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RegulusMars. Algieba. Regulus. Moon.

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Regulus 28 degrees Leo: The Lion’s Heart
One of the Four Royal Stars of the Persians in 3,000 B.C., when, as Watcher of the North it marked the summer solstice.  Also called, “The Star of Kings”.

Influence: Mars and Jupiter (Ptolemy)
Also likened to Sun in good aspect to Uranus (Alvidas)
Archangel Raphael, Divine Healer, angel of Providence that watches over all humanity.

Conjunctions to Regulus (tight orb) 1- 2 degrees brings:
High and lofty ideals, strength of spirit, generosity, astrological ability. Capacity for leadership, honor, a hunger for power, a high – spirited and independent temperament, with a possible fall from a high position of grace when power is misused.

Astrological significance of the Fixed Star Regulus
References: [Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923].
Keep in mind, ye olde skool astro can be a bit tweaked toward doom/gloom.  Instead, just think operate high qi to get best results !

If angular, rising or culminating: Public honor and credit, good fortune and riches, military success or high office.  With Sun, Moon or Jupiter, great honor and fortune.

With Sun: Power, authority, influence with friends, honor and riches. Low qi: violence, trouble, disgrace and ruin, benefits fleeting.

With Moon: Occult interests, powerful friends, gain by speculation, public prominence.  Makes women high-spirited and independent.  Low qi: Violence, trouble and sickness.

With Mercury: Honorable, just, popular, gain through high position.  Low: Generosity abused by opponents.

With Venus:  Unexpected happenings, love affairs, attachments.  Low: Violence and disappointments through same. 

With Mars: Honor, fame, strong character, public prominence, high military command.

With Jupiter: Fame, high promotion, especially of a military nature, success in the church.

With Saturn: Just, friends among clergy, success in church or law, scholarly, wealth, proud of home and family, good health.  Low qi: Heart trouble at end of life.

With Uranus: Energetic, ambitious, successful, high official position.  Gain through speculation and companies, favorable for marriage.  Low qi: Pandering to aristocrats, sorrow through disappointing offspring, friends become enemies in old age, seclusion, violent death.

With Neptune:  Prominent leader, law-giver, diplomatic, strong character, control over others, influential friends, few if any enemies, domestic harmony, death in old age.

With Pluto: [interp: Gneiss Moon] Gain through struggle, powerful and influential friends as well as sexual partners, gain through organized metaphysics, paranormal research, science, spycraft.  Low qi: Dominated by enemies, abuse, fall from high position.

Regulus entered the sign of Leo in 156 BC.
Regulus enters the sign Virgo in 2012 AD.

The fixed star of Regulus ~ the healers star  enters the sign of health, work and service for others, the feminine sign of analyzation, self- improvement and healing this year.

Neptune ~ the planet of spiritual healing swam home into Pisces this year.

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  1. Occultation of Regulus
    Asteroid 163 Erigone passes in front Regulus (as seen from Earth) on the night of March 19 and 20. Only visible from a narrow swath across the northeastern North America here.

    Erigone will eclipse Regulus for between 14 seconds and up to two minutes around 2:06 a.m. EDT

    Erigone, (daughter of Icarus) hung herself after finding her father murdered. She is remembered in the heavens as the constellation Virgo.

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