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Messier 6 and Comet Siding SpringOpen cluster Messier 6 and Siding Spring – Rolando Ligustri 
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Siding Spring likely formed 4.6 million years ago in the Oort Cloud.  No comet has come anywhere near this close to Earth in recorded history. source

Siding Spring will flyby Mars at a distance of 87,000 miles on October 19. 
That’s one-third of the distance between Earth and Moon.  Siding Spring’s tail could extend from Earth all the way to our moon. Its gaseous coma, the fuzzy head surrounding the nucleus, might stretch halfway to the moon.

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Heads UP  !


James Paick

News came in this eve that someone close to me was the victim of police brutality.    Tasered, cuffed, kicked/beaten bloody while unconscious without provocation.  Onlookers called an ambulance (disregarding police warnings to mind their own business), thankfully putting a stop to what could have been much worse.

Mars rules police, weapons, and aggression; obviously tazers are Uranus.

Briefly, big factors via transits were Saturn return with Full Moon in Capricorn (7.12) square natal Mercury/Neptune conjunction while transiting Mars/N Node rode same conjunction.  Transiting Jupiter rode natal Uranus which squared the same natal conjunction.
Cardinal cross landed in solar houses 1,4,7,10 aka crisis and an outrush of activity.

Saturn rules justice (or lack thereof), karma, restriction; Jupiter on Uranus equals one hell of a surprise.
Note: Transits listed are not those of the defendant, but of rather those of a close relation.
I don’t have the heart to say much of anything else.
Signing off as I usually do.

Gneiss Moon

Gifts of Millstones

shoulders_skatz-hates-norman-reedus*Capricorn, Norman Reedus
(note cheekbones, facial structure)*

After my marathon induction into The Walking Dead, I ran up Norman’s chart since the archer, Daryl had some weird accident co-incidences with one of my brothers (the eldest).  It turns out Norman himself has some weird accident coincidences with my youngest brother as well.  For the record, I don’t want to give the impression I only enjoy Norman’s work on The Walking Dead because that is not the case at all – I enjoy the entire cast and their work immensely.

The Walking Dead speaks to me of the current aspect Uranus square Pluto all over (high octane personal metamorph 24/7), as well as my specific aspects Mercury (walking) Sun/Ura/Plu in 9.  I find TWD incredibly dense, emotionally rich, psychologically intense & surprising.  Every single episode delivers new perspectives and ideas to chew on afterwards – I love it  – fantastic work writers, cast & crew – thank you.

The Michonne scene I refer to here, for instance.
Who is the walking dead ?
Damn. whoa.
Reality check.

I was wondering how working on TWD has changed cast members (specifically Norman’s) viewpoints on life and death.  Probably because TWD changed mine – for the better.  (No deets, it’s private.)  Then it occurred to me the car wreck Norman survived in 2005 (imdb) was likely more of a catalyst in that philosophical realm.

Norman was passenger (Gemini/Mercury/3rd rules) in a car that was hit by an 18 wheeler, he went through the windshield, sustained serious head injuries and survived. My youngest brother was not so lucky, he died in a car crash and his daughter had severe brain trauma sustained from their wreck.  (She is doing very well now after years of hard work, thank you.)

I read about Norman’s titanium eye socket, and being a curious regenerative astrocat, I had to hunt up the deets to see what Norman’s transits and progressions were in late Feb of 2005.  Only then the similarities between Norman’s chart and my brother’s dawned on me, so here I am, writing another accident astrology post for Mars Rx in Libra.

Mars Rx in Libra is researching self-reliance, resiliency and balance, reconciliations, re-thinking how, where and when to re-apply force.  It is the study of creative directions.
Bringing Balance to the Force.
C’mon…you had to know I was gonna go there, right ? lol

Mars rules accidents. Incidentally, transiting Mars Rx was applying conjunct my natal Uranus at the time of my brother’s death – he was a double Aquarian.

millstone Yeong-Hao HanYeong-Hao Han

First – full disclosure: This Capricorn Rising failed her Saturn return.
Saturn was smack on my natal Aries Saturn Rx when my brother died, my niece landed in the hospital near me for months on end, while my family tried to gain custody of her. Prior to that my folks house caught on fire, and they were both diagnosed with cancer.  Pretty heavy stuff.
I could have handled it better, but then hindsight’s 20/20 isn’t it ?  My own years of debilitating sickness followed Saturn return and I have worked slowly, steadily since then to improve my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.
Astrological know-how has been immensely helpful along with savvy card reading, I can see hard times coming and prepare.  I know how long I have to grit my teeth and deal until the transit passes.

What you read here at GMA are gifts of the millstones.
I finally figured out how to work Aries Saturn Rx trine Sag Mars at the backdoor properly – less going on tour, more quiet spiritual work.

Heads up under 30 peeps, learn your lesson from me – Saturn return will test you.
Work hard, stay clean, use your head, ask for help if you need it and you’ll be fine.
There is a Saturn return calculator on the sidebar.  (Usually around ages 29, 57, 85)
BroThis is my youngest brother with snake (Scorpio rising).  I neglected to mention earlier both of my older brothers were/are archers, crafting longbows and recurves.  So yeah, weird similarities with Norman, who I hear is an excellent shot with a longbow.  I dig it.

Now, onto the similarities…
First, my brother’s natal T square + Saturn aspects:
Aquarius Moon/Sun/Venus and Mercury in 3 opposite Pluto Rx in Leo most elevated.
Mercury & Pluto square Mars (strong, conjunct ASC from 12) – Mars is focal planet.
Pluto is ruler.

Third house luminaries square Saturn in Scorpio 12th; Moon exact.
Third house/Mercury rule short distance travel.
My brother died about a mile from his house, though he nearly died years before in  Florida (Pluto 9, long distance travel) when he was 25 or so, got filled up with metal then, after that wreck.

Accident deets:
Mars Rx in Mercury-ruled Virgo applying square to Prog Mars
Prog Sun exact conjunct natal Mercury square natal Mars
Prog Moon square natal Jupiter, prog Mars
Transit Pluto Rx applying to ASC, square prog Mercury
Transit Jupiter exact natal Sun square natal Saturn
Transit Uranus applying to natal Moon square natal Saturn
Transit Chiron Rx square natal Mercury, square transit Neptune
Transit Mercury square natal Uranus Rx

Lots of squares, indicating very restless energies looking for expression.
Most definitely a time for caution, being on guard, circumspect.

norman_reedus_daryl_dixon_vest_from_the_walking_dead_2_1Now for Norman, pictured above with one of his many crossbows.

Norman reports his wreck happened when he was headed home after an REM gig during the Berlin Film Fest in February of 2005, so I ran up the progs and transits to see what came up for Feb 14, 2005.
First off, Mercury (rules passengers) square Mars can indicate traveling accidents.
Mars in Scorpio is regenerative power and transmutation, possibly brushes with death when Mars is under tough aspects and transits/progs activate them.

The likelihood of another Mars focal point is what caught my eye.
For the record, I think Norman’s a Scorp rising (puts moon early/mid teen degrees).
He has 3 deamon tats, Omen is one of his fave movies, generally known for playing killers, gunmen etc…

Norman’s natal Mars (accident) deets.
Natal Mars in Scorpio square Mercury (similar).
Mercury opposite Leo Moon (how tight this aspect ?, tricky – Moon moves quickly)
Mars square Leo Moon. (Again, tricky, but I give a wider orb with the luminaries.)
He also has Sun square Saturn in its fall in Aries.  Aries rules the head; also Germany.

Accident deets:
Transit Mars square natal Jupiter
Transit Mars square prog Venus
Prog Mercury square natal Mars
Transit Sun/Mercury square natal Neptune
Transit Saturn Rx square natal Aries Saturn (progressed Saturn exact)
Transit Pluto square natal Pluto
Transit Chiron applying to natal and progressed Mercury

There was an Aquarius stellium at the time of Norman’s accident.
Venus/Neptune conjunct within one degree; Sun/Mercury exact conjunct – Jupiter trine all of it from Libra.
Triple benefics (Sun, Venus, Jupiter) at work.
North Node of Destiny and transit Pluto in exact trine in fire signs (energy).
This is good.
A friend (Venus/Aquarius) translated for him, Norman had surgery and lives to tell the tale. Interestingly, Norman actually ditched his hospital stay early, flew back to LA to film the autobiographical short film, Meet Me in Berlin, linked below.
Interview here.

Interesting dude.
I like him.

Peace out
Gneiss Moon

sidewinder samurai

Michonne WDDanai Gurira as Michonne, The Walking Dead

Samari warrior woman – silent, deadly.
First things first.  MARS. 
I had to know. Here’s the deal with the blade (Mars) of her natal.  Ready ?
Mars Retrograde in Cancer.  Backwards & in its fall.

Coming from someone (me) who has her ruler (Saturn) backwards and in its fall (in Mars ruled Aries) – I love seeing someone dealing well with a tough Mars energy  placement.

Retrogrades mean the energy is primarily expressed inwardly – incubated, percolated, until perfected, then it is expressed outwardly, brilliantly.
A planet in fall is opposite the sign it works best in. Imagine energy being born into peace talks.  Compromise before action aka slowed expression.

Mars in Cancer is fire on water – obviously covert ops, work gets done via the backdoor, sidewinder.  Danai has Mars trine Uranus in Scorpio, meaning lightning fast instincts, reflexes (Uranus) powerful feeling (Moon, gut) based intel drives actions.  Danai also has Mars quintile North Node of Destiny in Libra signaling genius expression of Mars energy in partnerships, relationships.  Progression in tandem with others.

Expressing female power in all its moods and swings is incredibly transformative and rewarding.  Mars is in a Moon (waxes, wanes) ruled sign, Plutonic power is in a Venus (scales balance) ruled sign.  The juxtaposition and friction created between the hard/tough and the soft/forgiving is a source of great power and growth in Danai’s chart.

Aquarius Sun is quincunx Cancer Mars, leading to friction surrounding the intellectualizing of emotional expression and vice versa.  Expressing tribal (global)concepts, as they relate to personal (family, kin) experience requires adaptation and improvisation.

I would also like to point out Saturn stationed retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio exact trine her natal 23 degree Cancer Mars Rx.  Changes re: work and daily routine involving long-term career that will work out well in the long run (trine).

Incredible scene.
Sublime realization.
Well done.


Emerging with gratitude


Numinosity Mandala – Cristina McAllister

Tuesday 19
Chiron direct
7:07am CST, USA

Thursday 21
Sun into Sagittarius
9:48pm CST, USA

Weird 24 hours.
Full Moon and Mars over my natal Virgo stellium: Sun/Ura/Plu is working a charm.
Transit illustration for you… 

The 25 degree Full Toro Moon fell in my 4th (home, family) in Toro trine my natal Uranus.  I got a call (Uranus, surprise) my brother (Mercury rules oldest sibling) was injured in the thigh by an arrow (Mars rules blades, arrows, accidents) while hunting (Jupiter rules hunting, thighs).

Transit Uranus is in my 3rd (rules siblings) trine my natal Mars (men, accidents) in the house of Sagittarius (hunting, also luck, benevolent) which in turn is quintile (the uncommon, blessed) my natal Uranus in Mercury ruled Virgo (oldest bro).  He was lucky the arrow didn’t hit any major arteries.  He is okay, will improve after plenty of rest.

I was going off to see him this am, (he was airlifted [Uranus] to a hospital near me) but there were tornado warnings (Uranus) all over my state, sirens going off, herding cats to safety, just nutty/weird.

In my brother’s chart Full Toro Moon opposed his natal Chiron, squared (obstacle) his natal Mars Rx (accidents). Transit Uranus Rx is applying to his natal Sun which squares his Jupiter in Sagittarius (hunting).  

Chiron is about to go direct on his natal Mercury, the trickster.  He was hunting on a bum knee, which was not such a good idea.

His (over) eager enthusiasm to explore Jupiter is Rx as of November 7, will most definitely be turning inward rather than outward (retrograde highlights inward focus) for the rest of hunting season.

Also of note: Mars is sextile Jupiter, aka an opportunity to merge the energies, a chance for success.

Our family (Jupiter is in Cancer, family) is grateful (Jupiter rules) he is okay.

Yet another weird thing. 
My TV wouldn’t work no matter how I tried earlier today, and I did try all sorts of things for about a good 45 minutes. 
Storms over, bro got home okay – it started right up. 
Mars has yet to cross my stellium.
I may wear a helmet.

foot follies

The groOovy thing about tons of planets in Pisces is the deader than a hammer sleepfests night after night after night after night.

The not so groOvy thing about tons of planets in Pisces is yammering outta bed at silly o’clock trying to gain vertical while tangled in blankets to do the footcramp boogie.

You know what I’m talkin’ about.
heh.heh…dontcha ?!
Talk about a rude awakening !

Neptune rules Pisces rules feet.
Mars rules pain.  Uranus, spasms.

Mars nears Uranus from late Pisces.
Eat your bananas !
♠ fair warning ♠

nite all & sweet dreams
peace out

twice the price

Astrological Oracle Cards

I drew these lovely astrological cards for all of us.
Intent- where to focus to make the most of the energies present in all our charts.

Jupiter is turning direct
Uranus squares Pluto
Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception.

Soon all planets will be in forward motion, so expect a whoosh of activity.
With work and planning – many improvements and progress can be made at this time.


On the Left we have MARS
Look to where your Mars lives, also to what other energies it aspects.  
Also look to your Aries house. 
Look to your First house.

On the right we have Scorpio.
Look to where your Scorpio lives, what it aspects.
Look to your Pluto, what it aspects.
Look to your eighth house.

Last, we have Gemini.
Look to your house of Gemini.
Look to Mercury and what it aspects.
Look to your third house.

Think doubles of this energy, or repeats.


If you tell me what it reveals in your life –
I will reveal what happened to me not one hour after this draw this morning.

Comical, really.
The cards are spot on as usual !



She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language.
And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” in the sky.

Monique Duval

Asteroid Swift 5035
expediency, obstacles falling away
is tightly conjunct my Virgo Uranus

Asteroid Concordia 58
Desire for peace and harmony
is exact conjunct my Sag Mars

they quintile each other in my chart
go look up your swift concorde
you may find it interesting