give pause

Cassini, NASA

Saturn.  Saturn.  Saturn.
work. work. work.


Old cuss Saturn gets a bad rap.
 Saturn is chronically melancholy.

Saturn rules
Karma.  Fear.  Testing.

Saturn is tough, disciplined and severe.

Ambition, architecture, and austerity 
are Saturn, as are
barriers, basements, and bankruptcy.

Saturn in your chart shows an obstacle
you must overcome

but it also shows
where you will be

rewarded for hard work and patience.

Saturn conserves, constricts and confines.
It blindfolds, blockades and belittles.

Saturn contacts between your chart and another 
indicate the ties that bind.

Saturn is nostalgic, old school and conservative.

The elderly
the peasants and the paupers
the retired, the restrained
and the realists
are all Saturn bound.

Saturn rules bones and teeth
rocks and crystals.

Saturn represents the father in the natal
(as does Sun)

Saturn is fond of
constructing foundations, and shelters
on terra firma. 

Saturn rules
fossils, grudges, guarantees,
hostages and hemp.

Saturn in the natal is where you are
duty bound to perfect and deepen
life lessons.

Saturn is shy, slow and stiff.

It is cemeteries, statesmen
 night watchmen
dark colors. 

Horns, hibernation, horror
denial and debt
blood clots and brakes
are Saturnian.

Saturn is eons of TIME

Inflexibility, anchors, kneeling and the knees
are all Saturn, as is itching and the skin.

Saturn is land, dirt
farmers and civil servants.

Saturn worries
yet unflinchingly faces
a mountain of obstacles and challenges
slowly and surely it climbs to success.
Saturn is difficult.
Saturn is HARD and HEAVY.

Saturn is concentration.

Mercenaries, misers, and morticians
are all Saturn. 

Saturn is lonely.

Saturn obeys, pauses, regrets  
remains quiet and reliable.
Saturn meditates.
Saturn is patient.

Saturn waits.