dual citizenship

John Dyers Baizley, Beyond the Permafrost

Longest night of the year – the darkest of the dark nights. 

I love it here in the private cool dark…few go outside in the northern hemisphere when the snow and wind blow, so my usual routine of seclusion blends right into the woodwork.  Sweeet.

This is the time Sun enters Capricorn – Midheaven in the natural chart – the pinnacle of material solidification, the time of quiet solitude, concentration and deepest growth.

Capricorn embodies TIME, and the passage of it.
YULE (winter solstice) means WHEEL in Norse.

The wheel of time has seen this planet through mass extinctions – yes that is plural.
Continental drift, magnetic polar shifts, your life up to this point, and this particular change of seasons.

Wisdom is inherent to Capricorn, because Capricorn IS TIME.
Saturn (rules Cap) is old age, the adage; time has passed, experience is earned, and acceptance of WHAT IS is reached.

The passage of Father (Saturn) time (Scythe) is the end of dark days and the beginning of New Sun / Son represented by the birth of longer daylight.  Solstice is from the Latin words sol (sun) and sisto (stop).  See Sacred Round here.

of the

– Freshly embodied matter from the etheric state is wrestling the cosmic spiritual language into material goalset.

– Decaying matter wrestles the energetic bonds keeping the etheric chained to the material realm.

Thus we have entered the festival of Lights, named for the darkest days on Mother Earth, hence Saturnalia, Saturn rules Mother Earth – yet Saturn is also Father.

Dual citizenship. 

Are you getting that ?!
Takes two.
Just US.


Polarities abound, yes..?
Saturn was the ancient ruler of Aquarius.

Saturn: slow and steady, reliable, clubby.
Uranus: individual thoughtspeed global networkings.

We are connecting earthwide via our thoughtspeeds in the material realm.
Where thoughts go energy flows.

Vitally differing (stagnant / electric) energies, POLARITES.
Two sides acting as ONE.

Northern Hemisphere celebrates Yule as Southern Hemisphere celebrates Litha, or midsummer.

Happy Solstice
You are not alone


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