Gneiss Moon

June 21
Sun enters Cancer
Midsummer Solstice – Longest Day of the Year
Summer Solstice falls at the precise moment when the Sun’s power reaches its zenith.

Summer Solstice is when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky – appears to stop (stations) – then begins its journey back towards the equator to its lowest point in the sky, or Winter solstice.  Click here for movie.

Litha (the Saxon grain goddess, also Demeter or Ceres) is a festival of lighting fires and celebrating the peak of solar days – blossoms, fruits and vegetables are blooming, the Earth is pregnant with seeds sown at Beltane.

Litha is a time of honoring the Lord and the Lady: the Earth Mother Goddess who nourishes us with her rich bountiful fruits, and the Sun Father God – the triumph of thriving light.

Fires lit at this time are especially magical for empowerment, prosperity and protection.  Light two candles – celebrate sacrifice and renewal – the interconnection between light and dark.  This is a time for willpower – use the Sun’s powerful light, the spiritual fire of hope – to be insightful and initiate creative positive changes.

Light one candle to honor the passing of the waxing sun, and one to honor the coming of the waning sun.  Take this time to celebrate families, children and the balance between work and play – absorb the midsummer sunshine into your heart.   

Fire magicks cast at this time are imbued with the Sun’s power of creativity, courage, healing protection, physical strength, love, romance and friendship. Spells to enhance these qualities are made stronger by the long rays of the honorable sun.

* While Northern Hemisphere celebrates Litha, Southern Hemisphere celebrates Yule.

blessed be