Ponderation & complexities

To the extent that we honor all aspects of ourselves, we remove revulsion, self-hate, horror and terror from our lives.  As whole human beings we are the creatures of the greatest complexity on this planet.  Respect for this complexity includes our insisting on acceptance of the inconsistent and incongruous.  – Theodore Rubin

Tuesday December 25
Moon into Gemini 1:13am CST,USA
Mars into Aquarius 6:49am

Friday December 28
Full Moon in Cancer 4:21am CST,USA

Lunation moves toward Full in Cancer, so feelings are whoa off the scale, as is feminine energy, home and family matters, our collective instincts are Grrrowing to FULL ON OVERDRIVE.  Capricorn Sun conjunct Pluto opposes Full Moon and the whole caboodle squares Uranus in Aries.  New Action will be taken.

Current astro is most certainly shoving the metamorphic goods down my throat.  (Yes, throat. Transit Pluto is trine my natal Toro Moon, Uranus conjunct natal Saturn Rx ruler)
My life has come to a point of do or die.  Astrology is absoulutely fecking brilliant ! I am watching the planets influence and guide me – they are also a giant celestial map of energies at play for all of us as a whole.  Like a cosmic hurdy-gurdy, planetary energies hit notes to create a song. 

Those of you with Neptune near the last solar eclipse degree (21 degrees Scorp) will be feeling the approach of the North Node of Destiny which is at 25 degrees Scorp (NN always moves retrograde) at the moment.  Leo and Aquarius are facing inner changes leading towards the future as Toro is being shown how to leave the past behind.

This lunation will be bringing illumination to your house of Cancer, Capricorn will likely deliver it via Sun conjunct Pluto.  I could deliver you a rosy photograph of how Sun and Pluto is metamorphosis, rebirth and all things shiny and brand new – okay I AM delivering you that rosy photograph – it IS TRUE.

First you must develop the negative of the photograph.  The pain, Pain, PAIN that only the Scorpion knows.  Childbirth, vomiting, death, the loss of everything you hold dear are examples of Plutonic energy.  Pluto goes deep to purge the garbage.  Sun conjunct Pluto opposing Moon will bring shifts of feelings, ego – subconscious forces may emerge and power-tripping / ego hits / disappointments can be all over the shop.  Fair Warning !  Keep in mind Plutonic benders lead to healthier rebirthing.  When you come out the other side – all will be completely changed.

This Sun/Pluto opposes Moon : something or someone is Gone with the Wind (Jupiter Rx in Gemini ) and the aching loss of it, the acute realization is the breaking of Jupiter.  

Hope for one thing must be relinquished for another hope to survive and thrive.
Gemini comes in twos as does Sagittarius (Jupiter rules).  Jupiter Rx in Gemini is the apex of two quincunxes – Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn – mutual reception.
Loss – breakdown – restructuring.

Jupiter Rx in Gemini allows a bit of wiggle room to offset the fixed energies – Jupiter Rx is where a reshaping and reforming of thinking, values, ethics and philosophies will take place – so check your Gemini house changes INCOMING !

Also note Gemini 3rd (Mercury) and Sagittarius 9th houses rule teachers.  At the time of this lunation, Mars will have entered Aquarius in trine to Jupiter Rx in Gemini – Mars is the blade, the weapon.  Bills are Mercury, laws are Jupiter –  there is much debate of gun control in the US, as there should be after senseless deaths of young Sandy Hook schoolchildren.

We are emotionally supported by the energies of a Grand Water Trine (partly separating, but I’ll take it !) Cancer Full Moon (applying to) Scorpio Saturn and Pisces Neptune / Chiron.  Consider that a blessing as Neptune/Chiron THE HEALERS also sextile Sun/Pluto the usurpers and destroyers.  Opportunities for massive growth are bunking up in houses Pisces and Scorpio – use them !

Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn shines daylight on HOW death may turn to be of USE, a rebirth follows death – ALWAYS.
Gun laws must be re-examined – we must stop these senseless killing sprees.  Also think of outdated principles of inefficient big business corps, overtaxing, draining OUR RESOURCES on and in Mother Earth, for instance.  Haven’t we all lost faith in big corps, big govt and their shoddy practices of raping and pillaging both our earth and people for profits ?

And wtf are corps/govt’s so gung-ho to poison everyone and thing on the planet ?
I LIVE here, DRINK here, EAT here. 
I don’t want a bunged up pineal gland from swallowing too much fluoride, I don’t want genetically modified crops, and I most certainly do not want clearcut rainforests and palm oil in everything from toothpaste to cereals.  I have gone organic, buying reverse osmosis H20 asap, I’ve simply HAD IT with sneaky corps and their purposely misleading labelling and lies.  DONE.

Apply the same principles (the micro) to you and your life. 
What must die in order for you to make the best USE of your TIME and ENERGY ?
Where is your future path leading you ? Look to 25 degrees of Leo and Aquarius for where change is being forced.   The same of 25 Taurus – this is what must be left behind in order for your future to unfold.  (NNode is not a physical point in space, yet the energies of these houses offer clues to where work must be done.)  My King of Wands has just been Knighted – well cracked over the head with North Node, really.  (Jupiter in Leo)

Mercury (25 degrees) conjuncts Venus and Galactic Center (27 degrees) in Sagittarius.  Visionary thinking regarding money, love, partnership and harmony is pouring in from the cosmos (and out of earth towards the cosmos) while Mercury quintiles Chiron.  Picture the energetic geometric grids: conduits crisscrossing the planet, smaller scale it is also in your body via nerves (which by the way Gemini rules) and nervous system.  The same is true of everything in the known and unknown universe – we are all connected like the spiral of a spiders web (Saturn rules the physical world) that circles ever outward.
( ( ( ripples ) ) )

Now we get our heads (Gemini) right, and work towards our futures.
Be patient, loving and use your energies wisely.


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