Tuesday December 25
Moon into Gemini 1:13am CST,USA
Mars into Aquarius 6:49am

Happy Merry everyone !
Yesterday I said ‘breaking of Jupiter’ how true that turned out – crazed kids chasing each other all over the house – no breakage.  Enter one klutzy Sag Mars (me) and I pitch over a table and accidentally behead a bunch of nativity (religious – Jupiter) figurines.  (transit Mars square natal 4, Mom home)  oy. sheesh. sorry. The irony does not escape me here.

Mars in Aquarius is tres cerebral – effortlessly popping mental gymnastics that would joggle other brains loose is their forte.  Freedom of intellectual pursuits is a must, they are socially adept; frequently changeable – subject to polarities in action  – this Mars can run hot and cold in a SNAP.

Ideas flop into the brainpan from the higher realms in a flash, personal energies are electric and magnetic.  Relentless pursuit of goals and aspirations, blade is sharp, quick.  This Mars is Positive Plus – outgoing, strong activism, bohemian energies rush outward 24/8.  Tendency towards being high – strung, needs to cultivate some form of zen maintenance to ground flighty energies.

Innovative, radical behavior that turns heads and makes waves in the energy field of all humanity – ? – very likely.  Power can turn on a dime – periods of great outward activity followed by quiet unreadable introspection. 

Brains of Mars Aquarius peeps are silently ticking away, they have a quiet reserve, which can be a fooler – architectural whizBANG genius space / time constructs are going on behind those eyes.  They are naturally intuitive, adept at reading subtle body language cues – they are passionate about what they KNOW.

Desire nature can be switched on/off like a light; great passion followed by aloof detachment is common.  Desires a brilliant mental sparring partner.  Although fixed Aquarius tends toward loyalty – Aquarius Mars needs absolute freedom of choice to remain happy.

Mars in Aquarius often needs to cultivate patience, reliability, expressing the heart and walking the middle path.