picky bits in Virgo, obviously.

Sun (spirit) and Saturn (work & restriction) are under some nasty squares and how !
I am buried in work until…I do not care to count the days and weeks and months.
Sun is square happy-go-lucky Jupiter too – squeezing any optimistic juice out a dried up old day…and I am here writing about it – how about a round of applause for Mercury square Saturn. *crickets*  (sips blackberry smoothie)

Things on this page will be a work in progress towards more streamlined efficiency while Mars is Rx…posts may ease up a bit while I work behind the curtain.
Thanks for your infinite patience while Gneiss regenerates and metamorphs…

Moon (emotion) is frozen solid – cloaked in a suit of chain mail and crawling on all fours out of Capricorn on this dark moon.  Sun squares aren’t helping the sitch.
I saved the best for last though !

Luna is coming to conjunct Mercury and thankfully Mercury is quintile (talent) Uranus.  Heightened intuition and the Cosmic Headspace Bliss -out !  wheeee !
Soon New Moon Monday in the early morning (CST,USA) and some fizzy Aquarian dark moon vibes, bring it  !

Ohmmmmmmm…Gneiss Mars…yeees…that’s right…ohmmm…

peace out lovelies~